Thursday, February 01, 2007

Barry Bonds: PLEASE Retire

Barry Bonds is a good baseball player. He could have been a GREAT baseball if not for all of the drama surrounding him.

Where shall we begin? Let's start with him being a jerk. Then he became a jerk who may have taken something accidentally.

Then there is is buddy who has been to jail because he has some undying loyalty to mr. bonds.

The looming indictment for a whole host of offenses.

During the great home run race EVERYBODY turned a blindeye to the shenanigans in the locker room.

I don't blame, the Giants for trying to not to pay mr. bonds if the feds show up the night he breaks Hank Aaron's record. I am sure ESPN and You Tube would have a field day.

The most honorable and only unselfish act that mr. bonds could do out of respect for Mr. Aaron is to retire and go away.

But the owners could have solved the problem by not tendering an offer of continued employment. I guess that smacks of collusion but that should be familiar to MLB.

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Anonymous said...

Since cheating is condoned by MLB, why not add Barry Bonds' batting practice home runs . That should put him well over a thousand and who cares how he got them since cheating is OKAY! No wonder baseball has dropped as America's past time. RH Orange Park. FL