Monday, January 29, 2007

Bush gives a shout out to his boy, Lieberman

NPR plays in the background throughout my work day. Today, the sounds on the radio suddenly became noise.

Juan Williams was interviewing our Chief Decision-Maker. Who did he give a shout out to? None other than soon to be Republican, Joe Lieberman.

The Decider did not offer anything new.

The sooner we get on with Impeachment proceedings, the sooner he will just ride his bike into the sunset.

Cheney is no Tony Soprano

You may not like the mob but they have their own set of rules.

HHHHMMM this does sound like the current WH occupants.

Civil Discourse

The National Constitution Center's program featured visiting scholars Laurence Tribe and Theodore Olson with Jeffrey Toobin as moderator. Tribe and Olson were involved in the infamous Gore v. Bush case.

The Kirby Auditorium welcomed a standing room only crowd. C-Span was on hand to tape the event.

Toobin skillfully moved the discussion to touch upon the following topics: Separation of Powers; Signing Statements; Writ of Habeous Corpus; the pesonality of the Supreme Court; Libby Trial and of course Bush's War.

Both scholars agreed that if the Congress does not exert its rights clearly spelled out in Article I of the Constitution, a strong executive will seize that power. They reiterated that in the Federalist Papers anticipated this type of friction between these two branches of government. Olson cited Jefferson, Lincoln and FDR as strong Presidents who exerted their executive privilege/authority. (I am so offended that he would speak of Bush 2 in the same breath).

After an hour of lively civil discourse, the scholars took questions from the engaged audience for the balance of the program.

Tribe did remind the audience that "contrary to what Bush thinks, we have a Constitution and he is not above the law."

"The strength of the Constitution, lies in the will of the people to defend it."
-- Thomas Edison

Rest in Peace, Barbaro

I would never be accused of being an animal rights activist. The grand experiment this horse has been through is finally over.

After this latest infection, the owners FINALLY stepped in permitted this animal to be put out of his misery.

Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund

Richard T. Santullii, a builder from NY saw a need for our soldiers severely injured in the Bush War. Instead of asking for a government contract, he asked the military and our government to simply stay out of his way. Through private donations he put together a foundation and raised enough money to build the state of art rehab facility in about fourteen months. 50 million big ones.

The ribbon cutting was this morning. Our Gal Hill and her drinking buddy McCain were there. Free press time. Standing in the shadows was Richard T, a true Hero Citizen.

If you haven't picked a charity to sponsor this year, this a great way of supporting the troops who literally gave body parts serving their country.

Hardball in Vegas: Beauty and the dork

Last week Chris Matthews was in Nevada. Why? To judge the Miss America Pageant.

Why do we know this? Because he mentioned every five f@#$ing minutes.

Clearly, he was a dork in high school. The only time the pretty girls gave him the time of day is when they needed him to do their homework.

I hate to tell the very excited Matthews that no one cares about the Miss America pageant, except for people like him. There was a point in our history where this pageant provided college scholarships or was a springboard to a entertainment career. Now, not so much.

Chris you have a successful show. People suck up to you nightly. I think you can return to your high school reunion as a member of the popular crowd.

Former WH Press Secretary, testifying or spinning

Ari Fleischer testified today in the Scooter Libby trial. He is the master of spin. Did he perjure himself or is back to his old spinning ways?

Booman's post is long but a good read. Check it out.

Nice Guys finish first: Ryan Howard

Phillies First Baseman

Great Athlete

2006 Major League Baseball MVP

Nice Guy, No Drama


Sunday, January 28, 2007

Consensual Sex: War Profitteers

Haliburton has been raping the government coffers with permission for years. Their tour in Iraq has been very profitable giving a new name to war profiteering. Since that wasn't enough they turned their sights on Katrina.

Instead of FEMA going after the big boys, they are targeting college kids. Why do I think any abuse that may have occurred is minor compared to the contracts blindly handed over to Cheney's pals?

Since the government consented to this nonsense I guess it is not rape.

I hate these people.

Tiger Wins, Again

After taking a break from golf to start his family, Tiger returned to win another PGA tournament. It is not if but when he smashes all of the meaningful golf records.

Good for him, good for golf.

