Sunday, July 01, 2007

Clarence Thomas' America

Education is THE great equalizer. To deny a child an education, is to deny a child an opportunity. Most slaveholders forbid their slaves education. Imprison the mind, imprison the body and soul.

I must wonder what America Supreme Court Justice Thomas grew up in and currently resides. We have made some advances but inequality still exists, whether we like it or not.

My parents are in their seventies, when they were in school, many of their peers were pushed out of school for various reasons. My grandparents made sure that they graduated high school. Back then, this was a huge deal. In turn, it was a no brainer that my generation was expected to graduate high school.

What it is not common knowledge, it was Thomas Jefferson who founded his university in the spirit of public access to education. This is the same man who denied his lover their children freedom until after his death.

Funny how that worked out.

As far as this latest Supreme Court decision:

When men of color no longer get stopped for no other reason than being black...

When little black children are not given a second chance for doing something stupid but are funnelled into the criminal justice system, instead of given a second chance...

When I am no longer the only chocolate baby in the boardroom....

When all schools have books, clean bathrooms, committed teachers and administrators....

When some white people stop assuming that all black people know each other and have one voice....

Then I will celebrate how far we as a nation have come in race relations.

Clarence Thomas is a selfish human. He managed to work the system and snag a nice gig. His views, opinions and attitudes are unbelievably conservative. Does he really think that he has been given the secret handshake? Unlike those who sacrificed and made it easier for him to make it; Thomas is throwing up roadblocks for those who follow him.

Well Done my brother.

For those who don't think judicial picks are important, they are living in the same fantasy world next door to Clarence Thomas.

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