Saturday, May 29, 2010

Loose Lips Sink Ships

The details of the job offered were released on a Friday of the first official long weekend of summer. Surprise, Surprise.

The White House sent Bubba to offer Joe Sestak a gig so their wouldn't be an expensive decisive race in PA. Surprise, Surprise.

I am grumpy about this for a couple of reasons. I worked hard to elect Obama. His mere nature of being makes him a different politician. BUT, he is a pragmatic politician who honed his craft in Chi-town, not a Messiah.

This sort of thing happens all the time. It is close to the edge of interfering with an election.

Sadly, no surprise here.

What is more disturbing is Joe Sestak's sanctimonious position when it didn't serve his agenda.

Did Joe mention that the establishment backed him and muscled another candidate out the the Congressional race when he first ran against Weldon?

Lentz was told to step down and run for a State seat and to wait his turn. Why? Sestak had White House cred and a ton of establishment support.

I am appalled that Sestak made it an issue.

Far too many spoke of Sestak being the jerk boss that is most people's nightmare. The only original staffers have the last name Sestak.

His biggest concern was the turn out of the Philadelphia African American voters. With this little stunt will not endear him my community.

Part of the reason many of the "establishment" lined up behind Spector is because Sestak is just unbearable.

I have donated a lot of time and money to Sestak. While I won't vote for Toomey, I will not go negative, I will become his worst nightmare...

A former support who does nothing.