Weekend before the Super Bowl

This is probably the the worst weekend in the world for a NFL football fan. No football. It is a bye week. UGH

Generally the last two weeks leading up to this weekend you see great football. One team advances the other goes home. Only two make it to the big event.

After the Super Bowl, you have time to go through withdraw and eventually spend your weekends doing something other than being glued to the tube.

I did spend time with family and friends like a normal person this weekend. However, I must confess when I was at home, the NFL channel was running the highlights of all of the Super Bowls. The interviews with the key players and coaches is really cool. But at times it is a painful reminder of the few appearances by my Birds.

I guess my addiction could be worse.....

Save the Date: Porn and Pancakes

So what do you do with the syrup?

Save the Date: Porn and Pancakes

So what do you do with the syrup?

Those who are not running for President......

Meet the Press is the alternative to the internet to announce running for the Presidency. The latest to throw his hat into the ring is former Governor Mike Huckabee. A frequent visitor to the Imus in the morning show, he is best known for losing the equivalent weight of a small person.

The field is growing and it is still January.

Those who are not running for President, please remain off of the Sunday shows.

Why is this animal being kept alive?

It has almost been a year since Barbaro was rushed to the New Bolton Center like he was the head of a nation.

Extraordinary steps have been taken to keep this horse alive. This poor animal has been put through several surgeries and extensive physical therapy. The horse's owners clearly have plenty of money or animal health insurance.

One does not know whether the horse is in pain or even wants to stick around for all of the obvious reasons.

My question is, why is this poor animal being kept alive? For humanity reasons or the ego of the vet.

If only Barbaro would have put together a living will, the answers would be known.

Wouldn't it be splendid?

This week we had the State of the Union address, 100,000 anti-war protesters march on the nation's capital.

Looming in the background is the Scooter Libby case. With screams of Impeachment, would it be lovely if Cheney and Bush were taken down by one of their own.

Libby's defense counsel's opening argument clearly suggests that Libby was supposed to do a flying leap in front of the bus to protect Karl Rove.

Ari Fleisher refused to speak to the FBIy's until he was granted immunity. Fleischer is scheduled to testify this week.

Wouldn't it be great if this regime was toppled by one of their own?

Lieberman, Enemy of the State

Evey time Joe Lieberman speaks my ears bleed. At what point are we going to consider him "an enemy to our state?'

Our whacked foreign policy that he supports like a love sick puppy has emboldened our enemies.

How about we just throw him out of the party?

The Departed, Great Movie

I am a huge Jack Nicholson fan. This movie had to be built around him. The other cast of characters, Markie Mark, the successful Baldwin brother, Matt Damon and Leonardo DiCaprio takes the audience on scary rollercoaster ride providing a view of the mob and law enforcement with a comic twist.

The movie was long but anything but boring.

It was filled with blood and guts but it was fitting for the story. If you like action movies that you must pay attention to this is a must see. But not after dinner.

She's Back

After not playing tennis for two years and basically having a life, Serena Williams won her 8th Title. Rumors surrounded her return, she is fat and out of shape. What will she wear???

She marched through the seeded players without missing a beat.

Welcome Back, Lady!

Straight Talk Express Derailed

I love these old farts who are not interested in "civil discourse." People like McCain, Leiberman and Bush only want to talk to people who agree with them. My word, don't you know you are to be seen and not heard you silly little person. How dare you question Senator McCain.

Hopefully, this latest version of "The Three Amigos" will fade away before they blow up the planet.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Middle America Speaks Out Against the War

The last time Philly had a championship parade

The Royal couple arrived to Philadelphia today. HoHum. There was a parade.

The last time Philly participated in a championship parade is when we spanked the Redcoats.

Maybe I am exaggerating, it just seems that long.

I'm not bitter.

The pile of coaches grows

Bill Parcells had enough. The Hall of Fame coach clearly grew bored with his mentally challenged superstar wide receiver. Once it was evident, the drama queen would be back next season, Parcells wisely headed for the door.

Who the hell needs it? The Tuna will be scooped up by a national network and be given a boatload of money to share his wisdom. Good for him.

Jim Mora had it all wrong, Michael Vick is not a coach killer, the drama queen owns that special title. The locker room will be divided and the cancer will spread. It could not happen to a nicer team.


Only if you are an old white man

Our country just loves to build up then destroy their heroes. Redemption, forgiveness are bestowed upon the chosen few. If you say that you found Jesus and you are really, really sorry, all is forgiven, if you are member of the old white men's club.

