Saturday, August 30, 2008

Biden Sighting

My guess is the Beauty Queen won't be caught dead on a commercial flight..........

h/t mithras

Palin proclaims "Take your husband to work day"

Ok, I just made up the proclamation. The more I read about McCain's pick the more alarmed I am becoming.

First of all, what executive of any sex has their spouse sitting in on work-related meetings? 
Is that really appropriate? Worse, I would think, it would undermine the executive's credibility, particularly a woman.

So what on earth was Governor Palin thinking? What expertise does he bring to the table?

When the citizens of Alaska wanted to see e-mails surrounding Troopergate, Palin claimed "executive privilege." Even though her husband was copied on the e-mails.

Boy doesn't this smack of Dick Cheney?

Yesterday it was funny. Today, not so much.

h/t Andrew Halcro

40 million

With the summer coming to a close,  40 million people chose to watch Obama's historic speech.

Wow. 40 million.

His message of hope supported with a solid business plan on how to fix the mess created by Bush and Congress even had the Republicans cheering.

Judgement was the cornerstone of Obama's speech. Obama's first major decision was Joe Biden

McCain's was Sarah Palin.


Well, there you have it.

Gross Political Misconduct

Only in America

I've  never heard of this song or Brooks & Dunn. But I bet there are folks who have and appreciate the ten gallon hat-tip.

People continue to underestimate the strategic brilliance of Team Obama.

Palin throws Bailey under the bus

I'm sure there is a wrongful termination case looming on the horizon.

Michael Jackson, Sad tragic figure

I grew up watching the Jackson 5, in particular Michael. Any TV appearance generated buzz with my friends. We did not have the luxury of You Tube, so you had to park yourself in front of the one color TV to see them.

I'm not sure at what point the wheels came off. His childhood was snatched from him by his father's thirst for success. We enjoyed and celebrated the family from the steel town of Gary, Indiana. But hanging out with small boys when you are not longer a small boy is simply socially unacceptable. Where were they parents?  I digress.

My two classes of psychology do not make me an expert but there is something mentally wrong with MJ.

We should be saluting his musical contribution to the world. My grandson wiggles his backside to MJ's music.

But I'm sure, instead of wishing him a happy 50th, I'm am not alone, wondering if his kids are safe.


McCain's VP captures what's wrong with Affirmative Action

Booman points out eight Republican women who are more qualified to be VP. These ladies probably have a clue what is happening in Iraq and an general idea of the VP job duties.

The challenge of affirmative action has been the old white guys who oversee the implementation of the concept. Instead of actually looking for a candidate who is qualified, they pick the first candidate they stumble across.

You see, looking for a qualified candidate would require effort on their part. Furthermore, the qualified candidate may actually succeed.

Picking someone who is just fits part of the profile, sets the candidate up for failure. Thereby giving the old coots ammunition to say " See, she couldn't handle it and it the concept doesn't work."

My head hurts.

The Honorable Stephanie Tubbs Jones

The Honorable Tubbs Jones was a huge HRC supporter. I didn't always agree with her but I respected her joyous spirit.  If she fought for her constituents like she did for HRC, there will be a huge set of heels to fill.

Her death has been overshadowed by the weeks historic events. Cleveland and America has lost a warrior.

Rest in peace, my sister.

Gillick is not worried about Phillies Bullpen

The Phillies offense has finally heated up and the bullpen can't seem to seal the deal.

Gillick may not be concerned about the bullpen but the rest of PHILADELPHIA is.....


"Moose Mama" Palin laughs at Senator Green being called bitch

It's bad enough the radio host cals Senator Lyda Green a Bitch with zero push back from VP candidate Palin, she welcomes him with open arms.

Media driven misogyny and Moose Mama thinks its funny. She could be the first woman President.

The hits keep coming and it's only Saturday.

Ok Pumas, how does McCain look now?

HR, Please send Palin a job description

h/t yourguide

Cafferty at his best: The Palin Chronicles

I suppose the Eskimos will be storming the CNN headquarters after this one.

"I didn't want to interrupt your moment"

At the announcement of the McCain pick, my cell phone lit up like a Christmas tree. One friend, an former Republican and early Obama supporter could not contain himself. Being a former Republican there have been and continue to find ourselves on opposite sides of many issues.

