Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Snow Day

I have a love hate relationship with snow. Mostly hate. I have learned to appreciate good old fashioned snow day.

When the schools and businesses close, it forces us to slow down. If you are lucky, you get snowed in with someone that you actually like.

Today I closed my office because the weather was so bad. I really did not need my staff getting hurt for this lovely company that we work for. We all could use the excused day off from our clients and each other.

Unlike those poor slobs in the New York, life will return to normal tomorrow, before cabin fever sets in.

The last time that I was in D.C., a light snow was beginning to fall on my cab ride to the train station. I ask the driver, how much snow was expected He said, "not enough." "We could use the stillness that the snow brings."

He was right.

Happy Valentine's Day.

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