Sunday, July 27, 2008

Quick Action to Save Irresponsible Corporations

h/t Brendan Calling

Last week, I spent two days of my that I will never get back, in Leadership Meetings. Because of my position, I was selected seven months ago to participate. It is at these sessions, the brain trust of our company rolls out corporate drivel for us to feed to our staff, washed down with appropriate amount of Kool-aid. 

The latest drivel was the pending payroll changes. It was initially rolled out a on a mandatory conference call a week before our Leadership Session. Unlike many employers, when your employment starts, a week of pay is not held.  We get paid on the 15th & 30th. The new system
would be bi-weekly.

The perky Stepford Human Resource representatives informed us this change would occur Sept 1 of this year. Why is this happening? Some bullshit about state regulations prohibiting our current pay structure. 

The questions were fast and furious:

Why now? 
What percentage of the population are affected by these "state regs"? 
What planet are you living on? 
Who can afford having a week's pay held?

The response: Crickets

You could tell they were generally surprised by the push back. A peasant uprising. What wasn't stated was a reminder, that there was a budgetary short fall of $6 million dollars that was disclosed at our January meeting. You connect the dots.

Fast forward to last week's meeting. The unintended primary agenda item was the payroll change.

Participates who rarely speak up led the discussion. Finally, our Senior Vice President turned to me and said, "You've been quiet, your thoughts?"  Struggling to keep the profanity out of my response.

"The decision makers are millionaires, this is an inconvenience for them, for my people, this presents a hardship. This smacks of class warfare. It has been a week and I can't put a positive spin on this one. While I'm not even close to being a millionaire. But, I am blessed to make enough to be inconvenienced."

Our SVP is number four on the org chart. After trying unsuccessfully to tell us how honorable our CEO and President are, to angry glares, she took a break.

After the break, she informed us, she scheduled a conference call that afternoon with these wonderful men to address our concerns.

The next morning, we learned, that the payroll change has been put on hold "for now".

Just like Congress stepped up to help irresponsible corporations on the backs of the taxpayers, my execs were trying to clean up their budgetary shortfall on the backs of their employees.

Frank Rich: McCain is the Cranky Mr. Wilson

Oh how I remember, the cute Dennis the Menace, would flash a smile and drive Mr. Wilson insane. Frank Rich has drawn a perfect comparison.

Regardless of what Dennis did to his grumpy neighbor, by the end of the episode you still loved the cute Dennis and hated the mean spirited Mr. Wilson.

Of Course, Hillary is a perfect Margaret.

Credit Card Companies worse than Insurance Companies

My ex-husband established his career in the collections/recovery world. Before he started his consulting business, he was an executive at Citigroup. 

Needless to say, he learned the inner workings of credit issuing companies. They love simply make up their own rules, which are buried in the unread fine print. The can change due dates, interest rates, fees whenever they want to without notification. This my friends, are where they make their money. 

They hate the folks who pay their bills on time, this why they gerry-rigged the system.

Talk about a fourth arm of government.

We live and die by our credit scores. "What's your sign?" has been replaced by 'What's your score?" 
Money management/values should be discussed in any serious relationship. People are more willing to reveal their sexual escapades before disclosing their attitude toward money.

The next scam of the week are the free credit reports, if you sign up with a company that monitors your scores for $30 per month. Most people don't know, that each reporting agency will give you a copy of your report for free once a year.

You can survive and even thrive without a credit card.  Yes, you can rent a car.

Contact the Federal Reserve by August 4th.
consumer information
Proposed Rules for Credit Cards and Overdraft Services

The Non-Impeachment Hearings

One off my closest friends sent me this article.  He was annoyed AGAIN the MSM has failed to cover this issue. This administration, congress and the MSM have exhausted those who are paying attention.

Is it over yet?

Friday, July 25, 2008

Mendte Man Obsessed

I was travelling to my own personal corporate hell on Tuesday when I caught a glimpse of this story. After two days of mind numbing meetings, I was able to dive into this story.

Larry Mendte is simply crazy. The target of his drama was his very attractive publicity seeking co-anchor. Ms. Lane had her own very public meltdown and is not working in her chosen field. I witness the backstabbing insanity the comes from the corporate climb but Mendte takes it to a new level of whacked.

