Sunday, February 11, 2007

Football season is over

Last week was the grand finale for the season. We even got a decent game. My daughter offered, "what about the Pro Bowl? We never watch the Pro Bowl."

"There is a reason I haven't subjected you to the Pro Bowl, I advised, the game always sucks." Unlike the other sports, where the all-star game is usually in the middle of the season. Furthermore, it is rare when a baseball or basketball player will sustain a career ending injury. So it becomes weenie bowl, understandably. Hard hitting tackles are not happening.I can't sit through the Pro Bowl, it is just too ugly to watch.

The days are getting longer. It is time for me to reconnect with my friends who fail to understand my passion (obsession) with football. For my family, it is like a hangover. But we all know the drill, we do manage to come up with other activities that does not involve a brown ball.

The re-entry process takes about two weeks, depending on the weather. It is much harder when it is cold. My friends are used to this seasonal process.

Blessedly, baseball's spring training is right around the corner.

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