Friday, July 27, 2007

Market Expansion for the Working Folks?

""Anyway, now reality is settling in. And there’s one more thing worth mentioning: the economic expansion that began in 2001, while it has been great for corporate profits, has yet to produce any significant gains for ordinary working Americans. And now it looks as if it never will."

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Trakker said...

Our leaders can invade countries that are no threat to us, torture prisoners, suspend habeus corpus, lie to us, and redirect our tax money to the wealthiest among us and there is hardly a peep from the average American, but if the US should experience a deep recession people will get angry enough to demand change.

I'm really torn between wishing for a recession to get people angry enough to lash out against these assholes, and no wishing for anything that would badly hurt those who are already feeling the squeeze.