Wednesday, May 23, 2007

We need an alternative choice

A few years ago, I yearned for an alternative political party. We have the Repugs and the Repug lites. I struggled to embrace either party. One party just hid their elitist racism a litlle better than the other. At least when I arrived at a Repug event, they assumed that I could afford to be there.

My friend told me that I was nuts. "We have to work within the current political system," as she sighed. After the Repug lites "caved" on the timeline to withdraw our troops, she no longer thinks I have lost my mind. At least about this issue.

Our country was not founded by Republicans or Democrats. These parties emerged when our democracy was in jeapardy. If our democracy is not at stake now, I really can't imagine things getting worse.

Do we want shrill Hillary or another Shrub in the form of Guilliano? Either option is simply more of the same.

We need a sane alternative. Ralph Nader is not an option.

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