Friday, May 18, 2007

Leave "Hammering Hank" Alone

When Hank Aaron was pursing THE record, he travelled that path alone. MLB did not give him security or props through that magical journey. He endured death threats, before, during and after he broke Babe Ruth's records.

For him to be attacked by ANYBODY particularly colored journalist is reprehensible.

Barry Bonds is a nasty human being who happens to have mocha skin. You do not get a "being an asshole is ok" card because you are a talented athlete.

The shame of it all, is that Bonds did not have enough faith in his 'gift" of an awesome swing.

There are tons of stories of how he treated the "help" and his peers in the locker room.

MLB is worse because the league turned a blind eye to the steriod use that was common knowledge. The league was caught up in the HR excitement and lost its way.

Hank Aaron has never received the respect and honor that he deserved. For him to be drug into this mess is sad.

Hank Aaron is a hero. Barry Bonds is an asshole.

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