Saturday, June 20, 2009


Let's see the good ole boys develop a whacked off the books system of legally stealing money and wreaking the global economy and they get stay bonuses....

And this single mom gets hammered for downloading wonder our country is a mess...

h/t Booman.

Tomorrow is Father's Day

I just returned from a few days in Dallas, TX. I had a safe trip, no dead pilots or water landings.

It was sunny and 100 degrees. In between meetings, I did get to the pool. I had no problems with the weather.

There were those flippin' Cowboy stars everywhere you go. AND one of the local news stations had it impeded in their logo. Dear God, make it stop. 

When I was still married and my daughter was not even a year old, we had an opportunity to relocate to the big D. I am sooo glad I vetoed it. At the time, I was making more money and it would have killed my career. Furthermore, it would have radically hurt our standard of living. To no surprise, the ex currently resides in Dallas with his wife. 

It worked out for everyone.

I managed to get in a brief ride in this morning before the rain came. Sitting at home this morning was not an option. So I decided to write at the local cafe. 

The Gryphon is a eclectic little coffeehouse. The staff is friendly and efficient. The decor is funky but practical tables doted with fresh flowers. The walls are lined with artwork by local artists, available for sale.

Judging by the flow of traffic, I am the only new customer. When the customers arrive, the staff  confirms their order.

As I stood staring  blankly at the menu board, a very attentive staffer, informed me what I was looking at was not available for a couple of hours but recommended other items not listed.

Ignoring the baked goods, I settled on a simple salmon and capers breakfast with a cafe au lait. A welcome change from the chain coffee shops.

Despite the rain, I am glad to be home.

Tomorrow is Father's Day. At my age, each milestone that passes with my family is good. Most of the time......

On Mother's Day, my folks, daughter, grandson had dinner with my older brother's family at a local restaurant.

Normally, my sister-in-law hijacks family events but at my parent's 50th anniversary party there was no drama. None.

Maybe the stars would line up and we would have another successful outing.

Upon my brother's late arrival, he bounced out of the car with a warning "She is a mood about whatever".  With a glare, I asked, "Why didn't you either leave her or stay home?"

Now I'm hoping for the best.

We arrived at the local restaurant. We agreed to go for something nicer than our normal Old Country buffet. A modest Mainline Restaurant.

The food and company were wonderful until dessert. 

After dessert arrived, my oldest nephew, who is 16 and stands about 5' 10" popped up almost knocked over a waiter with a full tray of food as he ran to the men's room.

We all looked at each other assuming dinner didn't sit too well. No big deal.

Or so we thought.

He came out and started crawling on the floor, clearly looking for something. When he could find what he was looking for, he knelt in the middle of the floor and began weeping.

Did I mention the fact that this was a Mainline restaurant on Mother's Day and we were the only colored folks in the place, not members of the wait staff?

My brother tried to find out information and comfort his distraught namesake.

After removing him from the center of the restaurant, we learned that he lost a ring his off and on girlfriend had given him.

Seeing his anguish, the wait staff and other customers are crawling on the floor looking for this piece of jewelry. 

We sat horrified at the scene unfolding. It was so surreal. This simply could not be happening. We are now grateful for Mom's dementia. She was enjoying her pie and coffee ignoring the chaos unfolding.

As I'm trying to get the check and get the hell out of there, my father, who is Never Politically correct, leans over truly befuddled and says "Do you think the boy is gay'?

In his world it only acceptable for girls and gays to weep over jewelry. At that point, I had to just laugh.

The manager comes over, and promises to find this ring. I told him not to fret about it. At his insistence, I gave him my contact information.

We returned to my place. Everyone is trying figure out why he was so upset. This behavior came out of left field or did it? Instead of his Mom hijacking an event, he did.

 I just wanted this family outing to end.

When we realized the boy was still in the family vehicle, my daughter, the eldest grandchild, who is all of 5'3', goes to the van, and demanded that he apologize.

As he sheepishly followed her in, the phone rang and it was the restaurant manager.

"Ma'am, we found the ring."

With this bit of wonderful news, my brother and his family left to retrieve the lost treasure.

Later that night, I checked in my kid brother who couldn't make the dinner because of transportation problems. He was a little down when he answered the phone.  I shared with him the days events.

Little did the boy know, that he cheered up his uncle. He couldn't stop laughing.

Tomorrow is Father's Day. We left it Pop as to what he wanted to do. Returning to the scene of the last meal was not going to happen. " You know we can't go back there," he said with a hearty laugh.

He still hasn't decided.