We both embrace our heritage, he is Jewish, but do not use it as a weapon, kindred spirits.

It is not unusual for him to call after a political "moment." I told him, I was surprised not hear from him after the Obama acceptance speech. 

"I just knew this would be tearful important experience for you, and I wanted to give you your time." 

Both of us got choked up and weirded out, so we just laughed at ourselves and talked about lighter stuff.

We are living in historic times and I am blessed to have friends and family to share it with.

Gail Collins: Palin, McCain's Baked Alaska

As suspected, Collins has a wonder analysis of how the Republicans simply offend the average voters sensibilities.

Anything is possible in American politics. If the planets line up and this dynamic duo gets elected. If McCain has an unplanned demise. Just because Mama McCain is still kicking doesn't mean her son will be blessed with longevity. Palin becomes the first female POTUS would be sadly amusing.

Adding to the theater, if this woman is running a household of five kids and a baby, she in no shrinking violet. How unfortunate for women's rights to be turned back at the hands of a woman.

HRC' s hair must be on fire. 

Friday, August 29, 2008

Hillary stop your whining: Sarah Palin

OMG the gift that keeps giving. Yep, that should attract the angry first wives club....

What David Brooks is really saying

h/t brendan calling

Too funny..................

Troopergate: Palin

Isn't there a vetting process for VPs?

I would think being the subject of an investigation for a wrongful termination involving a family meeting would be a problem.

God he is stupid.

Somebody take McCain's car keys he is a danger to himself.

Sarah Smile: McCain's Hail Mary

55% of the married women voted for Bush the Failure. I will hazard to guess, he gave them a sense of security.

I would further venture, they are part of the 82% of the population that has opined Bush the Failure's administration was a disaster, worst in history, I really could go one.

Here is a woman who would when McCain implodes or dies with select a very conservative Supreme Court. I could be wrong, but I doubt.

I would no more vote for her than I would vote for a Clarence Thomas type....

If they think women will fall in line because she is a woman, once again the old white guys have insulted the intelligence of voting public.

More evidence of McCain's lack of judgement.

Game on.

Pat Buchanan: Obama's New Man Crush

Wow, even Buchanan gushed....

"I didn't want to witness history alone"

Last night I joined my fellow citizens in the ballroom of a local caterer to watch history unfold. The event was being shown on a movie screen streaming live from the laptop.

Like most communities, there were two entrenched camps. The usual activitists, early Obama and HRC supporters were present. There was at least 100 people in attendance on a cool summer night. I was pleasantly surprised.

One older white lady with tears in her eyes utttered to no one in particular, "I didn't want to witness history alone."

I stood along the wall and just absorbed the crowd and waited patiently for the main event to begin. The excitement and the moment were pallitable.

I am not one for public tears unless there is a dead body involved. Being raised in a male dominated culture it was simply not cool. However, as the light dimmed and they panned the volume of people in Mile High Stadium I was generally moved to tears. I was surprised at my reaction.

I was raised to believe that with hard work anything was possible. BUT, being the President of the United States of America was not in the relm of possibilities. He is one election victory away from being the leader of the free world. My daughter, nieces or nephews can aspire to be President.

Barak Obama ran an successful primary and he won the most votes. Iowa shocked the world, shocked me and probably shocked Obama by handing him a victory. I really did not think white America would vote for a black man. How glad I am to have been so wrong. The Founding Fathers wrote an awesome business plan on how to govern a country but a few valuable resources were left behind.

My generation has stood on the shoulders of our predecessors who bled for our rights that we take for granted. Their sacrifices made this moment in history possible.

On numerous occasions my neighbors were on their feet cheering throughout the speech. I suppose none of us wanted to witness history alone.

What a country!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Welcome Home Surprise

When our schedules permit, a dear friend and I generally get together for food.

Being sympathetic to my hell week, he got my pulse for our evening plans. Our community is a ghost town in the summer, especially in August.

Getting a table at one of our favorite restaurants was a snap. 

Our city based in-line skater pals were willing to come ALL the way out to the suburbs to join us for dinner, was I up for it?

Getting a nap was critical to functioning.

I confess when we head into the city, I make him drive. Mileage wise it is only about 20 miles, but just a pain in the ass. You never know what you will encounter. Travel to the suburbs is on a summer Friday night is generally a little  more user-friendly.

