Saturday, July 21, 2007

Punishment fit the crime?

The corporate leaders who knowingly put Oxycontin on the street are worse than the drug dealers our society is so quick to put behind bars. For a profit, Pharma put this highly addictive drug in the hands of physicians and pharmacists for them to peddle to unsuspecting patients.

It's original purpose was for cancer patient. Next thing you know it was being prescribed for chronic back pain. Why? Not happy with the small number of cancer patients, Pharma has to reach out to other chronic injuries.

What makes President Michael Friedman and the good Dr. Paul Gaudenheim better than the dealers pushing crack or cocaine?

Actually they are worse. They have the means to do the research to determine the perils of what they are dealing.

I've seen far too many injured workers start out with back injuries only to become drug addicts.

How many lives have they ruined by having physicians prescribe this highly addictive drug?

No jail time for these dealers?


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