Monday, February 12, 2007

Run toward the light

Yet to be announced presidential candidate Rudy Guiliani has suggested that Bush is in the same league as Abe Lincoln.

I can't stop laughing. Are you kidding me? Guiliani managed to stopped screwing his woman of the hour and showed up to work on 9/11. He was just doing what he was paid to do. When you show up to work and do your job, do you get celebrated as a war hero? I don't think so.

Our nation's civil war, began the process of cleaning up the loose ends the founding fathers knowing left. We are still trying to figure out why Shrub started the war in Iraq.

I live near a nuclear power plant. We were always told that in the event of a catastrophe, run toward the plant and get it over with. Maybe that is what Guiliani and McCain are doing by extolling Shrub's virtues.

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