Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Primary Hangover

Getting involved in a primary at the grassroots level is exhausting......Maybe Mithras found comfort in anything non-political. 

Edwards for President 2012

I wonder if the long suffering bitter Dowd read this column? Nah, I doubt it.
Who wouldn't vote for this lady?

$20 per hour=Middle Class

Instead of Hillary and McCan't calling Obama elitist, they really should be focused on the disappearing Middle Class.

Not so long ago, you didn't need a college degree to provide for your family. Education is very important. Learning a trade requires specialized education.

What is so wrong with learning a trade? Plumbing, electricians, mechanics, construction are skilled labor. I don't know about you, but I sure as hell want my mechanic to know what he is doing. When was the last time you heard a politician suggest this type of education? AAAh never.

My father and most of the men in our little community went to work at the Mill. Did they deal with racism? Absolutely, but they put with the bullshit to feed their families. These men were the unsung heroes of the Civil Rights movement. Their presence in the workplace forced change.

They earned a living wage.

Our home, car, clothing, vacations were adequately modest. There is a certain pride that comes with providing for your family. Their hopes were to pave the way for a better life for their kids. They kept their end of the bargain. Tragically, most of them suffered from some type of cancer AND their pensions and benefits were reduced when the company was sold. The beginning of the broken promises.

My generation is doing better. But, I am really concerned for my daughter's future. College has become cost prohibitive. White collar employees are experiencing layoffs and watching their jobs migrate overseas, all for the profits of the shareholders.

Like it or not we are in a recession. The Republicans are OK with bailing out the banks who gambled. Funny they seem comfortable with punishing the homeowners who gambled and lost. Anyone looking for house must put down 30%, and that's with a Excellent credit score.

The CEO's who endorsed these sub prime mortgages resigned in disgrace. Did I mention with a fat Platinum parachute? Oh the shame....please..........

The final indignity was the Republicans blocking of the equal pay for women legislation last week. Maybe the Lady Republicans do not work outside of the home???

The MSM would rather talk about flag pins, shots and bowling. If working folks aren't bitter, maybe they should be.

Penis thefts

Would wearing a cup help?

I couldn't help myself.....

Saturday, April 26, 2008

William Jefferson Davis Clinton and the Uppity Negro Syndrome

Hooray for David Zephyr. He has eloquently stated what most folks are too polite to discuss in mixed company.

Obama is what is referred to as a Uppity Negro.  Some white folks who, for whatever reason only known to themselves, resent articulate educated black folks. It as if his ability to succeed against all odds has denied them of their American dreams. 

When Obama is called Elitist, it is an obvious code for Uppity Negro. Oh the flashbacks...

I remember working my way through college as a McDonald's shift manager in rural America. My direct manager did not go to college.  Managing a fast food joint was her career choice. She grew up in a suburban community that grew as the result of white people fleeing the city. She hated me and made my life miserable. Finally, I confronted her. "What is your problem?" I challenged. "Just because you are going to college, you think you are better than me," she countered. "You are such an uppity nigger," she continued. Her bitterness was palpable.
I was speechless.  We were working side by side flipping freakin' cheeseburgers. Granted with different goals. This was not my endgame. I suppose she felt trapped. 

It is amazing how folks can't see beyond superficial patriotism such as cloaking oneself in a flag. How well has the flag waving President run our country? Would they vote for Obama if he wore a flag pin? Would that take away their reason? Rev. Wright is not running for POTUS. Non-issue. Should you not vote for Hillary because she stayed with her cheatin'  husband for MORE than 20 years? He let her go on her "right wing conspiracy tour" knowing he was less than faithful. I guess that falls under for "better or worse."

It is a distraction to the real issues: 

     uncompetitive education system
     living wages
     affordable health care
             honorable retirement
             our planet

How dare Obama run an efficient well organized campaign? How dare he not wait his turn? How dare he not be an angry black man? How dare he? Who does he think he is?

So these citizens will vote for Hillary or McCain. Both will continue this misguided war AND start another one. More jobs will flow overseas; gas prices will rise to $5 a gallon; health care prices will soar. Will these conditions help these people?

My beloved country is a mess. The selling of the notion that blacks will steal their dream dates back to the birth of the country. It's funny, it was those who were oppressing the poor whites spinning this tale. It continues sadly by the Clintons.

When will these citizens drop their racial fears/discomforts and reach across the aisle to the people of color who have similar economic interests?

Talk about a revolution...........

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Obama loses PA but breaks Clinton's Bank

Obama has 40 million in the bank. He has the capacity to revisit his donors. Obama has effectively utilized a Cold War strategy.


Game over.

Sunday, April 20, 2008


AAh middle age. My daughter has embarked upon creating domestic bliss and motherhood. She snatched adulthood. I took my hands off of her journey. Both of us have grown by my letting go.