If you don't fall under that category, you are a whore, loser, bad seed or just one of those people.

They are just beginning to attack the ambitious Obama. He has zero idea what is in store for him. Peace be with you, my brother.

100,000 citizens on parade

It is estimated at least 100,000 citizens converged on DC today. I am not optimistic that BubbleBoy will get the message.

The only good thing that has come out of this administration is the SURGE in civic participation.

More on the March

Yeah but, he is still in the driver's seat

The majority of the country has NO faith in the Bush administration. They even had a hard time empanelling a jury for the Scooter Libby case.

Yet, he is the decision-maker, a new moniker. When you have to tell people you are in charge, it is too late.

Georgie Boy reminds me of the kid who it too short to reach the peddles, too young to drive but accidentally starts the car.

Impeachment is the only way to take the keys away from him.

Taking it to the streets

Citizens who have had enough the dumbass who is POTUS have braved the cold to participate in a protest against this mindless war.

I thank you for your service.

Sex on the First Date

The netroots community channeled their energy into action with an eye on changing the landscape in our government. They raised a ton of money for the 2006 election. Additionally, they organized ground troops, who knocked on doors, performed lit drops and got out the vote. Mission accomplished. Sort of.

The Democratic party took their money and resources and continue to summarily dismiss them. It is appalling.

Before I proceed, here is my disclaimer: I have, what is deemed, a real job, with a great benefits package. I donate time and money to progressive causes and candidates. My best friend is a working class blogger. I love my newspapers. Because of my insane schedule, I began to rely on her blog for up-to-date, accurate information. As I watched her readership increase, she struggled physically and financially. Some of her readers responded when she held a fundraiser, a few subscribed. What I did witness, more often than not, was the annoyance from her readers at her inability to keep a real job. Or, they were inconvenienced when she did get a "real job." The dreaded Catch-22. Readers wanting the benefit of her labor but did not want to pay for it. Go take a paper from the local 7-11 and not pay for it and see what happens. HMMM a microcosm of the new political world order.

My point is, the Republicans are willing to support their worker bees and mouthpieces. Anne Coulter came out of nowhere to represent the voice of the neocons. Hell, Rick Santorum landed a job in a think tank after losing his job to a netroots supported candidate. My guess is they have health insurance.

What do Dems do when one of their own needs assistance? They provide the following lecture: " My goodness, if you just put together a prettier resume, you can get a real job with benefits like the grownups. In the meantime, give your time and money to the "Consultants" who have not won anything in years." This is intellectually offensive, pretentious, and just plain silly.

Political activism is a business and should be treated as such. What is so wrong with applying a few business practices to your cause? Provide a living wage with basic benefits to those working for the cause. Those who put their nose up at this model have no idea what it is like to be middle America.

The netroots gave their money to the Dems on the first date thereby creating the rules of engagement. The Dems now call when they are looking for in effect a "booty call." Unfortunately, there appears to be gratitude when the call comes. Your time and resources have value.

As my daddy always told me "Keep your panties up, girl. If you have sex on the first date, you have defined rules of the relationship." A good old-fashioned unfair double standard.

The next big event has begun. Now is time for the major players in the blogosphere to change the climate again. My advice to those who weld the most power in this community establish your rules and enforce them.

In the meantime, go find your panties and stop acting like the fat ugly girl in the corner grateful for male attention.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Thanks for the Memories

When I was a political science/history major, Art Buchwald was required reading. He was a humorist. A good humorist has to be smart. He was all that and more. I listened to his final interview on NPR on Thursday and it was funny and sad. He was generally annoyed that he stuck around as long as he did. He opted not to seek dialysis. His stinking around gave his peers and his fans an opportunity to show their love.

Even as he faced the end of this phase of his life, he kept his sense of humor. He will be missed.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Oh Whatever

Eyewitness to History

The second half of the Colts v. Patriots game was far better than the first. The Colts did not seize the lead until the last minute and half of the game. Marlon Jackson, not that Marlon, cemented the win by intercepting Tom Brady. The result was an exciting game.