I'm sure Mendte will or at least should seek mental help. So what, if his more popular co-worker was making more money. When your salary begins with a 7 and is six figures, get over yourself.

Snooping in this woman's e-mail is unbelievable. His wife probably thought he was in a chat room.

The arrogant egomaniac will lose everything. When you think you are the smartest person in the room, you most likely are dumbest.

Mainline Brothel: Who knew?

I've driven by the Swan Day Spa a thousand times. Berwyn is so tiny, you are through this town before you know it. Two maybe three lights.

It is terrible how these women were treated. Since it is the Mainline, Dateline will just love this story.

I'm sure there will be collateral damage when they release the names of those who paid for the Spa services.

My suggestion, confess now and beg for forgiveness before your name shows up in the Mainline Times.

Stay tuned...

Novak Hit and Run Victim Speaks

h/t Fatekisminy


The interview would be funny if he wasn't hurt.

A dislocated shoulder is not a minor injury to me.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Robert Novak: Hit and Run

Ok you hit a person, who rolls up on your hood and you drive away....

Where I come from that is a hit-and-run.

I trust Liljenquist will sue the insensitive bastard.....

Angry One plus Kissinger equals Endless War

"A foiled and frustrated McCain — trying to get covered when the entire media world has gone fishin’ for Obama stories — took the Hillary tack of mocking the press for having a “love affair,” as his campaign said, with the senator. McCain is hopping mad that the surge that he backed, and Obama resisted, has now set the stage for the Bush puppet Maliki to agree with Obama’s exit strategy. But Obama has a better batting average with his judgment on how we shouldn’t have gotten into Iraq, we should have gone after Osama and we should talk to Iran and other foes, if only to better assess their psychology. Then we might have deduced that Saddam had the “Beware of Dog” sign up without the dog.
It doesn’t work for McCain — and his foreign policy guru Henry Kissinger — to keep insisting that timetables will lead to defeat.

The Angry One can try to paint The One as having bad judgment. But who is being advised by Kissinger, the man who helped keep us in Vietnam and get us into Iraq?"

-Maureen Dowd

Monday, July 21, 2008

A Bellefonte Welcome: Go Home Nigger!

It has been years since I have been called a Nigger. Ringing in my ears, that world still stuns me.
No, I nor member of my family or circle of friends use it behind closed doors.

Last weekend, I visited my younger brother and his family in BelleFonte, PA. It is about ten miles west of civilation, or Penn State's Main Campus. The only employers are the prison, school and retail outlets.

Thrift stores are in every other block. It takes 10 minutes to travel through this town which I wish my brother would have done.

Why did he move to a place where he and his kids quadrupled the black population? A woman.

When did I get my welcome? As Me and my brother's first wife was unloading my RAV4.

A pick up truck rolled by us with a guy hanging out the window.

We looked at each other. "Did you here that?" she asked. Before I could respond, she shouted a response at our greeters.......


"Woman, have you lost your mind?" I replied. "But you probably pay more in taxes then they make in a year," she said with a devilish smile.

"We are woefully outnumbered up here, just ignore them".........

When my nephew graduates high school in June, my prayer is my brother and his family leaves that dreadful place.

This is the section of our country that I doubt will vote for Obama. This is the crap black folk have to still put up with NOW.

So if you are black, avoid Victorian Bellefonte, you are not welcome.

Meritocracy; Black Like Me

The only differenc in our stories was the location....

Change has come

The old rail line in my neck of the woods has been converted to a bike path. Two months ago, the users were cyclists, walkers, joggers; and skaters, primarily for excercise.

Now it is being used for transportation. More of the users are clearly dressed for work.

Others are carrying shopping bags.

People are driving slower on the major arteries.

Corporately, my office has less buzz. 20% of my crew is working from home at least three days per week.

Others opted for a four day work week and I pick one employee up at the train, on my way to and from work.

I warned the staff they would have to work together as a team to pick up each other's slack on some matters.

The great news, we are more efficient and client service has not skipped a beat.

