Saturday, February 03, 2007

Joys of Parenting

Anyone who has the pleasure of reproducing, knows it is the most challenging job that you will even endure. You don't know how good of a job you have done until all parties are old and gray. If the tenure lasts that long.

You love your babies, give them what you think is wisdom. Ultimately, they choose their own journey. At some point, you simply offer healthy support then turn them over to God.

Andy Reid's adult children managed to find themselves in a shitload of trouble. No formal charges have been filed, yet.
Because of who they are I am sure things will be done slowly by the book. Will they be treated differently than some poor little black child? Absolutely. It doesn't make it right but that is the way it is. That is a rant for a different day.

I don't know Reid or his sons, but as a parent I am sick for him. From what has been reported his sons have issues. My view of world changed after I gave birth 20 years ago. I am less quick to judge a sitution and have become a little more compassionate.

In the meantime, it is not for you or I to judge this family or Andy's parenting skills. They are in plenty of pain, as is any family that finds themselves in inexplicable circumstances.

I will keep them in my prayers.

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