Saturday, May 26, 2007

Arrested While Grieving: Bob Herbert

Bob Herbert wonders aloud while this behavior is tolerated. It is acceptable because it only targets minorities.

In Philadelphia, Republican lite candidate Michael Nutter ran on a "stop and frisk" platform. He won the Democratic primary with double digit figures.

Educated white liberals threw money at his campaign. Why? Because they will not be inconvenienced by the police intrusion on their daily living activities. It is a common occurrence for a minority. I stopped counting how many times that I was stopped when I was driving a Volvo.

My old lady Alero seems to have reduced the number of random stops.

I wonder how often Mr. Nutter is stopped when he is travelling in an unmarked car.

Stopping a bunch of kids going to a funeral is deplorable.

You wonder why working and middle class minorities are fleeing the cities....

Good Luck Philadelphians, you're going to need it.

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