Sunday, February 11, 2007

Obama would be proslavery??? WTF???

The discussion of Obama's blackness has officially made me crazy. Is there a discussion of John McCain's "whiteness?"

Why on earth, is anyone who is not old, white with a penis, be subjected to this type of analysis? It is absurd.

Just when I thought this dialogue has reached it's peak, William Kristol's chimes in. He takes the most outrageous position the right can embrace. To suggest, Obama would have taken Stephen Douglas position on slavery is ridiculous.

According, the rules set forth by the white folks at the time, all you had have is a drop of black blood in your system to be officially black. Need I remind you of the mulatto slaves running around Thomas Jefferson's plantation? Obama may have been a house slave, but he still would have a been slave. If he stepped out of line, his nice house niggra clothes would have been stripped from him, then he would have been horsewhipped. Depending on his skillset, he MAY have returned to the big house.

Let's not even talk about sex. There is longstanding fear of the sexuality of the black man. Maybe this is Kristol's underlying fear? Maybe, this is all of those white guy's fear. Here is this fine brother who could be the most powerful man on the planet.

Power is an aphrodisiac. Bill Clinton got in trouble for having done to him what every healthy man wishes would be done to him on a nightly basis. There would be a radical reduction in carpal tunnel syndrome in the male population.

Ok ladies, quick question. If you have the opportunity to see Obama or Kristol naked, whom would you chose?

That what I thought, me too....

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blair said...

Many African Americans who researched their family tree would be shocked to discover they have black ancestors who owned slaves. In the United States, free black Americans as well as whites owned slaves (one of the South’s biggest slave owners was a freed black man). The precentage of free blacks who owned slaves was small, but so was the percentage of whites who owned slaves. African Americans who traced their roots back to Africa would discover virtually all their African ancestors were involved in the slave trade. Africans tribes which was run by African tribes.
Virtually everyone, regardless of their race and ethnic group, are related both to slaves and slave owners.