Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Baby Please don't go...or I will send my minions to follow you

The worst kept secret in PA is Vince Fumo is a mean son of bitch. He was born with a silver cheesesteak in his mouth. Being a born spoiled brat wasn't enough, he entered into politics. If you wanted to make any inroads into PA politics kissing his ring or ass was mandatory.

It appears he pissed off the wrong person. The only items in the 139 count indictment that really surprised me was that he paid a few minions to stalk ex-wives and girlfriends. It really shouldn't have shocked me but it did. These women eventually had enough of his mean old ass and walked. I guess he was too powerful to be dumped. How pathetic.

It will be interesting how this mess shakes out. My money is a deal will be cut to avoid a trial. The embarrassment of the parade of women who dumped will be too much for his ego to bear.


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