Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Management Sucks

My child was four years old when I separated from her father, my husband. Due to life's circumstances, I became self-employed. With the help of my family a flexible schedule, taking care of my daughter was never an issue.

In my current role, my primary responsibilities is to manage a staff. Most of these employees either have children, are trying to make children or are the "go to" member of their family when problems arise. Family is important. Having a life outside of work is mandatory.

My management style is less rigid than many of my peers. My staff knows that we have to take care of our clients or WE don't have jobs. There are times when staying late or working a Saturday is necessary. If they work during their workday, overtime should be the exception not the rule.

However, life happens. Cars don't start, kids or parents get sick, friends and relatives die.

I have found that when the employees do not take advantage of my good nature and the good will of their peers, there is no drama.

. When one young lady buried ten members of her family in six months, she had to go.The key is not to take advantage of the freedoms granted.

The bitterness arises when people feel like that they are being "played."

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