Sunday, May 25, 2008

Hillary Clinton next gig: Supreme Court?

Go tell my buddy your thoughts............

Sugar Daddy or Oppressor: Clinton Chronicles

While filming a commercial for a local candidate, HRC became the subject of conversation.

A retired lawyer was surprised that I wasn't a HRC fan. Befuddled he asked "Don't you think she has suffered the glass ceiling issues facing most women?" I couldn't contain my laughter. I work with women on a daily bases who did not rely on her husband name or position to foster their career accomplishments.

If anything her late calls of sexism will set those who follow back. She is not one of us. 

Camille Paglia's article speaks to those of us who have the scars from crashing the glass ceiling.

Dick Martin: Last Call

I was a kid when Laugh-In hit the airwaves. Since we only had one TV with five functioning channels, our family watched TV together. A concept foreign to most kids today. We would roar with laughter, some of the jokes my younger brother didn't get. Of which, my older promised to explain later.

It was fast, furious and funny. Talk about a show setting the stage for the MTV generation. Goldie Hawn made mini-dresses and body paint fashionable.

Sadly, I thought he had passed like his partner Dan Rowan. May he be given a set with his partner on the other side.

More things I don't get.....

I try to spend at least one day a month with my older brother's family. Instead of heading "down the shore" on a beautiful holiday Saturday we attended settled on the Devon Horse Show. The proceeds go to the Bryn Mawr Hospital.

I confess, it was my bright idea. From the road you could see the ferris wheel, maybe there will be rides for the kids. My little community explodes with visitors, there must be something to this fair.  What the hell, something different. My folks, daughter and grandson joined me in this adventure. 

What surprised me was how much stuff they fit in such a small area. It was packed. The attire ranged from the old money dressed in old country fair attire to the jeans we were sporting. 

There were three rides, that's it. They didn't even have pony rides. We did spend a great deal of time looking down to miss the presents left by the horses. Surprisingly, the horse aroma did not mask the spell of the fair goodies.

There was standard fair food: ice cream, hamburgers, hot dogs, funnel cake, and FRIED OREOs. (Oh my God.....They should not be legal) combined with tea sandwiches and mint tea.

We watched small children and teenagers maneuver these large animals. We held our collective breaths as these kids performed their jumps. The risk manager in me had flashbacks to Christopher Reeves. The crowd cheered each time they cleared their obstacles.

It was fun hanging out with the family. The money we spent went to a good cause, but I don't see it as the hailed place to be...

Obama speaks on Kennedy's behalf

How fitting for Obama to give the commencement speech at Wesleyan. Kennedy never obtained his dream or at least his father's dream of becoming POTUS.  He did seek out fairness for those who didn't have a voice.

Obama's campaign is a reflection of that same spirit. More voters have turned out during this primary season than in the last Presidential race. This is good for our country.

It's Obama's Fault

It be comes clear daily as to why HRC chose politics for her career path. Based on her poor defense of her words, it is apparent she would have failed as a trial lawyer. 

Everything is Obama's fault. BoooHoo.

Things I don't get.....

Let me start by giving Danica Patrick a standing ovation for competing in this very popular race. It's always cool to see ceiling breaking accomplishments. 

However, I don't simply don't get the sport. Drive left fast for an afternoon. But some of friends liken watching a baseball game to paint drying. The horrors. I digress.

A very dear friend of mine, went to college in Indiana. He and his frat brothers converge on Indianapolis to attend this event. He loves it. Ms. Patrick being drop dead gorgeous with an ability to handle a vehicle at 200 miles per hour, adds to the lure this year. He has this uncanny ability to meet sport stars, Forest Gump-like. I won't be surprised if he doesn't snag Patrick's autograph and photo.

Enjoy my friend.

Friday, May 23, 2008

The Cardoza 40

h/t Al Giordano......

Maybe this will put a bow around HRC's presidential quest.

Watch it!

Olberman: "Senator Clinton this is unforgivable"

It is no secret, I am a big fan of Keith O. I knew that he would rip Madame Clinton a new backside and he did not disappoint.

