Sunday, July 29, 2007

Bonds Drama King

There comes a time in every athlete's career when it's over. The foul shots don't sink as easy. The silky smooth hands of a wide receiver aren't as sure or the step not as quick.

For a long ball hitter, sometimes there are no more home runs in the bat. Oh how sweet it would be if Bonds simply ran out of steam.....

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Anonymous said...

Maybe Bonds is staying in the game for the Josh Gibsons who still goets no recognition. Let's face If baseballs hero were judged by just character along with abilty! every player pre 1947 should not be in. They all went along with Cap Anson and Landis, There has never been any integrity in the game. that includes the almighty media who never has there morals or so called integrity checked. SO lets just enjoy the mans on field accomplishments given the fact that before all the suspicions he was still the best player of his generation. Roids never helped anyone eye hand coordination or the ability to recognized pitches better than anyone since Ted Williams. Drama King so what! The man can Flat Out Hit!

MC #44