Saturday, July 21, 2007

Who is the crack in Bush's team?

"One has to wonder, of course, what public opinion would have been if the first cabinet official to lose it — just a bit — had been not the stoic bureaucrat Gates but instead our female secretary of state. Had it been Rice up on that podium, and were she constitutionally capable of that degree of non-Bush-centered feeling, would she have been denounced? Would she have been belittled, punished politically, dismissed as too irrational and emotional — too girly — to deal with the ugly realities of war?

We’ll never know, because she — like all powerful women in politics — will never let us find out. They can’t afford to. Not unless much more of official Washington decides it’s man enough to truly feel our nation’s inner disarray."

How dare Ms. Warner? After she gave this administration the liberal venue to lie us into war, now she has the temerity to discuss the lack of compassion.

How dare the Times continue to give this woman space. I'm sure Faux News would be happy to give her air time.

Ms Warner should rendezvous with her criminal boyfriend Scooter Libby and write trashy novels and leave the reporting to an actual reporter.

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