Sunday, July 29, 2007

What a shame, Costner is too old to play Coste in the movie

The Chis Coste story has all the elements of a perfect baseball tale, journeyman writer playing for a working class team whose fate is unknown hourly. I love it.

The Phillies must keep him. He is a steady Eddie who delivers. It is cool watching an great story unfold. The happy ending will be determined by Phillies management. Sigh.

Toby McGuire?


Trakker said...

What? The Phillies brought Coste back? WOW! I guess I wasn't paying attention.

Do you think the fact he's writing a book makes management loathe to keep him around? Last I saw he was buried safely at AA Reading as a part-time catcher.

Sally Hemings in Paris said...

Management treats him like a yo-yo. He simply performs.