Tuesday, February 06, 2007

We are so hard on second place

First of all Congrats to Tony Dungy and the Colts. It so nice to see nice guys finish first. The Super Bowl was messy and competitive. I am sure no one expected the sloppy conditions that both teams would have to play in. It forced both teams to turn to their ground game. That is what smash mouth football is all about.

Rex Grossman is the beleaguered quarterback for the Bears. The Bears were in the Super Bowl. Some of the greatest players never reached the Super Bowl. This immediately puts this kid in a separate category. It is incredulous to me that they are calling for his balls in Chicago. Its been over two decades since DA Bears landed in this coveted contest.

It makes the infamous Eagles fans, seem mild in comparison.

But that is how we treat second place. You didn't win you are a loser. How sad....

Leave the kid alone.

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