Sunday, July 22, 2007

The meaning of team

I am a huge fan of team sports. Done right, it gives an individual the opportunity to set aside "me" for team. It is amazing how a good coach and a team of peers can help an individual grow a person.

The wheels fall off of the team bus when a "star" is anointed. The star is set up as something special. The rules don't seem to apply to them because of their gift. A times the gift can be a curse. After not having the rules applied to them because they are special, people are stunned to see these men act well "special."

Michael Jordan was iniitially cut from his high school team. He had to WORK to become MJ. The work ethic he learned carried him to several NBA championships.

My parents ALWAYS said that you are judged by the company you keep. Would "his boys" be in Vick's life if he wasn't underwriting their bad behavior? Your friends want nothing from you but your friendship. Your true friends more importantly are willing to have the hard conversations if your behavior or attitude is not cool.

The most valuable lesson Michael Vick can learn from this whole sordid affair is that he needs to grow up and sort out who really are his friends. He may find the room a little less crowded.

Is that so bad?

To hell with his career, it may save his life.

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