Sunday, July 08, 2007

Phillies magical misery tour


I had breakfast with the family yesterday at a local diner. Before the waitress could bring the coffee, my Dad shook his head and scolded me. "Don't EVER mention THEM in my presence again." My mother rolled her eyes and piped, " Can we order first?"

i knew immediately who held my Dad's scorn. He stayed awake the night before and watched the Phillies collapse after having a six run lead. He even drug our poor waitress into the conversation. She informed my Dad that she stopped watching the Phillies ten years ago. She simply did not want to subject herself to the pain.
Dad was annoyed with the management and the players. Knowing the answer, I asked "Pop, why do you do this to yourself?"

With his notorious shit eating grin he responded " what would we have to talk about, the bonehead in the White House?"

Good point. With that, he dove into my Belgium waffle.

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