Unfortunately, we as society do NOTHING unless it is forced upon us. The "Me" generation needed everything now.

Buying a house was an investment, not a home. Maybe, we got our wake-up call and will make better choices and will leave resources for our grandbabies.

Mama Mia!

Good now you are humming that f@#$ing tune.......

Fed Up; Terry Shaffer went to the Feds

"When I decided to come forward, I understood the consequences but I told my [college-aged] son, 'sometimes what is right disagrees with what is best for you,' " Shaffer said.
LaGrotta lost his re-election bid in 2006, due mostly to the infamous 2005 pay grab, after 18 years in the Legislature.

Shaffer left LaGrotta's office near the end of 2006 and by deciding to testify essentially killed any chance of getting another political job.
He's since gotten foreclosure papers on his Beaver County house because he couldn't keep up mortgage payments.

He admits it was easier to talk once outside the system and says a reason more people don't come forward is that insiders "keep this stuff quiet by paying good salaries and benefits" to those who know that speaking out invites joblessness.

(Ironically, the day he was called to testify he got e-mail from LaGrotta's office saying a job interview was arranged for him in U.S. Sen. Bob Casey's Pittsburgh office. He contacted Casey's office, told them LaGrotta was under investigation, and never heard back.)

But Shaffer has "absolutely no regrets" about coming forward and sees the unfolding investigation as "a unique opportunity" for reform.
"If people don't step up now and work for change, they don't deserve good government," Shaffer said. "


Baron Pikes Tasered to Death

"I suspect Officer Nugent would have acted differently toward a white man under his control, but we'll never know, especially since Officer Nugent isn't talking to the press, and depending on what the Grand Jury decides, may never be called to account for his actions in tasering Mr. Pikes 9 fucking times in 14 goddamn minutes while Pikes groveled at his feet begging for mercy.
Jesus wept, it says in the Bible. I don't know if Jesus wept again after Baron Pikes died, but I'll bet his family did. I'll bet they cried for days on end. On the other hand, I'll bet that Officer Nugent did not cry after he killed Mr. Pikes by tasering him 9 fucking times in 14 goddamn minutes. Not part of his job description, after all. "

-Steven D (Booman Tribune)

How as a parent do you prepare your child from this type of treatment from someone who is supposed to uphold the law?

This is the messy racism facing colored folk daily....

Nevada GOP Convention Cancelled

I guess boredom or lack of interest has come upon the Republicans in Nevada....

One voice matters

The Dems are putting together a platform with in put from CITIZENS.

Check it out.....

h/t Doc Jess

Sophia Nelson: Black and Invisible

Ms. Nelson's essay sums up the blight of most my sisters.

We sit back with amusement when white suburban women struggle with their choices of whether to pursue a career or stay at home with their children.

All of the women in my life worked out side of the home or hustled a laundry or baking gig to generate extra money.

We are rarely invited to play golf with the boys. How many deals get cut on the course? When I am finally invited, I am their worst nightmare. "My God does she suck?" or worse "What if she out drives me?"

I recently had to explain to my CEO whom I am a direct report, that a sales rep wasn't my proxy. Furthermore, if he had any question to ask me directly. I have been managing this 10 million dollar division for 5 years....

I could go on....

Thank you Ms. Nelson

Friday, July 18, 2008

More Charges Bears Sterns Case? Good

What these people of done to their fellow citizens for no other reason than greed is criminal.

I hope Patrick Sinclair proceeds with all deliberate speed....

Finally: Investigation of Ohio Election

"At a press conference this morning in Columbus, Ohio, Cliff Arnebeck, lead attorney for the plaintiffs in the case of King Lincoln Bronzeville v. Blackwell, announced that he is filing a motion to "lift the stay in the case [and] proceed with targeted discovery in order to help protect the integrity of the 2008 election."

"We anticipate Mr. Rove will be identified as having engaged in a corrupt, ongoing pattern of corrupt activities specifically affecting the situation here in Ohio."
Arnebeck will also "be providing copies of document hold notices to the U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal Reform and the U.S. Justice Department for Karl Rove emails from the White House."

