Sunday, October 29, 2006


It is a good thing the Linc is an open air stadium. With next week being a BYE for the Eagles, there will be plenty of time for the stench to blow out of the stadium.

The Jacksonville offensive simply ran the ball and the Eagles defense could not contain them. The offense was well offensive.

The receivers rarely got open. When they did, they dropped four passes that were actually catchable.

I was not operating in that happy place that the Eagles would find their way to the Superbowl this year, other than as spectators. What I did expect was a professional football team to hmmmmm SHOW UP on a regular basis. Each week they are getting worse. Note to the Eagles: you were supposed to win this week.

Thank God for the BYE next week, I could use the break. I will spend my Sunday before the election doing something useful like assisting with a Democratic campaign.

Let's not talk about sex...

Chris Rabb, Chief Evangelist at asks the question: Is the RNC ad against Harold Ford, Jr.racist?

Harold Ford, Jr. Is in a tight Senate race in Tennessee. If he wins, it will be the first time that the South sends a black man to the Senate since the time of Reconstruction.

For the last week, the MSM has played segments of this ad over and over again. Ken Mehlman, head of the RNC, initially said that he did not have the authority to pull the ad. I guess he had to ask his supervisor, Karl Rove for permission. Then he downplayed the racial implications of the ad. This is the same man who has spent endless hours reaching out to the black clergy around the country to, at least, split the black vote. Chris Matthews and Tucker Carlson even expressed dismay with the party of Lincoln's need to stoop to such an ad. Eventually, the ad was reportedly pulled.

To respond to question, of course the ad is racist. The Republicans have always played the race card. In close elections, this is their hail Mary play. Why? Because it usually works. The impact will not be known until the ballots are counted.

Like it or not, we spend far too much time in this country worrying about sex. Mind you, in the right setting, I'd be happy to chat about it all night. The right for gays to marry; abortion; unmarried sex and the time tested favorite, black men sleeping with white women; always surface during the election season.

There is this group of self-righteous people who want to dictate when, with whom and how we have sex. They want to punish folks for having sex in a manner that they have deemed unacceptable. This distraction has become the centerpiece of the values movement.

The President with our inept Congress drug us into a war against a country that had nothing to do with the 9/11 attacks. The brave soldiers, whose lives are being sacrificed, in this game of democracy building last names do not include Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Frist or Kennedy.

Is this a moral value?

Bush baby has simply ignored the Constitution. Our Constitutional rights have been wiped out through a series of bad legislation; executive priviledge interpretation; and the infamous signing statements.

Are these moral values?

In order to give tax breaks to people like me, they have mortgaged my newborn grandbaby's future, by borrowing money from China.

Is this a moral value?

The healthcare benefits that my working class parents took for granted have become a luxury for the average American. The now popular consumer driven insurance products are DESIGNED to discourage use and increase profitability.

Is this a moral value?

Education is the great equalizer. No Child Left Behind has been improperly administered and chronically underfunded. Those who thought this was a good idea, including the yahoos who helped pass this bill, send their children to private schools. Or they live in a community whose property taxes are so high thereby automatically making the school system virtually private.

Is this a moral value?

Illegal Immigration has become the perfect means of outsourcing jobs internally. The employers who make profits by exploiting these workers should be tossed in jail next to gang from Enron. The billions of dollars that these employers do not pay in payroll taxes would finance the tax cuts the Republicans so dearly embrace. The illegals would not be running across the border if there were not jobs to run to. The jobs that Americans refuse to do, would be filled by Americans if they were paid a living wage.

Is this a moral value?

The demise of my marriage to a male was not caused by Fred and Barney's desire to formalize their love.

If Buffy gets an abortion that is between her and her God. It is none of my business.

The issues that are my business are: a bad war; loss of Constitutional rights; poor educational system; folks who are under or unemployed and lack of affordable healthcare for my fellow citizens.

Let's not talk about sex until these real moral value issues have been addressed.

Monday, October 23, 2006

"He has no choice, but to go for it"

There were four seconds left in the game between the Eagles and the Buccaneers. Kicking a field goal was Gruden's only option. Tampa's kicker, Matt Bryant's career best to date was a 50 yarder. He had to kick a 62 yarder to win the game.

Tom Dempsey and Jason Elam share the record for the longest field goal at 63 yards. Anderson, Ackers maybe. Matt Who? History was on our side.

