Monday, May 28, 2007

A lifestyle choice?

I get so bored with people pretending to be poor. Four congressmen are the latest well-heeled types to venture into the distressing world of the poor, sort of. Where did they sleep? In their comfortable homes no doubt? Did they have electricity? Gas for their car? Cashflow for car repairs or unexpected events? What about affordable day care for their kids or seniors?
Did they suspend their insurance benefits? Or the contributions to their fat pension?

It is not real until you really have to fret about where your next meal is going to come from. They did not have to suffer the slights or whispers that come from being poor. Or the inane suggestions or criticisms.

Most people are uncomfortable around poor people. Unless they are providing some menial caretaker service for them. Heaven forbid they actually have a meal with "those people."

It would be nice if the four horsemen, did something useful for the real poor people in our country instead of engaging in silly experiments. Why didn't they go to the local welfare office and actually talk to one of "those people."

Better yet, how about simply going to their own garden? Shouldn't be too far of a walk. GRRRRRR

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