This case has the potential to put some of the most powerful people in the country in jail, according to Arnebeck, as he was joined by a well-respected, life-long Republican computer security expert who charged that the red flags seen during Ohio's 2004 Presidential Election would have been cause for "a fraud investigation in a bank, but it doesn't when it comes to our vote."
"This entire system is being programmed in secret by programmers who have no oversight by anybody," the expert charged, as Arnebeck detailed allegations of complicity by a number of powerful GOP operatives and companies who had unique access both to the election results as reported in 2004, as well as to U.S. House and Senate computer networks even today."


Just the thought of Rove being snared just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside........

Ohio Election Fraud

H/t raw story:

"Allegations surrounding Ohio in 2004

At the Ohio press conference yesterday, the former McCain adviser said Michael Connell, of the Republican Internet development firm New Media Communications, had designed a system that made possible the real-time "tuning" of election tabulators once Ohio Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell had outsourced the hosting of vote counting on the same server which hosted GOP campaign IT systems. He said he didn't believe Connell was behind the alleged fraud, but that he should be considered a key witness.
Spoonamore also confirmed he's working with Connell on overseas election issues and that Connell is now working as John McCain's
IT developer.
Connell has a
long history with the Republican Party's IT infrastructure. In 2001, for example, he set up for then House Majority Whip Tom DeLay. He also helped built, as well as the Ohio GOP site Spoonamore referenced.
Sources close to Spoonamore said he was very concerned that he would lose his contracts as a result of coming forward and would take a "large financial hit." These sources added that, despite his concerns, Spoonamore felt obligated to reveal what he knows to the public. "He felt he had no choice as an American citizen but to come forward, and he also knows the likely consequences of him doing so," one source said.
An audio file of the press conference is available

For this very reason, we need paper ballots, and election watch dogs. We speak of spreading democracy. Democracy begins at home.


Rove tried to throw Fitzgerald under the bus

h/t Raw story

Anyone who is paying attention is not surprised by this assertion.

Why hasn't Rove been charged with high crimes and misdemeanors?

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Oh What a Night? Josh Hamilton

I love the home run derby. It is great fun before the All-Star game. Chase Utley was representing my beloved Phillies.

I never heard of Josh Hamilton until last night. Who is this guy with the story predicted to win?

Selected first round right out of high school

Got caught up in drugs and alcohol

Tattoos everywhere

Found God

Returned this year after being out of baseball for three years


Adding to the theater was his choice of pitchers. 71 year old Clayborn Counsil. He pitched legion BP for his brother.


I'm not sure what I enjoyed more the beauty of Hamilton's swing or Boomer's fawning descriptions as he crushed the balls.

I'm sure there is an agent waiting in the wing to secure the movie rights.

Thank you for an awesome evening!

I wish you Joy Josh Hamilton.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Bailout for Brendan?

A bailout is in the eyes of the beholder.

Individuals who should have known better just leave your keys in the mailbox.

Educated professionals who were screwing around with mortgages? The soup line forms to the left for the poor uninformed shareholders...........

No soup for you Brendan.....

Booman: Obama's Plan to End the War

Great piece....

Legacy of a Lunatic

h/t Nance Greggs.

I am amazed how many people that I encounter in my little world who still think Bush got it right.

Yes, they are walking upright.

This administration has done a phenomenal job of selling their policies. This is the one thing W succeeded at doing, snowing 28 percent of the population. Many of these folks have a media forum.

Thanks New Yorker

How often do members of our own familia do the most harm, unintentially?

If you accidently, shoot me, I'm still bleeding.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Desk Rage?

I'm not surprised by this article. You spend most of your waking hours with your coworkers. You don't work in a vacuum. If there is home drama, it naturally spills over to the workplace.

The key is try to manage it within the human and human resource framework. Sometimes, these are mutually exclusive.

Since our upper management and clients are crazy, I try to keep our office as sane as possible.

Being rude or mean to each other is simply not tolerated. We have too much to do to have internally bickering. My gang knows petty sniping will get you tossed quicker than making a professional mistake. E&O insurance will take of an error.

There is no coverage for being an asshole.

