Saturday, February 03, 2007

The Pork chop Sermon

Why would anybody believe ANYTHING this administration has to say about Iran? They have lied to us about EVERYTHING.

Suddenly Shrub found Jesus and he ignored the top ten rules. I forgot he is a dry drunk and only talks to God. Poor God he gets blamed for so much.

I was raised in a southern Methodist church. Church was an all day event. Sunday school, the 11:00 am service, church lady food, Men's Day, Women's Day, visiting ministers etc. It was the heart of our community. We were taught that God would dispatch angels to impart their wisdom. What is critical is to have the wisdom to discern between the devil agents and the angels.

My favorite Minister was Rev. S. He was funny, spirited and blessedly concise. He was so popular the church was always packed. The "pork chop" sermon resonates with me to this day. Rev. S passionately informed the congregation that the Lord always provides. If you expect a case of pork chops to show up on your porch your gonna be hungry. He went on to lecture that the Lord gives us the ultimate power of free will. He concluded, that in order to get those pork chops, preparation (education) and hard work (a job) were essential. By the time he wrapped up his sermon, the choir was rockin' and the entire church was on their feet.

What Rev. S never anticipated was Shrub. His family handed him this country like it was box of prized pork chops. Shrub has never prepared or worked in his life. His history of getting what he wanted has careened our country on the verge of collapse. He ignores the wise angels that the Lord has sent him.

Instead he has embraced the agents of the devil. When this jackass bombs Iran, the second revolution for our country must occur.

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