Tuesday, May 29, 2007

NYPD the face of oppression, Bob Herbert

Of course they harassed the minorities AGAIN in New York. It never ceases to amaze me who end up being the face of oppression.

These kids aren't the ones committing the crimes. This isn't anything new. My ex-husband grew up in Philly during the Rizzo years. It was such a common occurrence for him and his buddies to be "stopped and frisked". They just anticipated it.

Finally, his parents shipped him off to a boarding school in New England. His best buddy's parents sent him to a private school in suburbia. This was done for their protection. They survived the Rizzo years of police brutality. Somehow, my ex and his best friend's anger did not prevent them from becoming successful humans.

How many parents have this choice? A long as Chris Matthews keeps reminding his viewers how safe he feels in New York, this behavior by the establishment will continue.

With Nutter as the assumed Mayor, will Philly turn back time? Remember Rizzo proudly prevented any riots after the King assassination.

Will Nutter where a nightstick with his tuxedo at his swearing in?

Funny how some folks are willing to relinquish minoritie civil liberties for their perceived safety.

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