Jackson Apology

There is a generation of black men lost to violence, crime, drugs, alcohol, lack of education and jobs. We are in the middle of a crisis. The response: Jackson and the usual suspects complaining about Obama's Father's Day message.

I just want to scream. The house is burning and far too many people are chatting about how to put it out instead addressing how it started in the first place.

Mothers and girlfriends spend far too much time visiting their sons and lovers in the prison system and at gravesites.

Navigating in a white world is a challenge but retreating, making excuses and criticizing the men who took care of their babies is just silly.

The change must begin within the community. Distributing resources to the schools, churches and community centers is critical. What is critical, is the folks in need actually benefit. Educating the masses is important. Teenagers have no clue what to do with a child, hell there are adults who don't know what to do. A baby coming out of that environment is set up to fail.

Sex education is crucial. These girls should be taught to value their bodies. Boys should be taught to respect these girls as humans, not booty calls.

Cities don't have an exclusive on this human drama, the rural areas are facing the same challenges.

Ignoring very real issues does not make them go away. Even Al Sharpton gets this one.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

They did it their way: Williams Sisters

Venus and Serena have been the subject of commentary since they splashed on the scene. They:

> elevated the level of play
> introduced their own sense of fashinon
> dominated the game
> played when they wanted
> created history

Finally, they had a non-tennis driven life. The result, when others have burned out or wrecked their bodies, they are still part of the game.

Good for them.

Patrick & Olberman Reunited

I became a fan of Sportscenter because of this pair. Will they be better the second time around?

I sure hope so....

NBC got this one right.

Dowd: Ideal Husband?

Dowd has a funny piece regarding matters of the heart. The title could be changed to ideal wife.

Love consistently trips most of us up at one point in our lives. Those who say otherwise are lying.

Let me back up, love isn't the issue. Love is easy. Relationships are the struggle. How often are expectations are communicated in way the other person hears it?

How often do you hear? I should haven't to say blah, blah blah....He/She know.. How??? Unless you say it out loud?

Rarely, are the tough questions asked and answered honestly until the relationship is in tatters.

If you are lucky, you will connect with someone who figures it out when you do....

FISA: Call your Senators

What Happened? Texan Two Step

When I wasn't sitting in a movie theater I knocked of the Scott McCellan book.

He is yet another member of this administration who has penned a tell all. What was striking was his habitual reference to being a Texan. His ties to Texas clearly was significant to him.

At one point, I felt that he was wailing "How could they screw an Texan"? What does that mean?

I suppose he hoped/expected/assumed, that his fellow Texans wouldn't screw him. I wonder if Scottie boy realizes that Texas is not a sovereign nation, it is one of 50 states.

There were no surprises for anyone who has been paying attention, just confirmation of what the bloggers have been writing about for years.

If you think someone is following you and you find out they are, it is not paranoia.

Bush & Company wrecked our economy, lead us into a war, ruined our world standing all because Bush just knew he was doing the right thing. Reflection is simply not in his vocabulary.

Too bad, no one had the courage to stop him.

Get Smart

My daughter joined up with me and da boys on Saturday for a trip to the movies. She is a huge Steve Carrell fan, so viewing Get Smart was a no brainer.

It was laugh out loud funny. Some of the humor and sight gags were lost on those who did not see the series.

Carrell has made geeks sexy......

Hancock: Super Hero with an Attitude

I had the pleasure of spending a good part of the holiday weekend with my nephews ages 12 & 15.

Since they were kind enough to join me for the latest Indiana Jones flick (they loved it), I let the choice be theirs.

They picked Hancock. Being a Will Smith fan, this was not tough duty. The critics trashed it but I didn't care.

We loved it. It was funny, fast moving and sappy in some parts. It took an unexpected twist, which was fine.

If you are Will Smith fan, ignore the critics and go see the movie!

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Tales from the Corner office

One of my field staff lost her father last week. I always send flowers or a plant. Before the grand corporate merger, I would get an employee's address from a local HR rep. She directed me to corporate. After explaining the circumstances, twice, I get this e-mail a week later:

"I was asked by HR to clarify the process of requesting employee gifts / get well flowers / bereavement, ect. that require the use of employee addresses. In the past there may have been less controls on responding to manager requests for employee personal information, however, with recent changes on the legal landscape regarding employee privacy we would like protect our managers by keeping this info secure in HR. That way there is no question if an employee feels their info was mismanaged. We can gladly respond to any requests to send flowers on your behalf and use our corporate account. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
Thank you for your understanding."

