Sunday, February 11, 2007

Tommy Franks was almost right

It was not lost on me how quickly Tommy Franks retired after this mess in Iraq started. It struck me cold that if this was such a good thing, why did he retire?

He could see the insanity of this administration. I must challenge Mr. Franks assessment of Douglas Feith, Rummy's number three.

They all had the privilege of working for " the stupidest fucking guy on the earth."

As a student of history, I learned at an early age, a version of history is written through the prism of the historian.

Now this Feith is running around trying to rewrite history. The Libby trial has done more damage than all of the angry bloggers could possibly do, put a MSM media spotlight on the lies associated with the advancement of this bullshit war.

Way to go Scooter!

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