Sunday, February 18, 2007

But he told me he loved me: McCain's Flip Flop express

It appears that the love affair between the MSM and John "Flip-Flop" McCain is finally over. All meaningless affairs come to an end. Some gradually fade away others are just plain ugly.

I am just guessing, but the pretend intimacy will not exist this time around. Instead of a bus, McCain will fly on private jets to suck up to the neocons he once mocked. Like any spurned lover, the MSM might not handle the hurt graciously. More stories of his waffleing will begin to surface.

How this melodrama plays out should be amusing.The neocons aren't the MSM. They may not be so quick to drop their panties for Big Daddy McCain.

Finally, it is starting to appear in traditional media sources that McCain is an opportunitist jerk who will do and say whatever he needs to seek the office of POTUS.

Maybe the real journalists will get paid by their employers to push the talking heads under the Flip-Flop Express.

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