Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Only the good die young.......

I was standing on the train platform in DC on Friday when my phone rang. When I saw that it was my daughter, due to the time, I knew something was amiss.

When I answered, she was sobbing out of control. At first, I thought she said that her Dad was killed in a car accident. I was two hours away, I immediately thought of who I could dispatch to comfort her. After I few minutes, she clarified that it was a close friend. It was unfortunate, but to lose your dad is a different kind of hurt.

Her friend was 20 years old. They met a couple of years ago. I knew he was special because he drove her nuts in a good way. They were involved in a youth group that encouraged substance free living. By the nature of their relationship, I always thought they would find their way back to each other.

The driver of the other car was speeding on a country road, lost control and struck his car head on. He was taken to a real hospital but the head injuries were too severe to save him. Speed was the issue, no drugs or alcohol.

It is so sad to see a good kid struck down so young. Spiritually, I know that he is a good place, but that does not alleviate the hurt his loss has brought to my daughter and the community.

Saturday afternoon, a storm enveloped our little town. It was raining torrents. Suddenly, the lightning struck my daughter's car, activating her car alarm. With her alarm, she had to go to the car to turn it off. To her dismay, she had to venture into the storm.

Upon her return, I assured her that her friend was just letting her know that he was OK and tormenting her one last time.

It was the first time she smiled in 24 hours.

Rest in Peace, my young friend, your work is done.


Trakker said...

Too young to die.
Too young to lose a close friend.

I'm sorry for your daughter's loss.


Sally Hemings in Paris said...

Thank you for your kind words.