Monday, February 19, 2007

Amputee Uninvited to the land of OZ aka White house

Dorothy's familiar adventure was the to the land of OZ. Joining her are the Scarecrow, Tin Man and the Lion. All she wanted to do was to get home. Along her journey of self-discovery she met some characters who were helpful and others just plain mean.

In the remake, the Scarecrow is played by Shrub, Tin Man is Cheney and the Lion is the now departed Colin Powell. Starring as Dorothy is Dr. Rice. The wicked witch is portrayed by Mary Matlin.

Let's add a new character to our familiar tale, St. David Thomas. He voluntarily went to Iraq at the behest of this gang. Unfortunately, he lost both of his legs.

We would never want to make the gang in OZ feel uncomfortable. So his inviation to the White House was revoked. In the original story Dorothy woke up from her nightmare or dream.

I guess we will not awake from this version of OZ until 2009.

Compassionate Conservatism at its best.

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