Saturday, September 12, 2009

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Oh Canada, O(h)bama, Oh My

I spent my overdue vacation touring through Canada. Quebec, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto and of course, Niagara Falls. I was joined by group of outdoor types. We rented a "luxury" bus for this adventure. Most took in these cities utilizing their in-line skates. Others, such as yours truly, absorbed the cities using a bike. The weather and the company were spectacular.

Whenever I travel, I always read the local newspaper (if it is available).  To my dismay, the nonsense surrounding the POTUS address the student citizens hit the Canadian press. They were disturbed as I. Work, hard, stay in school....hmmm that screams of socialism. It would be funny if this were to be happening in another country.

The Republicans began the notion of an illegitimate President when Clinton was elected. They refused to accept a "hick from from Hope" was parked in the seat of power. The nonsense has been building. Granted Clinton should have kept his penis in his pants, taking real impeachable offenses off the table. Isn't nice Barack wants to have sex with Michele...I digress.

They say it is a small minority of whackos driving this madness. When the majority of the Republican Party do not speak out or worse carry the mantle of this vitriol it condone this behavior. Silence is consent.

I, like many of my recent new activists, thought the heavy lifting was done when Obama was sworn into office. OK, what were we thinking? 

Our work has just begun. Next week we will flood the local school board meeting to protest the not showing of the President's school speech. (I live in suburban Philadelphia, not Kansas).
The Superintendent independently made that decision citing technological challenges. ( I report it you decide)

A reminder politics is local. The off cycle elections have become critical to ensure these races are not won by folks who do not know or accept Hawaii as a state.

I gave money to Rob Miller (SC) and encouraged others to do the same. Joe Wilson needs to be sent to the unemployment line and look for affordable health care. Oh, I forgot he is a Vet. He can receive care, but voted against an increase in VA benefits for other men and women who served our country. Sweeet!

Affordable health care for all just makes sense. It starts with affordable education. How do you think health care providers pay back their student loans? My guess it turns up in the overhead buried in their bills.

Hospitals have the resources to triage the non-emergency care out of the emergency room. Insurance companies should add this type of care to their plan documents to reimburse this type of care.

Get rid of PPO preferred provider organizations. Why? By accepting a reduced fee, PPOs are supposed to deliver a volume of patients and be paid timely. The doctors can reduce their staff who spend all of their time signing up for these plans then chasing the revenue. By opting out of this clusterfuck, they can reduce their overhead. 

There have been more arrests of gun toting angry citizens at or near Obama events. They have been called to arms by Beck, Limbaugh, Hannity and the Palins. There are a whole bunch of white folks who refuse to accept a Black Man in authority, unless it is on TV.

There a bunch of uninformed and refused to be informed citizens armed with microphones, camera and guns. 

Where were these people the last eight years when .......oh never mind.

Back to the work of trying to save my country, from the threat within...