Sunday, February 18, 2007

OH SH@#T, no Hohit: Who?

So much for protection from a friend. During the Libby trial, Robert Novack testified that he provided Richard Hohit with an advanced copy of the now infamous article that outed Valerie Plame. Hohit is a the consummate Washington insider who just happens to be pals with Karl Rove.

A behind the scene type of guy is only effective, if he is remains behind the scene. A successful lobbyist, he raises plenty of cash for the republicans.

He can thank his boy for naming names. This is playing out like a bad Seinfeld episode.

I wonder if Karl Rove told the FBIs the truth about when and whom told him about Ms. Plame's identity. It would be just lovely, if he lied.

Christmas in February? March? I will be happy with April.

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