Tom Brady has a collection of Super Bowl jewelery so don't weep for him. Peyton Manning, on the other hand, has finally rid himself of the "he can't win when it counts" albatross from his back. He shared this burden with coach Tony Dungy. Jon Gruden won his Super Bowl using Tony Dungy's Tampa Bay team.

Dungy will join his dear friend, Lovie Smith, coach of Da Bears in Miami. It will be the first time in NFL history, two brothers will face off in in the Super Bowl ensuring yet another historic event. The winning coach will have brown skin. Both are talented coaches who have earned their place in history.

It is not the Eagles but I can live with Dungy collecting a ring. Today is a good day for football.

A Surge in Deaths

Ugly Football

Da Bears are returning to the Super Bowl for the first time in 21 years. The so-called game against the Saints was just awful.

So far the first half of the Colts versus the Patriots is not much better......

Rich Little: Headliner and Legend


I thought Rich Little was dead. I guess a tame near dead comic is safer than one who is SMART and funny.

Mr. Colbert your invitation to the White House Correspondent's Dinner is not in the mail.....

Sleeping with the President

Our gal Hillary has tossed her hat into the ring. So what!

It would be great to see a woman run the country but not this one, not yet. What have I missed?

This is worse than a spouse stepping in to run a company after the other spouse dies, because there is more at stake. Just because she slept with a President occasionally for eight years does not warrant an entry to your resume.' Bedroom experience does not translate into executive expertise.

The MSM has talked about everything BUT her lack of experience.

Don't get me wrong, she is very smart and has a machine that can raise money. Sure she was an active First Lady. But the horrendous way that she managed her health care program is an indication of her inability to manage a major project.

I would never put her in the same category as Fat Barbara. However, it was common knowledge Nancy was a key player in the Reagan White House. That doesn't mean she was electable.

Her resume is not much stronger than Barack "He is so fine" Obama. Worse she voted for the war and did not move off of that position until last week. Her current position is that she will support our troops but not the Iraqi troops. That sounds too much like a "Kerryism" to me.

In time, both MAY be qualified to serve as President. At this moment in time we can do better.

Our country is a mess and I would feel better with a man or woman with a little more wisdom running what is left of our country.

Hillary, you will serve your country well by being a team player. Build your resume' by serving your New York constituents. Raise a boatload of money for a qualified candidate.

These people are evil

According to former FEMA Director "Heckava Job" Brownie, the White House wanted to embarrass the Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco, who just happens not be a Republican.

This comes to as a surprise to no one. All of their decisions have been political in nature. The ninth ward remains in shambles. Even it this areas is not rebuilt, it needs to be cleaned up. Money poured into the region but it has eluded the folks who are actually in need. It is unlikely, the working and middle class population will return.

It is widely reported that it is an administrative nightmare to obtain federal money. This supports Michael Brown's charges. It is disgraceful how this segment of the American population has been exploited.

Instead of ascending to Heaven in rapture, Georgie Boy & company are on a fast track to Hell for their costly misdeeds.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Rev. Jesse Jackson

I grew up in the sixties, a very explosive time in our country's history. My parents were very active in the community and the Civil Rights movement. My father was involved in the self-help housing program, the PTA, the NAACP and of course the church. There is an unconfirmed rumor that he was a member of the Black Panthers.

Our home was the hub of activity. Local leaders such as Dr. Austin Meade were frequent guests in my home. Trips to the distant city of Washington D.C. were a common event for my Dad. He participated in these activities and held down his gig at the local steel mill. My mother took care of us while my Dad was trying to save our community.

My folks made sure that black reading material and the recorded versions of the King speeches were available to me and my brothers. The radio was always tuned into the local black radio station. All of the national figures and events were debated at the dinner table. Racial injustice, the loss of King and the Kennedys and the Vietnam War were the notable topics. Lectures by Alex Haley, Dr. Alvin Poussaint, Andrew Young and the eyewitness to history, Rev. Jesse Jackson were family field trips. Looking back, my Mom was more militant than my Dad. She preferred Malcolm X over King's non-violent style.

It has been over a decade since I have sat in the audience to listen Rev. Jackson speak. I grew up in the church, so he spoke to me on so many levels. He was smart and passionate. He looked like me and was someone other than family who moved me to be proud of my beautiful brown skin.

I loved it when he managed to make changes through economic boycotts of commonly used products. How awesome was it when he brokered the release of hostages? As I matured, and the good Reverend was in the middle of stuff, I began to question, sadly, his motivations. The recent Michael Richard rant comes to mind.