Your children are not  your children.
They are the sons and daughters of Life's longing for itself.
They come through you but not from you.....
-Kahill Gilbran

For the first time in my life, I am embracing and enjoying my now. Although in my recent past I have talked of living in the moment, I am finally trying to do it. 

I have not only returned to Yoga but I am enrolled in the Teacher training program. I enrolled more to work on me than with the goal of teaching a class. It is teaching me to pay attention to everything. To what people say, my words, attitudes, what I consume, how I spend my time and with whom.

The 2004 election & Shrub changed my life. The love of my country, forced me off the sidelines. I had to get involved. I became a progressive activist. I went through DFA training; became a local Committee person; served as a Treasurer for a Township Supervisor candidates; a wrote checks for the candidates I supported. Finally, I took on leadership role in a progressive think tank. How do I have time to work? I love it.

Along the way I have encountered some intriguing folks. Enter stage left, a candidate for the 2008 election. The party and office are irrelevant to this story. 

I usually attend political events with my dear friend. On this evening, I attended this event solo. I arrived fifteen minutes after the start time and the place was packed. It was the final main local event before the 2007 election. As soon I walked in, our eyes met. We both smiled. It was a weird instant chemistry. The crap really bad Lifetime movies are made of but it was stunning. Have I met this man before? Who is this handsome man? I have met so many people at the events, I struggled to remember. 

I chatted with several of my neighbors, fellow hell raisers and the candidates. When the host gathered us in the living room for the speakers, there was a seat on the couch next to him. He saw me leaning against the wall and offered me seat. At first I begged off, but when I saw that all the candidates would speak, I accepted the invitation. OK, I accepted because he was a hottie and I was wearing heels. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

I thanked him and we introduced ourselves. He handed me a few of his palm cards. "You seem to know people, you can help me with my campaign." He confessed to watching me with intrigue throughout the evening. I was grateful for the seat because ALL of candidates spoke, along with a few party regulars.  It was amusing, because he seemed to move closer as the evening continued.

As our conversation continued after the speakers, several people came up to kiss his ring. He was a political player. If I got involved in his campaign, it would be my first state election. We switched cards and promised  to stay in touch.

I guess a week or so passed before I heard from him. We exchanged e-mails and he invited me to a local fundraiser as his guest. The governor was slated to appear, not a bad place to be.

He said, he would be late but informed his chief of staff to seek me out until he arrived. He showed up as the event was breaking up. He worked the room like a pro. Hugs, kisses and handshakes. When he completed his mission, we went to a local pub to have a snack.

We talked for hours. He is a self-made millionaire, smart funny, on the sane side of politics.
He will serve his constituents well. It would just lovely, if not for.....drum roll, please.... the wife and kids. It is the usual crap, no sex or intimacy at home. He doesn't want to leave for financial or political reasons.  So predictable, so not my drama.

I left the pub thinking that I would support his campaign but that would that....

Surprisingly, he called, wrote and even showed up on my doorstep. I give him credit for persistence. He thought it through. He was not concerned about a possible scandal. To his surprise, I did not want to get involved in his fantasy driven melodrama. "If you get bored, you can always walk away with no hard feelings" he suggested. I wonder if he actually listened to words flowing from his mouth. It never occurred to him that I didn't want a scandal. My now, was meaningless to him. Helloooo, there is a person here. He was setting up a scandal before he was elected. Dumbass

Any time you get naked with another human, a piece of your soul is left between the sheets. 
I recommended that he find his way back to his wife. Maybe there is a reason, she doesn't want to sleep with him. 

Or, find someone else to cast in his Lifetime fantasy. 

In these manufactured relationships, the woman playing the supporting role is usually the roadkill left under the tires of the late model BMW. I am so not interested.

I love you Frank Rich

Madame Imperial President

Can you digg it?

God help us........

Clyde: The tow truck driver

It's been a little over a week since the untimely death of my car. I paid off my 2002 Alero five months ago. My plan, which is usually different than the universal plan, was to forgo car payments for a year. Ugh.

it was a beautiful sunny afternoon, I had just wrapped up an Executive Committee Board meeting in Harrisburg. I left the parking garage when my car simply stopped. After a few unsuccessful attempts to restart my car, two handsome angels kindly pushed me out of harm's way.

Within 30 minutes of my call to AAA, "Clyde" strolled into my life. After exchanging introductions, judging by his reaction, I was not what he expected. The combination of braids, briefcase and business suit threw him.

As he was loading the car, I e-mailed a couple of friends to give them a status, with clear instructions that if I am never heard from again, to tell my baby " I love her." As of late, my travels have been filled with adventures. I was just being a smartass. My attempt at humor.

He stood about 5'5", mid-forties, a baseball cap hid his balding hair, packing a pooch, sportin' Confederate Flags tattoos, anddusty clothes. His voice confirmed years of smoking unfiltered cigarettes.