Of course I took out the names, before I shared. I almost fell off my chair. I wonder if this trio who prepared this e-mail really read what they wrote.

I'm not sure what world they live in, but I have never heard of an employee suing an employer for expressing their condolences.

The long weekend could not come soon enough.


David Broder: Civics Lessons

I just love conservative think tanks. One sane argument, such as teaching civics get lost in their vitriol of having one language ballots and demanding ROTC be housed on all college campuses.

I belief strongly by time students leave the eighth grade, they should have a working understanding of our Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. The knowledge and understanding of both is critical for all areas of our lives as citizens.

While we are teaching civics we should not forgot ALL aspects of our history. We have a tendency to sanitize our past at convenient times. The Founding Fathers were men, not Gods, struggling with all of their imperfections.

By educating our citizenship early about our history, they will learn what extraordinary deeds can be done by flawed humans.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

One of the Funk Brothers goes to the Minors

I stopped being a Brett Myers fan when he beat the crap out of his wife. The Phillies response was weak at best. Why baseball and the beat writers have more of a problem with Barry Bonds who took something than a guy who uses his wife as a punching bag leaves me cold. Myers recent fall may teach him some humility, worse he could take his anger out on his family.

I digress.

The Phillies were sitting on top of the world and hot bats went cold. This is a surprise only to those who are Philly Phans.

No story here, move along.....

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Walmart Broke Labor Laws, Again

I stopped shopping at Walmart years ago, when I learned:

> they locked their nightshift employees;

> put women on a different carrier path;

> failed to provide health care

> paid indentured servants wages

Unfortunately, there is a disconnect with our consumer citizens that Walmart's low prices are not good for their community. How many small businesses were put out of business?

The employees can't afford homes near these superstores. So they have to commute and be subjected to managerial behavior that harkens back to the Industial Age.

Compounding the problem, stores such as Walmart don't pay local taxes. Locally governments give away the store for fear another town will have the priviledge of their presence.

Walmart is a bad employer and neighbor.

Russ Feingold: Citizen Patriot

Thank God, someone gets it!

Herbert: Oh Happy Day, For the Oil Companies

"One of the starkest examples of U.S. priorities came during the eruption of looting that followed the fall of Baghdad. With violence and chaos all about, American troops were ordered to protect one particularly treasured target — the Iraqi Oil Ministry. As David Rieff wrote in The Times Magazine in November 2003:
“This decision to protect only the Oil Ministry — not the National Museum, not the National Library, not the Health Ministry — probably did more than anything else to convince Iraqis uneasy with the occupation that the United States was in Iraq only for the oil.”
How convenient that the peculiar perspective of the oil-obsessed Bush administration can now be put to use advising the Iraqi government on its contracts with big oil."

Once again, Bob Herbert nails it. Did we forget, the guy who folks wanted to have a cup a coffee with is an oilman?

Far too many voters, vote against their own economic interest because cultural reasons. The Republican party kidnapped God and high jacked values during the Nixon administration.

The money being spent to retrieve the oil in Iraq will not be spent on the bridges, health care or new green initiatives.

Folks were outraged when Clinton and Company stole a few White House trinkets before they left. What we are witnessing with this band of theives is the theft of our economy. Worse the death and destruction of our war heroes and the collateral damage to their families.

If this is not the case for treason, I really don't know what is?

Hurricane Watch

Insurance is the one product that you buy and have to fight for the benefits. The average person rarely files a claim against the homeowners or auto carriers. When you do, the exclusions that no one ever reads are dusted off. Friendly advice, demand your agent thorough review your exclusions.

I read this WSJ article with amusement. The insurance companies that have failed recently, did not manage their business properly. They either gave their product away and did not post sufficient reserves relying on their investments.

This has zero to do with their claims or risk. I'm glad to see some of the Insurance Commissioners fighting back.