Is he a historical figure whose place is that of elder statesman? Is he still relevant? These questions are the foundation of my personal intellectual struggle with Rev. Jackson. The mere mention of his name evokes a response by everyone.

Rev. Jackson is on speed dial for what "they" have deemed black issues. I guess it is less sexy when he speaks to working class issues such as education, poverty and lack of jobs. These topics may show a less divisive side of his message. Maybe that is the point.

It makes me crazy when "they" say pick a leader.

Or begs the question, why are we as black people entitled to just one leader? How come we can't have at least two? Is this the same faceless group of people who have taken snippets of Rev. Jackson and made him a caricature of himself? Why doesn't the MSM reach out to less flamboyant leaders in our community? I guess that would require some effort on their part. These are the same folks who waved their flags while this administration lied us into a senseless war.

I read Chris Rabb's post this morning which reminded me of Rev. Jackson's good works.

Maybe it is time for me to spend more unfiltered time with Rev. Jackson.

Thanks for the reminder Chris.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Maybe Next Year

Maybe next year is the mantra of the Eagles fan. I really hate those three words. They rank up there with "it's not you, it's me."

The Eagles turned things around after stumbling in the middle of the season. The defense found their spirit. The offense rallied around Jeff Garcia after McNabb went down, again.

Instead of the Eagles management whining about about the fans not showing them love, they need to find away to keep Jeff Garcia next season. With McNabb's history of season ending injuries it would be a smart move. Lurie and Banner, two rich nerds who managed to pull together enough money to buy a team, expect the fans to genuflect in their presence. Worse they complained and it hit the papers today. The Eagles fans are making Dumb and Dumber a ton of money by supporting the team. Rich, socially retarded and just stupid.

Newsflash gentlemen, just because you own the team, doesn't mean you are the team. Your whiny-titty baby attitude reminds people why you were never picked to PLAY on a team. The women or the gay fans still don't want to have sex with you. Get over your unresolved high school issues. I digress.

The Eagles played one hell of a game tonight. It was smash mouth football at its best. Few mistakes were made. However, the penalties were costly.

Both teams ran a balanced offense. Reggie Bush and Deuce McAllister are young solid players. If they managed to stay healthy, they will cause a lot of problems for defenses for years to come.

Garcia and Westbrook performed well in a very loud stadium. In the end, it was obvious the Eagles defense ran out of gas. Playmaker Brian Dawkins was a non-factor.

I watched the final game in a small theatre with my best friend, two very handsome cops, the theatre owner and old lady who bragged about making out with deaf boys in her youth. (They did not hurt her reputation, because they didn't kiss and tell. Her words, not mine).

The cops were on duty. They managed to watch the game with little interruption. I guess the criminals were watching the game. To watch the game on a room size screen was awesome. We all moaned when Sheldon Brown drilled Reggie Bush on the first play of the game. It was fun watching the game with other fans, until the end. The mood of the room reflected the play on the field.

The Saints earned the win. I am not in that "zen" place of acceptance of how the Eagles came back from the dead this season. No Superbowl. No Championship. Season over.

Oh, well. Maybe next year............

Underachieving Spoiled Loser Brat

Sane adults are taught by family or peers that you can not always have your way. Life experiences generally teach normal folk that constant instance gratification is just not healthy.

43's need for instant gratification led to:

substance abuse problems

sudden departure from the military

career failures

surprising run for the White House.

the facata war in Iraq

play the guitar while a state was under water

abuse of signing statements

Every family has a underachieving spoiled loser brat. The USLB causes problems and the family SWAT team swoops in repairs the damage he or she has created.

Normal families would never leave a child alone or worse put him in charge of an organization that could jeopardize the lives of others people's children. Normal families is the key to this equation.

There always comes a time in the USLB's life that he thinks knows best. This is when the real problems start. Because the USLB never faces the consequences of his actions, the natural maturing and socialization process never occurs. Most USLBs never get in a position to cause real problems. The risk exposure is limited to a small arena.

It should be a surprise to no one that the nation's USLB authorized the military to stop Iranian support of Iraq. Whatever that means. Do you believe the cries of this administration? Weapons of Mass Destruction, mushroom clouds, grrrrrrrr.