The meal and the company was a wonderful welcome home.

Mark Bowden: Words Matter

To be dismissive of a man or woman's ability to give a good speech is just silly. Many of Obama's greatest speeches, he composed. Like that other man from Illinois.

Bowden presents a good argument that Obama is more than an empty suit. He did graduate from Harvard which required him completing the course studies.

This seems to be forgotten. 

Those who say they don't know anything about Obama at this point in the process is not paying attention.

USA Men's Basketball, Golden Behavior

The last time my sleep was interrupted was during the primaries.  The Olympics disrupted my sleep this summer.

Watching the basketball team fight for their Gold medal was worth it. The LeBron James led team was a welcome change from previous teams.

This team committed to the Olympics three years ago. They embraced the responsibility and honor associated with their selection.

They supported the other USA team members. They got it. Being on the Olympic team was privilege not a right or worse an inconvenience to their spoiled lifestyles.

To ignore China's government sponsored athletic mills which smacks of child abuse would be irresponsible. They are a political and economic powerhouse. 

I digress.

The Redeem team put their citizenship first. They played well without showing  up their opponents.

The payoff was a well-deserved Gold Medal.

Well Done Gentlemen.

Frank Rich: Obama Biden, Change we need

The choice of Joe Biden as VP will allay the fear of the Frank Rich types. Obama does not have the luxury of coming off as "angry black man." Sorry folks. Too many white folks get nervous around colored folks who have the audacity of anger.

The Obama camp has show the ability to dispatch surrogates to fight back. Biden is perfect for this role.

As the summer draws to a close,  the final leg of this forever Presidential campaign has begun. We need a leader who is curious enough to embrace technology.

Why do I think McCain has never even turned on a computer, let alone a blackberry?

Young people really need to turn out in record numbers. While you may love your Grandpa desperately, do you want him managing your life let alone the country.

Like no other time, the future of our democracy is at stake.

Dowd: A Noun, A Verb and Vietnam

What happened to McCain during his captivity was awful. No one will challenge that particular sacrifice. 

Dowd's essay accurately outlines how the McCain's camp may be over playing the POW card.

While it is generous that Dowd's Mom gives McCain a free pass for cheating on wife number one after his captivity. I wonder how McCain behaved before he was imprisoned.

By McCain's own admission, he did whatever he wanted to do.

The MSM media seems to forget how the Bush campaign inferred how this very captivity may have affected McCain's judgement.

Guiliani campaigned on the 9-11 tragedy and we know how well that worked.

Continuing to play the POW card may not serve the senior McCain well.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

AP the New Faux News?

h/t MyDD

Contact Kathleen Carroll (Fournier's boss) @ or (212) 621-1500. We don't need another news source being a microphone for the McCain campaign.

Be polite.....

Rush Limbaugh modern day Benedict Arnold

My only issue with Trakker's essay is that he insulted Benedict Arnold......

The Heartache in the Heartland

With the growth of my employer, my duties have taken me to places in my country that I never expected to visit.

This week, I affectionately referred to as hell week. Six states in four days.

My second stop took me to St. Louis. The purpose was a site visit with one of my more challenging clients. 

Rather than fly, which was option available to her, she drove for four hours for our meeting. By her own admission, she has control issues. Being a recovering control freak, I am a little sympathetic to her plight. Believe me, life cures you of that crap.

After taking care of the core purpose of our visit we had dinner at a local Bar-B-Q joint. 

I'm not sure why, but she shared her story with me. She was born in a tiny City in Kansas which now has a population 0f 4690. I did not leave out any zeroes.

At age six she moved into a Children's Home in St. Louis. Why? Due to her father's alcohol driven abuse, her mother left her and her brother. Her father did unspeakable things to them. She spoke out and she was banished to the Children's Home and her family shunned her.

Sadly, this was and is typical behavior in the City that she grew up in. Her brother is in jail for the same reason. Failure to condemn this behavior, you are truly doomed to repeat it.

Another common practice is for men in their 50s to marry teenagers. Parents routinely, sign off and celebrate the nuptials. We are talking 14 and 15  year olds folks.

She was the first in her family to finish high school. Graduating with an Associates degree further separated her from her community. She did not encounter her first black person until she went to college. She assured me, the only black people these folks see are on TV. Voting for a woman was worse than voting for a black man.

