Thursday, May 24, 2007

Immigration insanity

The immigration issue has been a problem since our government declared our "Manifest Destiny." This country was built on the backs of slave and immigrant labor.

The US is the only country that turns a blind eye to the exploitation of NON-WASP labor. We have outsourced working class manufacturing jobs. Furthermore, businesses have outsourced internally service jobs. The gentlemen who repaired the roof in my complex spoke very little English. Businesses do not pay these guys US living wages. They do not have health coverage and I doubt they are listed as employees for purposes of workers compensation or taxes. What happens when they get sick or hurt?
They are replaced by a healthier substitute. Maybe if these employers provided a living wage, they would not to take advantage of these desperate people.

On the other hand, I am equally appalled by the arrogance of these folks who are here illegally to demand anything. I doubt that I could cross a border in France, take a low paying job, and make such demands. Please don't even compare yourselves to my ancestors who came here involuntarily.

I have zero problem with the immigrants who entered our country legally. Let's streamline the process for immigrants. Employers need to provide a safe environment for all of their employees.

There is a immigration bill in the works. Congress and Shrub will screw this up too.

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