Punks punch first. Adults start and finish with diplomacy. Military force is only used when necessary.

This is all part of our USLB's neocon driven foreign policy.

When a subtance abuser's family and friends have had enough they perform an intervention.

41 tried to orchestrate the intervention by coordinating the Iraq study group.

The USLB has to acknowledge his problem in order for the healing to begin. The USLB is slow to face his problem when he has surrounded himself with codependent advisers. Cheney, Rice, McCain and the every present Lieberman are the star enablers.

In order to save the world from the USLB, the citizens must demand an intervention by Congress with the only option available under our Constitution, Impeachment.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Can I get a recall?

Thanks for nothing Connecticut. The Democrats tried to rid the nation of this loser bastard. But nooooo, you sent him back to Washington.

Why does this jerk have a chairmanship post? I thought he was an independent?

During his independent quest to keep his job, in desperation promised to investigate the post Katrina activities. Now that he is in a position to do something constructive he flip-flops.

I guess he, like Bush doesn't understand how angry the citizens are with this administration.

Every time that fat bastard speaks, my head hurts.

Recall him Connecticut voters.....

Mercy Rule

My daughter was a cheerleader in high school. She had to cheer for the worst football team in the league. The football team was so bad, the "mercy rule" was used in every game.

What is the "mercy rule"? If the winning team is ahead by 30 points at half time, the clock will continue to run in the second half to speed up the game. The mercy is more for the fans than the players.

I gave my daughter and her posse of cheerleaders credit for smiling and cheering for a losing effort. At no time during the two wretched seasons did these kids give up. They showed up every game gave 100% with enthusiasm. The kids were talented but the coach of the team was incompetent. The fans knew the coach sucked and should be replaced. However, they paid their money to support the kids.

Finally, the fans rose up, made enough noise to have the coach removed. The next season, the football team won their league. Coincidence? I don't think so.

Watching the White House's head cheerleader, Condi Rice's performance during the hearings took me back to my daughter's cheering days. With a smile on her face she was trying to convince anyone within earshot, to rally around Bush's latest plan. I was waiting for her pull out her poms, poms and shout " Defense, Defense."

The plan is calling for more of the same. Bush is hell bent on starting the next world war. He even put Syria and Iran on notice. Did I miss something? We are not winning in Iraq. Our military is in shambles. They were sent to fight a manufactured war. One wounded or dead soldier is too many for this futile effort.

Bush refuses to listen to generals on the ground. He refuses to listen to the SWAT team sent in by 41. He simply ignores his employers who sent him a clear message in November. He is fucking crazy. What I don't understand is why Condi continues to cheer for this losing effort.

This is not a game.
This is not a cold Friday night in a stadium.
There is no mercy rule.
The cheerleaders and football team returned home after each game.
They were not forced to return to the stadium after their time was up.
The only thing at stake was school pride.

The threat to our national security does not reside in the middle east. He lives in the White House. Impeachment is the only option.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Impeachment is the only option

Ignoring the wishes of his employers, the voting public, Bush is forging ahead with this stupid war.

He and Cheney must be removed from office before they invade Iran with the local scout troop, because there are simply no more troops.

I hope it does not take a draft before, the citizens flood the offices our employees, that would be the elected officials, demanding Impeachment hearings.

The post-election honeymoon is over. Demand action.

Bush's Boy Speaks, Thanks Conneticut

Lieberman ran in the primary election and lost. Thanks to his buddies in both parties, he managed to get himself elected as an Independent. His sense of entitlement to the gig is appalling.

Worse, is his undying loyalty to Bush. Is this some sort of whacked crush? Or does Rove have photos?

He never ceases to amaze me. I just wish that he would enlist and get deployed to Iraq. Then maybe he would take this mess seriously. The military is broken.

It is clear, that he is lining up with the Repugs, why does he retain his leadership post?

Independent? Nah, a power hungry sissy boy in desperate need for Bush's approval.

How pathetic....

Lovestruck, as usual

I read Phil Sheridan's article with amusement. For years, I have said that my love for the Eagles is like an affair with a bad boy. You know the relationship is bad for you, but you keep going back. It is as if, he has overheard my conversations.