After settling in the AC challenged cab, we worked through some ground rules for our two hour trip:

Radio? Anything but rap.
Smoking? Window must be down
One stop? Absolutely, over 40 bladder and I needed food. Lunch consisted of two oatmeal cookies.

Our negotiations were interrupted by a twangy voice over the CD radio. "Where are you, at?"

After some banter with one of his colleagues that quickly descended to a level that made me bristle, Clyde cut it short by informing him of the presence of a customer. "Thanks for the warning, asshole" scolded the voice over the radio followed by a click.

"Sorry ma'am" offered the red-faced Clyde. I smiled, shook my head and accepted the apology.

As we cruised East on the turnpike, I learned a lot about Clyde. He grew up in a tiny town in Adams County PA. Graduating HS was a big achievement. He assured me that he meant no harm with the Confederate flags. "it's your artwork," I replied.

He became a tow truck driver after stealing cash from the register. He worked the counter at a local truck stop. A job arranged for him by his father who less than thrilled at how his employment ended. He avoided a jail term by paying a 330 dollar fine.

He likes the freedom of being on the road. He is struggling with his sobriety. He has given up the drugs but beer remains a challenge. He learned to smoke and drink from his family. He has had a hard 36 years.

He became choked up when he discussed the loss of his stepmother. She died at age 48 from a heart attack, triggered by obesity, smoking and alcohol.

He has no relationship with his blood parents or his sister. Violence was how his family settled disputes. "Pretty fucked up, huh"....he said, not expecting an answer.

He only communicates with his brother from one of his fathers' relationship. They see each other occasionally. His two year marriage ended ugly because of her continued drug use and infidelity.

Clyde was surprised that I nice. Why on earth, wouldn't I be? I challenged somewhat perplexed. He was helping me. Clyde shared with me numerous stories of the treatment he has received from customers.

The funniest one involved the insurance agency and BMW owner. This gentleman began the scenario by screaming at the dispatcher. You can guess what happened to his call. Yep, bottom of the pile. By the time, Clyde showed up two hours after the first call, this guy was spittin' fire.

First he complained about the dispatcher, then he moved onto how fast Clyde was driving. After this continued for 45 minutes, Clyde told him if he didn't knock it off, he would put him out. The customer piped down for about five miles then started complaining again. So, Clyde pulled over and told him to get out. When the customer realized Clyde was serious, he was shocked. He told Clyde that no one ever stood their ground with him. He sheepishly apologized.

The customer filled up the truck, gave Clyde the 160 receipt plus a 50 dollar tip. What a great story.

He spoke of moving to Cleveland to start over. "Who or what's in Cleveland?" I queried." Just a new start. Problems seem to just show up where I live, he said with dismay.

Just as we arrived at the Bowmansville's rest stop, my blackberry rang. It was my friend checking on my whereabouts and ETA.
He joked about a Confederate flag.....I confirmed its presence. You OK? with a serious tone. Yeah, I'm fine, I replied.

We munched on turkey sandwiches as our journey resumed. Clyde offered to drop me home so my friend did not have shuffle his schedule. I thanked him, but my friend has always been my "2 o'clock in the morning call".

I sensed a undercurrent of sadness as his hurt, struggles, disrespect surfaced in our conversation. Each day is a struggle.

I wasn't sure what to expect. He expected a pain in the ass. We both entered our little adventure with misconceptions but departed with a different sensibility.

I truly wish Clyde peace and joy.

Obama rumbles through Paoli

Obama's train tour has introduced Paoli to the nation. Booman has a great slide show on his site which truly captures the excitement of the event. The Whistle stop was like no other event. Four Amtrak rail cars, a sunny day, a crowd of 3K......

The success of the event highlight's Obama's ability to couple the old fashion techniques with new technological tools. We were notified via e-mail of this Truman like event.

As the Clintons bitch and moan, what seems lost on them, is the fact that Obama is running a well organized, managed and funded campaign. Period. The wheels fell off of the Clinton Campaign in February. She underestimated Obama. Lack of planning, arrogance or worse incompetence. Sound familiar?

I have been working as a Co-Regional Resource Coordinator for Obama. Our Region is made up of the Main Line (Wayne); a recovering steel town (Phoenixville), and rural towns such a Avondale, West Grove and Kennett; a snapshot of the PA demographic.

I have seen from the ground level the excitement inspired by Obama. He has generated an increase of new registered voters. My 21 year old daughter helped, without any arm twisting, me with voter registration.

As I shared with a dear friend of mine, Obama has already changed the political landscape. He finds this position unacceptable, "a moral victory is not enough, he must win", he counseled me. Did I mention he is a brilliant attorney? I wouldn't have him any other way. I digress.

The counties that delivered Rendell to Harrisburg will deliver a PA victory for Obama.