There are no jobs, welfare and drug distribution are the norm. The goals of the menfolk are to obtain:

                                                                 * pickup truck
                                                                 * coon dog
                                                                 * rifle
                                                                 * woman

in that order.

She knows when it is payday. Why? The men pull up in their pickups and the women sign their checks over to them.  Her refusal to play by these rules have left her without a man.

Through her religion, she is not longer blaming herself for her parents behavior. She is working on the whole forgiveness thing. Ugh.

Self-esteem? Her therapist and music have helped her on her journey.

She currently works as a Risk Manager for an organization with 90 sites. She lives in a home nestled on 18 acres filled with peaches, cherries and blackberries. When she retires, she plans on becoming a missionary. She wants to do good before she leaves this planet.

If her story is the norm, why doesn't the media cover these stories? Armed with no education or social skills, how the hell can these people compete in a global economy? How is this any different than the urban crisis? Drugs, alcohol, violence are all mental health issues.

This my Country for Heaven's sake. We need to invest in our citizens.

I am appalled and saddened.

At the risk of repeating myself, we are in the middle of a class war. Those being exploited are blinded by their prejudices to join forces with their urban citizens against the true culprits. Let's start with Shrub and finish with McCain.

My client's pain sits on the surface. I truly hope she finds peace.


Senator Joe Biden: The Smart Old White Guy

I fell asleep with my TV on last night. I wasn't sure whether I was dreaming or wishful thinking when I awoke to the news of Obama's VP choice.

I was thrilled.

Senator Joe Biden is truly one of the good guys who made it. At times, I have wanted to choke him. But his words are evidence of his generation.

Has he blundered? Ah who among us hasn't? 


Armed with new information concerning the lack of WMDs, he wisely acknowledged his mistake and came out against the war.  He has been offering sound resolution to end this fiasco for years. 

He is a working class Joe, who managed to raise his boys while performing his job. He doesn't have to throw back shots to celebrate to be one of the boys.

He can offer a difference of opinion without being acrimonious. Will he punch back? Absolutely. Will he reach out to across the aisle to get something done? You betcha.

Like or not, there is an element of our population, struggle with a black man in a position of authority. Adding a woman to the ticket would simply too much for these citizens.

Obama needed the smart old white guy. Biden is a wise strategic choice. Unlike, the criminals in currently, holding high office, Biden will not set up a separate branch of government. 

He was dead on in his speech today. We don't need a heroic soldier, we need a leader.

As for the angry first wives club in our country, who somehow refuse to acknowledge Hillary's poorly run campaign.They really need to get over themselves. Hillary blew it and her sex had NOTHING to do with it. 

I want the soul of my country back. The election of this team is a critical first step.

Mendt: is there a Jackass Penal Code

Larry Mendte shamed award winning local newsman plead guilty in federal court for hacking into his co worker's e-mail. This guilty plea was followed by a press conference. Being a public figure I suppose it was appropriate for the theater.

What wasn't appropriate was his need to essentially blame the victim. Late night dinners are inappropriate? It is a common practice for me to travel with my happily married male coworkers all over this country. Grabbing dinner after traveling to, preparing for and spending time with our clients is a common practice. (For the record ladies, their hot). However, to imply a sexual relationship would derail our successful working relationships. As the VP of my division, it would undermine my credibility.

Our relationships are more like siblings. Yours truly,  being the older sister.

Working with members of the opposite sex for our generation is so common it is not a big deal.

For Mendte to travel down the  "it fell apart after I dumped her" part negated his apologies to everyone, particularly Ms. Lane.

Didn't he notice that judge was a WOMAN? Or was she smitten by him too?

Her attorney's response was swift. The video tape of that performance will be used in the civil proceedings for the victim and the divorce from wife number two.

The counseling is not working, because the only place Mendte is going to work is in this city is the theater in a one-man Greek tragedy of his life.

This was a front page story but it should ran in the obituary section because his newscaster career  is dead.

Maybe he can be a news reader on Fox Kansas.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Freud, Leiberman; Prick

No comment

Integrating Sports and Presidential Candidates

Sadly, those who are hurting the worst by the policies of the Bush administration and will suffer under the weight of the McCain's ever changing policies will either sit at home or cast a vote for McCain. Many live in regions where the economy is a disaster. So exactly what tax increases do they fear? Please.