As the game came to an end, my daughter, the family optimist was a mess. I was holding her son, explaining to him why Andy Reid was letting the clock run down to 3 seconds. With the return of Koy Detmer, to the field goal unit, the knot in my stomach was loosening. Her son slobbered with a smile, as he watched his mother in prayer and ignoring me.

Blessedly, Automatic Akers delivered. He nailed the kick on the rain soaked field with room to spare. Eagles win by three.

Jeff Garcia has done an tremendous job of infusing passion into this team. He is passionate and fiery leader. The team has found their leader. Garcia's leadership coupled with a balanced mix of running and passing plays helped turn around the struggling offense.

The defense has returned to their deadly best. In the last quarter, Brian "Superman" Dawkins literally took flight to make a drive stopping tackle.

Tiki Barber cited playing against MLB Jeremiah Trotter as contributing factor to his early retreat to the broadcast booth.

McNabb was on the sidelines showing his support. When the Eagles offense struggled in the first quarter, the cameras panned to McNabb reviewing the photos. He was going to offer his wisdom, I guess.

A telling sight was Garcia politely retrieving the photos. The sight of McNabb pouting was not pretty. The transition is complete.

As the march to the Super Bowl continues, Garcia has earned the respect of his teammates and the passionate Eagles fans.

Fly Eagles, Fly

What they didn't say

Peyton Manning was so bad in the first half of the contest between Colts and the Chiefs, I had to make sure I wasn't watching his baby brother Eli.

What was anticipated, was a high scoring game. Both defenses have been criticized all season. They stepped up big time. The Chiefs did not get a first down the first half. Unbelievable.

With three intercepetions in the first half, compliments of Ty Law, the broadcasters were wondering if Manning was choking because it was a playoff game. Manning has racked up Hall of Fame numbers, but has found little success in the post season.

He was forcing passes into double coverage or when there were no Colts to be found. The stuff his brother does.

I am not sure what happened during halftime, but Peyton showed up the second half. He stopped channeling his brother. He used more running plays and short passes. The tight ends were his friends. However, he and Marvin Harrison, his primary target were not in sync.

They better get it together before facing the Ravens in the next round.

The Colts defense managed to shut down, K.C.'s major offensive threat, Larry Johnson. Johnson is the NFL's second-leading rusher this season with 1,789 yards. He did not even break a sweat.

Tony Dungy coaches the Colts and Herman Edwards commandeers the Chiefs, both had stellar careers as NFL players. They have emerged as respected coaches. Both are African-American.

Finally, the broadcasters did not mention it. Art Schell, lost his position as the coach of the Raiders. With a 2-14 record, he should have lost his job. Again, no mention of his race.

This is progress.

Don't let the door hit you in the ass, T.O.

The 'Boys crashed and burned last night. Before the HazMat team could clean up the wreckage, T.O. felt compelled to share with the world, quarterback Tony Romo was sobbing in the locker room. Was that really necessary?

If you are T.O. it is...

Only by leading this franchise to a Superbowl will stop the thought loop of the fumbled perfect hike.

As Seattle's coach, Mike Holmgren pointed out in his post game press conference, a short field goal is a pretty routine play.

Why was Romo the holder? He was the backup quarterback at the beginning of the season. This is part of the job description.
Until last night he was part of a near perfect field goal unit.

My heart aches for Romo. He is a young quarterback and may never recover from that play. He doesn't have the next week to exercise this nightmare. He has to wait an entire off season.

However, Jerry Jones, owner of the Cowboys gets exactly what he deserves. He brought in T.O., who became a major distraction.

From his Lance Armstrong imitation to his failed alleged suicide attempt, it was all T.O. His future contracts should come with the OSHA mandated MSDS labels.

Romo did not cost the Cowboys their season, Jones did. BOOOOOOO


Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Thank God for Keith O

Ketih O kicks off the new year with a healthy dose of brains and controlled rage. His Special Comment challenges the sacrifice the volunteer military is supposed to make for his ego.

My question is why is it that he is the only one with such a forum that is willing to call Loser Georgie Boy out?

Monday, January 01, 2007

I wish we held our elected officials to the same standard....

I love sports. I have followed professional football and baseball as long as I can remember. I am not alone. Legions of fans saddled up to the tube to support their favorite football team this weekend to see who goes home or continues into the playoffs.

I thought I died and went to heaven when they created the NFL channel. All football all the time. God is good.

