Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Lock up your children

The Booman speaks:

"I wish there was a way to convince the vast majority of Americans that people that run for political office on a platform of addressing some defect in society's sexuality almost definitely have something wrong with their own sexuality...and should not be trusted around children. I don't really care if you are some kind of pervert as long as you keep everything consensual and don't dabble with underage people. If you want to use an escort service, it's really none of my business...I just hope you are courteous and don't cause a disturbance. But, it seems like there is an unhealthy correlation between those that rail against homosexuality and those that pick up underage boys. Or between those that talk about the sanctity of marriage and abstinence and those that cheat on their wives and molest their daughter's friends. If you see a headline that a politician has done something illegal with a child you can bet the politician was a Republican. It's not that there aren't Democratic sexual deviants, it's just the vast majority of creeps and predators are members of the GOP. And they're hypocrites."

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