Saturday, May 26, 2007

Walmart CEO H. Lee Scott, War Czar

The way Walmart treats their employees is an ethics breach. Walmart is notorious for tormenting their vendors. They NEGOTIATE really low prices. I wonder if the suppliers profit margins are close to Walmarts? Why wouldn't the CEO demand perks from his vendors?

Why didn't Bush demand that this jackass become the War Czar. You know, God, glory and country. Sacrifice for the war effort.

I bet that he could NEGOTIATE with the war profiteers. They would deliver the supplies cheaper and faster than the war criminals who are currently screwing the troops. Hell, our great grandchildren would not be stuck with the bill for the fiasco in Iraq. How much was earmarked to continue this mess?

If you recall, in the wake of Katrina, Walmart had an effective Disaster Recovery Plan.

We just have to stick those dumb yellow dots on the tanks. Clean up in aisle Baghdad..........

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