When a team performs poorly, it is no question a coach or coaches will lose their job. Yesterday the regular season ended. Arizona stunk, Dennis Green gone. Falcons were wretched, Baby boy Mora, gone.

In the middle of the season, Andy Reid changed how he managed his offense. He fired himself as offensive coordinator. He did not "stay the course."

Fans expect solid management from the coaches and high performance from the players. The sportscasters and writers function as quality control. Incompetence, poor leadership and management skills are simply not tolerated. The fan base are very vocal and are not above letting the owners of their favorite team know just how they feel. Grassroots democracy in action.

After a crappy performance, key players and the coach face the media. The sports reporters have done their research and ask the hard questions. At times it is painful, to watch the exchange. Reporter: " Ah coach, your team sucked today. What are you going to do about it? Coach: Yeah, you're right. They weren't prepared and that was my fault." Coaches and players are required contractually to make media appearances.

Three thousand citizens have lost their lives for this bullshit war. This administration lied about the war. The Congress gave Georgie Boy the authority to go to war. They also approved the Patriot Act which has deluded our basic rights afforded to us under the Constitution. If I hear another fellow citizen say "What's the problem? I am not hiding anything." I will scream.

In our desire to spread democracy, we have given away many of the freedoms we have sent our troops to die for.

To compound the problem, the MSM sat back and let it happen. They are lazy, unprepared and more concerned about Brittany's hoochie and Michael Richard's meltdown. God help us all.

Who has taken responsibility for this debacle?

Donald Rumsfeld's, the mastermind managing this mess, parting words were essentially, "Kiss my ass." The only thing he didn't do was drop his pants and moon the world on his last day of work. It would have been less offensive. Maybe.

Unfortunately, we do not hold our elected officials to the same standard as our sports coaches and reporters. When a sports reporter gets the facts wrong, before the ink is dry, the error is quickly corrected. The folks who have radio or TV shows have research teams and welcome callers. If there is not enough audience participation, they lose their jobs.

When was the last time a sports reporter resigned because his or her facts were wrong?

Most rabid fans can rattle off team statistics, player and team history. I wonder how many know who represents them in Congress. Or worse, still think or Iraq was tied to 9-11.

My wish for the new year, is that my fellow fans show the same passion for their country as they do for their team. By doing so, their elected officials will do better. The MSM will spend less time on Brangelina and more on the war, health coverage, loss of jobs.


Eagles peak at the right time

At the beginning of the season, I predicted the Eagles would go 10-6. What I did not predict, was that they would have a shot at going to Miami.

More than a month ago, I was just hoping the Eagles would end the season at .500. When McNabb went down and the defense's inability to find the stadium, I struggled to be optimistic.

In order to win the NFC division, the Cowboys would have to lose to Detroit or the Eagles would have to beat the Falcons. As hapless as the Cowboys have been playing of late, it was unlikely they would lose at home, thereby making the final game of the Eagles regular season significant. The minor detail often overlooked, is the Cowboys have T.O. in their locker room. He dropped more balls than he caught this season. Of course it is everybody's fault but his. Football is a team sport. Like a chain, it is as strong as it's weakest link. He doesn't care about the team winning, all he cares about it is his statistics. Go run track, get out of football T.O. you are bad for football. I digress.

Early in the first quarter, Andy Reid learned that the Cowboys choked at home, handing the Eagles the NFC East division championship and home field advantage. Wisely, Reid systematically replaced the starters giving them essentially a bye and a well deserved rest.

The second team, stepped in and stepped up. They performed well against the Falcons starters. A.J. Feeley ran the offense without missing a beat. My feared defensive unit has found their way home.

The final score, Eagles 24, Falcons 17.

Andy Reid has earned the right to be coach of the year. After a terrible start this season, he turned over the offense play calling to the Offensive Coordinator Marty Mornhinweg. For a control freak, this is a big step. Additionally, it takes a leader not to lose the locker room. It could have gone the way of the Cowboys. But the Eagles were smart enough to dispose of their Hazardous Waste last year.

The way this TEAM has come together, it is not too outrageous to think about Miami. But first up, Tiki Barber and the Giants. Let's send Tiki to an early retirement he so desired.

It is always good not to peak too soon.

Happy New Year!

This pretty much sums it up