He could not contain his rage as his listed HRC's shenanigans throughout this campaign. He is dead on with his conclusion that she is not fit to lead our country.

Keith O our generations' Thomas Paine hit a home run tonight!

I heart Keith O.......

Great Happiness

Last weekend, a friend of twenty years and college roommate joined me on spa-retreat. Life got in the way of us just hanging out.  The Felicita Resort was our spa of choice. It was only a two hour drive from our lives. It is tucked away in a mountain. You really had to know where you were going or you would zip by it. 

Even in college, my full course load with my weekends spent earning my tuition, prohibited this down time. Of course my type AAAA personality didn't help. Looking back, neither one of us could figure out why I was speeding through my life.

At this stage in my life, I am finally slowing down to embrace what is important. Because of the time of year, we basically had the place to ourselves. Our rooms had a beautiful view of the golf course on the other side of the mountain. The beautiful gardens surrounded our lodge. The weather changed throughout the day but so what?

We filled in the blanks of the voids generated by our absences. She had a massage, I soaked in the hot tub.

We did not stay away from our lives too long. However, we committed to do better about staying in touch. I believe we will keep that committement.

Achorn: Cartoon of the day

Oregon Pundit: Republican Brand Sucks

h/t to Oregon Pundit.

Is Obama a Muslim?

Law and Order: Crazy Politicians Unit

According to Booman, this is not the first time HRC has gone there.

This saga has the makings of a bad Law and Order episode................

Memorial Day Weekend

Today marks the beginning of Memorial Day weekend and the unofficial start of summer.

My staff had hit their wall by the time I arrived today at 9 am. I have been pushing them hard recently, freeing them early was a no brainer. They (I) will scatter to the loving arms of their friends and family.

What is sad is we are a nation at war with faceless enemies who live thousands of miles away. The citizens who signed up for reasons known only to them are being exploited on many levels. How they are being held hostage via the backdoor draft is just awful. Throwing salt in the wounds is the lack care they received upon their return state side. 

A core component of our teams' business is managing workers compensation claims. We have a statutory obligation to make a determination on average 21 days, depending on the jurisdiction. A wage replacement check must be issued within that same timeline. Medical bills are to be processed within 30 days of receipt. Keep in mind these are occupational injuries and illnesses.

It begs to question, why on earth does it takes months even years to provide services to our wounded soldiers? Why do our soldiers have to go to press in order to embarrass the military into action?

McCain's failure to even show up to vote on the veteran's bill is reprehensible. To screw these citizens, because they will not stay and fight is criminal. Throughout our nation's history it was the volunteers who were the backbone of our military. We also have a sad history of treating our veterans poorly. This has to change.

What to do?

When you see a vet or citizen soldier, give them a friendly hello and a thank you. Their sacrifices give us the freedom to enjoy our freedoms.

Our elected officials will return home this weekend. They will be in or near parades. When they come up to shake your hand, tell them to remember why we have a long weekend. Start to bring the soldiers home and take care of them quickly upon their return.

Secretary of State Joseph Biden

Biden artfully smacked down Lieberman. What a refreshing change for a Democrat to fight back on foreign policy issues. I hope Biden keeps it up.

I have yet to forgive the citizens of CT for electing Lieberman. He is an idiot.

She is brutal

During this long campaign, the Clintons revealed their true colors. Just when you thought, you seen and heard it all, Clinton speaks.

So what makes this horrible human being think that if something happens to Obama that she would be the candidate. There are other qualified candidates that we as citizens would be happier with...Richardson, Biden and Dodd comes to mind.

I'm trying not to despise her, my yoga is really not working.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Lessons from the Street

Great piece by the Oregon Pundit............

The Clintons are coming to dinner, hide the silver

The Clintons are the embodiment of  the phrase: Money does not equate to class.

Bob Herbert serves as a wonderful historian of  the last hours of the Clinton White House. I had forgotten they stole everything but the light bulbs.

Do your really have to remind a Rhodes School President that you are merely a visitor to the White House? I wonder if they take the sugar from the local diner? I wonder if the nice restaurants in New York involved the policy of checking purses for silverware because of Lady Hillary? 

