Sunday, July 29, 2007

Do we really have that many criminals?

If we spent more money on providing our population with good schools and health care, I doubt that we would have a need for so many prisons.

As a surprise to no one, what has been deemed a crime changed after the burgeoning private prisons. The prisons only make money if there are prisons.

I can't help but venture into conspiracy theory territory but it does give one pause.

Read Andrew Bosworth's piece and weep.

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Anonymous said...

no matter what happrn will always have criminals no matter what we do. And even with a good education and a good enviorment. Well always have criminals. No matter what we do more prisons will be built and people don't care as long as they get money out of it. I must agree with that it is stuid that we have this many criminals all wa can do is just try are best and that all that we can do. It is there choice to take it or leave it.