When I told my daughter Tampa has to go for the field goal. "Mom you have just jinxed us" she said, clearly annoyed." No baby, it just makes sense" as I defended my commentary.

She refused to watch. " I'll just clear the lunch dishes". I paced for what seemed an eternity.

As the time ticked away, Matt @#$% Bryant lined up and kicked the ball. It was a scenario that he, no doubt, has played out in his head a thousand times. That ball cleared the goalpost with a few yards to spare. With my moan, my daughter knew the outcome. You have to give Bryant props, the kick was perfect. Bastard.

I made my obligatory call to my Dad. He just rambled. " I can't believe it. It had to be a record. Who is he? Never heard of him. I am too old for this.." He hung up to watch the interview with the man of the hour.

Maybe it was the Floridian heat, this week the Eagles offense did not get into a rhythm until the fourth quarter. It was just ugly. The Eagles managed to come back from a 17 point hole that they dug for themselves. With four seconds left the Eagles were up by one.

Who would have thought that a previously unknown kicker would have a SportsCenter moment at the expense of my Eagles?

Final score: Tampa 23, Eagles 21.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Sympathy for the She-Devil

Last Monday I received a call from my older brother. " Hey Sis, are you sitting down?" It makes me crazy when he starts a conversation that way. What follows is never good. I held my breathe and asked " Are there any accidents, pregnancies and/or dead bodies?" We are the sandwich generation. Harsh but fair questions. No, he assured me. But if you are not sitting down, you better.

I love my brother, but he can be sooo slow getting to a point. "Well?" I said trying not to be short with him. "Pop Pop left Grammy on Saturday. "Are you kidding me?" I couldn't contain my laughter. Pop Pop and Grammy are his in-laws.

I have known this pair for about 20 years. Grammy is bar none the nastiest person on the planet. Think about this for a second. I have worked in the insurance industry for 20 years and this in meanest person that I have EVER encountered. She reminded me of Roseanne Barr's TV character at her worst. My daddy once said " She will never die because God doesn't want her messin' up his Heaven."

From my encounters with Pop Pop he is a soft-spoken, loyal Eagles fan with a off beat sense of humor. My brother's children absolutely adore him. Behind closed doors he could be different. But, I doubt it.

Pop Pop and Grammy have been married for 56 years. It is my understanding that Grammy never had to work outside of the home. While they lived modestly, Grammy never wanted for anything.

As with most break ups it is usually what is perceived to most, a minor event that pushes a person into action. But, that event is the final straw. Pop Pop's straw came in the forms of dishes.

Pop Pop did not "do the dishes" to the satisfaction of Grammy. She felt compelled to bitch about it for two hours. Two flippin' hours. WTF?! I guess something snapped. He started packing his suitcase. He called a mutual friend and confided his woes. She said " Big Daddy, you've been putting up with her crap for too long, bring it."

Everyone was stunned. It did not stop the toxic waste that flowed from Grammy's mouth." You're children and grandbabies will never speak to you again," she screamed as he shuffled toward the door.

He called my brother from his new home. I am not sure of what the final chapter of this story will bring. If Pop Pop's new living arrangements bring him joy good for him. Life it too short to be miserable. He served his time in Hell.

Pop Pop is a diabetic. He told my brother that he was going to visit his doctor to get some of those little blue pills. I surmised that for the first time in a long time Pop Pop wants the intimacy that comes from sex. My brother's interpretation was a little different and probably more accurate. Hooray for him. Something we all can aspire to at 78. I think he will be ok. (I confess that chatting about these folks taking a tumble was a little disturbing.)

My brother is worried about his wife's reaction to this recent turn of events. She is upset. They are her parents. His kids wondered why it took so long.

However, after the amusement and sheer audacity of the event died down, I felt a sadness. A sadness for a human being to have lived for over seventy years and created a dynamic that has left her alone. I am sure there is more to her than I have been privy to.

My prayer for Grammy is that her heart softens and her tongue is less toxic. I hope that she finds if not joy, peace.

Monday, October 16, 2006

It's not easy being an Eagle's Fan

Ok, I must admit I have scheduled my weekends in the fall around my beloved Eagles for as long as I can remember. Due to life's circumstances, my friend and I traveled to New England Columbus Day weekend. We stayed with friends who converted a "cottage" bed and breakfast into a private home. This "cottage" which is located in Bar Harbor has seven bedrooms and bathrooms. Our host friends provided a wonderful place to stay, wonderful conversation and awesome food. We had such a good time it was really hard to leave. The original plan was to leave Sunday morning in enough time to land in Concord, MA to be settled for the start of THE game.

