Saturday, February 03, 2007

Irvin finally enters the Hall of Fame

Michael Irvin was a member of the Cowboys (BOOOOOO) during their last successful run. I can not tell you how much heartache the Irvin-Aikman combination has caused me over the years. On the field, no one would deny Irvin's talent.

Last summer when Troy Aikman accepted his Hall of Fame yellow jacket, he was clear. Without Irvin as a target, the Cowboys would not have had the successful ride.

Off the field, Irvin's life was a train wreck, repeatedly. He is a living breathing example of a man who has received forgiveness, early and often. Because of his off field drama, he was denied entrance to the Hall of Fame on two prior occasions. Hours before today's announcement, doubts still lingered.

It pains me to admit but he was a great wide receiver, bastard.

Congrats you f@#$% Cowboy.

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