Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Sick Day

Most mornings, I consume too much coffee, then I ride my bike for about 10 miles along a local trail. I don't use an Ipod or a headset. I just suck up the sounds of the outdoors. The singing birds, rustllng of the leaves and morning traffic. This practice has helped me deal with my staff, boss of the week and my clients.

When I rose on this beautiful morning I could barely lift my head. After four days, my cough was not as painful. My natural voice is a cross between Laureen Bacall and Kermit the Frog. Some men find it sexy. The past few days I sounded like my Daddy.

I really shouldn't complain. I can't remember the last time a cold knocked me on my backside. I have a cold. It will run its course. It has forced me to slow down. My life has become saner in the past year but by choice I have an interesting life.
I have gotten better about overbooking. I am no longer so nuts that I had to schedule down time. My BF still cracks up about that drama. So do I.

The timing is actually good. Yesterday, our corporate e-mail went down. Three months ago, if this would have happened, the abrasive, biker, IT guru would fuss but our down time was kept to a minimum. No one knows what or how it did it but he kept us working. He somehow was deemed expendable.

When we notified the outsourced helpless desk, they called Dell. We still have no e-mail. Think about this for a second, our outsourced help desk contacts another outsourced help desk. Adding to the joy of it all, we had a meeting yesterday with our Chief Technology Officer and the Corporate Risk Manager. The CTO thought we were pulling his leg when we told him the system was down.

The now Chief Executive Producer, who had this outsourcing brainstorm, just sat there nursing his chronically wounded ego. Before the meeting he was pouting because he was not formally invited to the meeting. He found out about the meeting by chance. I assured him that he was reading too much into the incident. Just because upper management stopped inviting his predecessor to mandatory meetings was a mere coincidence. This was the gentlemen who has been demoted twice in the past two years but still makes 55K more than me. I digress.

If I wasn't sick, I would not have been able to enjoy the beautiful weather as I sit on my underused patio.

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