My friend and I hit the road after we had a wonderful lunch that included fresh popovers and tea a local favorite. The weather and the scenery were spectacular. At the mid-point of our journey, my baby called. She, rightfully, was concerned if I was going to see the kickoff. She was horrified that I was in a car and not in front of the tube. So she decided to provide updates. (I have a great kid.) So between her play by play and updates from the NY channels we could pick up, it was the best I could do. At one point we managed to pick up a Philly station for a fleeting moment. The voice of Merrill Reese was music to my ears. Because the universe has a cruel sense of humor we couldn't keep the channel. UGH.

My friend was equally amused and sympathetic to my plight. The game was back and forth. Each time there was a score my cell phone rang. My daughter has the makings of a play by play analyst. She was filled with glee when that former Eagle dropped a perfectly thrown pass AND he was wide open. The Philly fans responded appropriately with a BOOOOOOOO and the chant O.D, O.D. Brotherly love at its best.

The Eagles send the worst crybaby player and the dreaded Cowboys (BOOOO) packing. After we landed in Concord, MA, we found an adequate restaurant, then we retreated to our rooms. She blogged and I found a sports channel to watch the game highlights. Thank God for ESPN.

This past Sunday, the Eagles played the Saints. The poor young lady who braids my hair was stuck with me this week. My daughter tracked me down to make sure that I was near a TV. Unfortunately, I actually saw the game.

I guess the offense did not make the trip to New Orleans. Or maybe the playbook was lost in a piece of luggage. Philadelphia has to be the second worst airport in the country. Santa Barbara is number one. The first half was just awful. I guess the airport services finally delivered the offensive team and the playbook at half time.

Reggie Brown played a good game. The defense prevented the game from being a good old fashioned asswhippin'. The Saints are a good team. If there was a loss, this was one of the better teams to lose to.

Nah. A loss is a loss.

Final score Saints 27, Eagles 24.

To compound the problem, America's team (BOOOOO) won their game.

It's not easy being an Eagle's Fan.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Colin Powell, VP of Gov't Affairs

During the first Gulf War, I would rush home from work to watch the war. The voice of James Earl Jones, the faces of Blitzer and Powell became virtual guests in my home. I confess that the first time I laid eyes on Colin Powell, I was thrilled. How cool was it that someone who could have passed as a member of my family held such a prominent position in the military?

Clearly he did what he had to do to make it in an entity that is a microcosm of our society, historically racist. Good for him, good for the military, good for our country. Powell was articulate (code used by white folks to infer that he speaks English), smart and handsome.

A military rock star. When he retired from the military, he was paid well to speak at corporate events. He was recruited by both parties to run for elected office.

To the surprise of no one, Georgie the son added him to his team. A shameless, yet effective, means of recruiting minorities to the Republican party. The Powell addition was the lead story and front page news for the MSM. Little did the country know at the time, his selection was like corporate America's diversity practices in the early eighties. Minorities were recruited to positions such as VP of community or government affairs. Nice title, nice office, great photo op, no meaningful responsibilities. Rarely, were they groomed in operations or finance where the real decisions were made. When the "team photo" is taken, the appearance of diversity is captured. But if you remain on the bench and are not given the opportunity to contribute, what difference does it make?

The beauty about "making it" in our country, subjects one to criticism. I have read comments on some very popular blogs such as the Democratic Veteran suggesting Powell was used by this administration. Bullshit.

I respect Powell the man enough to question his judgment in joining this administration in the first place. Powell permitted himself to be used. According to excerpts from his latest bio he finally "blew up" on his last day of the job. Who cares?

In my opinion, Powell was clearly the only adult in the room. He was the only one who embraced his military responsibilities when Cheney was too busy being a husband, Georgie was tying one on and Ms. Rice was practicing the piano. He knew what a mess invading Iraq would be. Yet, armed with nothing but his credibility he passionately presented an argument to go to war before the UN.

I could be wrong, but I don't think he needed the money. He missed his opportunity to be the man we all hoped and thought that he was/is and resign in protest. If Powell walked away at that point, his departure would have raised eyebrows. Even if he said nothing, his silence would screamed volumes.

For him to him to pipe up now is a sad end to what could have been a wonderful legacy. Throughout history, men and women have stood up when it counted. Mr. Powell quietly sat on the bench.