Monday, May 28, 2007

A prayer for the Unknown Soldiers

When a war veteran finally returns to what used to be a normal life the re-entry is challenging for the soldiers and their families.
Daily living is a challenge. Returning from a war adds another layer to the complexities. Physical scars are obvious. The mental ones are not so evident.

Our society has conditioned us to be less tolerant of those who suffer from mental disorders. If you break a leg, going to a doctor to fix it would be expected. Getting treatment for a broken psyche somehow is viewed as odd or weak. It is not discussed openly. A hushed tone is more the norm.

Our illustrious Commander-in Chief calls on us to support our troops. It would be wonderful, if he would have prepared our brave soldiers for a safer return home. The outpatient care for our wounded is as broken as Shrubs policies.

What about the soldiers who joined the military because they had no place to go? For whatever reason, these soldiers do not have any friends or family. Who is waiting for them when they are discharged?

Some do not even have a home to return to. These warriors joined the military for a place to sleep and three squares. What happens to them? Who provides them a soft landing?

You rarely hear about these soldiers. Who mourns for them when they are killed in action? Who receives their silver stars? Who writes their tragic stories?

As Memorial Day weekend comes to a close, let's pray for the weary soldier who has no loving arms to greet them or fix them a burger.

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