Saturday, February 17, 2007

Blogrolling Drama: Where did our love go?

I am a rookie in the blogworld. One of the reasons I started my blog was to find my voice. Since I have a full-time gig, I blog when I have the time and energy. I do not have a blog roll. Not because I am snob. I simply haven't figured out how to create one. Since I had a snow day this week, I had more time on my hands to read my favorite blogs.

I stumbled upon a "Blogrolling Drama." It appears Atrios started this BD by purging his blog roll. The other big boy bloggers embraced the idea. The next thing I knew all hell was breaking loose. Skippy the Bush Kangaroo really threw a fit. I was stunned and amused at the passionate responses that ensued. I did discover other blogs.

Growing up as a black woman, I had zero expectation of participating in the boys club. Throughout my insurance career, I was usually the only chocolate baby in the company, let alone the executive wing. Breaking the through the glass ceiling became the norm for me. I have the scars to prove it.

I was raised to believe that anything that I was going to get in this life, I would have to seize it, because the boys would do whatever was necessary to deny me. I had to be better than my male counterparts, because I am held to a higher standard. Male competence is just assumed. Or one of their boys brought them into the company. If they fuck up, they are given a mulligan. The mulligan is either a promotion or a really nice golden parachute. If a woman screws up, a box with her shit and security is waiting for her. Real world stuff. No mulligans for those lacking a penis.

It appears those who are making the most noise were expecting something from the big boys. A transactional relationship in the form of links and being named on a blog roll. It is no surprise that blogs have taken on more of a MSM flavor. The very vibe those dancing in the cyberworld abhorred.

What I am seeing is typical liberal tolerance and compassion. When someone loses a race, we treat them like crap. Al Gore is just now garnering respect. If someone does something that we don't like or approve of we call them elitist or worse.

The conservatives take care of their own. They mentor their politicians and talking heads from grade school. Anne Coulter a best selling writer? Please. If she wasn't underwritten by the neocons we wouldn't have that shrill bitch to fuss about. Rick Santorum lost his Senate race and he was given a soft landing in a think tank.

We consume our own. I got mine, you get yours. Pull yourself up by the bootstraps. Blah, Blah, Blah. Jon Swift and Booman Tribute tried to bring sanity to the fracas but it seems to have taken on a life of its own. It looks like liberal love to me.

Who established the blog rules? My guess is the boys.

Cyberspace is a microcosm of society. Why would anyone EXPECT any different consideration?

If you look for love in the form a blog roll or link it may be a long lonely night.

If you want love, I strongly recommend spending time with your friends.

Or get a dog.

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