Family values. Wife number two who doesn't even acknowledge her half-sister. Spare me.

Why? For the same reasons, minorities have been held down for years the color of their skin. 

At least in the Carolinas, central PA, the heartland of America do not couch it in nuances, their bigotry is heartfelt and sincere. For others it is no doubt deeper then they even know...Oh the Clintons come to mind.

I love my country but is far from perfect and our racist past, present and now is staring us in the face. Good. Acknowledging the issue is the first step of healing.

Our country is a mess. The world around us is very unsettled, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan and Georgia. The same old, same old is not good enough. 

David Baldwin's piece is wonderful as usual.....
BTW I love the sports analogy

Bush, DNA, loser

I wonder if there is a test for habitual losers.....


Oh Holy Night: McCain's epiphany

h/t Andrew Sullivan

Woodward's new book

Does is really take 496 pages to spell out the failures of this administration?

On the other hand, it probably isn't enough....

Swan Day Spa Review

I guess "G" didn't pay extra......

Fighter Fighters let abandon homes burn

Maybe I've been in the insurance business too long, BUT!

The St.Louis Airport was supposed to tear down these abandon homes, by everyone's admission it has been a slow process. Now an arsonist burns down the remaining homes.

The fire chief against everything he is trained to do, orders his team to let them burn??????

Smells funny to me.....

Teens Steal Cattle: Only in Vienna

You will never see this headline in the Philly papers........

Elizabeth Edwards final indignity

John Edwards cheating on a terminally ill wife is just shitty. Period.

I was glad to see that she spared herself the traditional stand by my man walk of shame. 

Unfortunately, for her she is on the cover of People Magazine. Groan. Is this a display of compassion?

However, she has chosen to forgive her the man that she exchanged vows with twice. To that end, it's their marriage. Since she has opted to not only forgive him and remain in the marriage, that should be the end of it.

Because of the media firestorm, she has removed herself from the public eye. 

Mrs. Edwards has her own political voice which has been silenced by her husband and the media.

May you find peace Elizabeth........

Kids, Prisons, Bad for us

Kids do stupid stuff, loiter, cut school, get into fights in school. In most instances, a call to a parent, an in-school suspension, COUNSELING are usually workable solutions.

Too often in urban settings, kids are shuffled off to the criminal justice system FIRST. Worse, the schools they enter on a daily basis are filled with armed guards.

How about putting that money into cleaning up the schools, providing books and guidance counselors? These kids are conditioned to being in prison. Is this anyway to learn?

Most suburbanites take these things for granted, it is a luxury in urban and RURAL schools.

Where is the money flowing in these communities? The criminal justice system.

Mental illness has a terrible stigma attached to it. If someone  is depressed or has experience some type of abuse, they are told to get over it. The collateral damage is horrendous and it spills over to multiple generations...It surfaces in acting out. Where? School.

Are the parents covering up their pain with drugs, alcohol or sexual addictions?  The kids become codependent and deal with their pain through their own drama. A vicious cycle.

Who hasn't lost a friend to suicide? Or witness a friend or family member's inability to keep a job because of untreated ADHD? They can't get treatment because they have no access to care.

Let's start with accepting mental illness as a societal problem because it is....

Vacation from the crap

Since I was walking around with a constant fire in my belly, taking a break from politics was critical to my mental and physical well being.

The weather has been fabulous in the Philly metro region. This year I spent quite a bit of time at the pool. It is amazing how kids try to kill each other with their parents watching. The life guards are not paid enough.

I hung out with my nephews, Eagles training camp and the Philadelphia Art Museum. New friends by extension, a friend's posse of in-line skaters. Let's be clear, I meet them for food, two wheels is enough for me. 

When I am in town, I generally ride at least 15 miles per day before I venture into work.

Of course my baseball team, we were knocked out in the semi-finals in a rather ugly loss to our nemesis, groan. The tournament in Florida should serve as a forum for redemption.

Love the Olympics. Michael Phelps.....8 gold medals, hooray for him, hooray for us.

I really didn't mind Bush hanging out in China. When he was over there, he was leaving my country alone.

I am pecking away, in my tiny room in St. Louis waiting on a client, the official end my summer.
Drury Inns seem to be popular in this neck of the woods. It's clean, not good for the claustrophobic.