Sunday, July 22, 2007

Gambling Referee

This is soooo not good. Referees and umpires are the traffic cops of sports. You don't even know they are there in a well officiated game. When they put themselves in center stage problems arise. A bad call can determine the outcome of the game or a series. Even a casual sports fan can recall a game changing call. Referees are human. Mistakes are made. The good ones fall on the knife and move on.

Point shaving by athletes is not tolerated. Referees gambling on games, particularly the games they are in. Wow.

From what has been written referee Tim Donaghy was an unlikable loner. Behavior no doubt brought on by his gambling addiction.

The NBA has been suffering from a lot of bad press in recent years. Commissioner David Stern publically attacked the generation of cornrow and tatooeed wearing stars. He even imposed his own version of dress code.

How ironic that the biggest shame brought to bear on the NBA is by someone who emerged from a good neighborhood and looks like David Stern.


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