Sunday, February 25, 2007

Maybe it's not meant to be

Let's start with the disclaimer, I am in the small minority of women who managed to conceive while taking the pill. Yep, either the pill faiiled or my ex-husband had super sperm. Or another radical notion, my daughter was simply meant to be here.

My heart truly aches for those who desperately want to have a baby. In order to satisfy that hunger, some go to extraordinary lengths to bring a life into this world. i have an employee who has been late or even simply missed very important client meetings to "go to the doctor" as a part of the process. His need to have his seed become a child has affected his clarity.

"Dateline" just recently ran a piece on a woman who preys upon wanting couples. It is terrible for scam artists to bilk unsuspecting couples out of thousands of dollars. The emotional toll is unimaginable. Jail is the only appropriate punishment. For the couples who want children, my prayer is that they find peace.

I believe that God has a divine plan. I also believe that he answers all prayers. Unfortunately, sometimes the answer is no.

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