Tuesday, July 10, 2007

David Brooks will leave the bar solo

The historical rules that Mr. Brooks speaks of involved women who were not expected to be in a position to take care of themselves emotionally & financially. So they would not become old maids, women were married off early, if they actually graduated high school.

Many women who went to college did so for the express purpose of finding a husband. I would love to see a survey of women who put up with crap because they were not capable of supporting themselves. Worse, were the women who did all of the things society ( I would love to meet these faceless rule makers.) expected of them only to be traded in for a younger, thinner, more interesting version. Of course this behavior is just dandy. You really don't think the children that hailed from this mess weren't affected?

So when women get into and stay in relationships because they want to be, not because they are bogged down by financial chains this makes them angry?

Mr. Brooks with this attitude, after a night out, you would go home to the comfort of your hand.

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