I guess they are those relatives who you always get a knot in your stomach when they visit and are really thrilled to see them go.

Maybe this is where the class warfare is coming from? Having class does not make you an elitist.

Celebrating my Mom

Until the birth of my daughter, to say my relationship was bumpy was an understatement.  My father demanded that me & the boys speak to my Mom in a respectful tone. Whether it was done on a subconsciously or overtly, Dad undermined that respect at times with his behavior.

Their relationship as husband and wife is not for me to judge. Through their journey, they have managed to stay together for 49 years. But it did not operate in a vacuum and had an impact on my relationship with Mom.

My parents married the summer after my Mom graduated high school, a common practice in 1958. During my formative years Mom did not seem happy with any aspect of her life.

Dad's job at the steel mill served as the primary source of income. I remember as if it were yesterday, the day my mother asked for my father's permission to work as as a reading aide at the local elementary school. Talk about a defining moment in my life. I knew at that moment in time I would never be in a position to ask for permission to work or anything else that matter. I was annoyed by the whole exercise.

I guess my mother picked up on my rejection of her lifestyle and viewed it as a rejection of her.
As my graduation from college was looming, she and I had a pretty nasty fight. All of her hurt and anger was unleashed in a fury of harsh words. "You think you're smarter than me" she sobbed. "You always talk to your Dad" she continued. She even called me Miss High School. Ouch. I attempted to fight back. "You always sent me to Dad" so I just cut out a step. She was not having it. My parting shot was "I'm not sure why YOU hate ME, all I ever did was try to make you proud"..........

I left and returned to my dorm and did speak to her for a couple of days. I'm sure that didn't hurt. Ugh I cringe at the memory.

Blessedly, we were granted the time and exercised the sense to work through our views of each other.

She has been rock solid during ALL of the challenges I faced in my life even the self-inflicted ones. She taught me through her actions, how to be a cool Mom. For years I was ALWAYS late.
It was she who gently pointed out that it was the "one last thing" I was trying to get done which threw off my schedule.

She could give lectures at Wharton on organization and time management. It was she who got five people out of the house before 8 am with one bathroom. Dad was active in the community. It was Mom who kept him on task. Me and my brothers were involved in sports, the band, musicals, and community activities. To this day, I don't know how she kept it and us together. We were NEVER late.

Born in a different time, I wonder if her choices would have been different. Me and the boys were important to her and her legacy. She points to all of us with pride.

It breaks my heart to see her mind failing her. She gets frustrated and looks sad. Her role in the family has changed. We are finally looking after her.

I look at my Mom with pride and all my love.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Obama is Hillary's General Grant

I guess it never occurred to the Clinton Clan THEY ran a shitty campaign. They were off message and they managed their finances poorly.

I am so bored with their electability argument. They are losing several demographics, not just the ungrateful Negroes. How many minorities in Iowa? Please.

It is amazing how someone so unelectable is winning. The MSM media is feeding the myth of the Clinton Machine. Don't count underestimate the Clintons.

It reminds me of the media driven mythology of General Robert E. Lee. He was a good General. Hell, Lincoln even recruited him. Can you image the war with cable news?

General Robert Lee won several unfought victories based on the inaction of the incompetent Union Generals. They were afraid of his reputation.

The defining moment of the Civil War was a battle in Pennsylvania. At the time, both sides claimed victory. Lee never ventured back North and Meade failed to pursue him.

Eventually, Lincoln took a General who was winning in the west and put him in charge of his army. His tactics were unpopular and non-traditional. The press went crazy. (Sound familiar)

At some point at the waning end of the hard fought war, Lee had to surrender. He simply ran out of resources.

Lee was critical to initial steps at restoration of the Union. He put his country before his ego. Guerrilla warfare could have continued for years. His soldiers were loyal to him. Lee chose the high road.

Grant was compassionate and permitted the surrendering soldiers to keep horses so they could farm. He permitted an honorable surrender.

I'm sure Obama would be willing to give the Clintons a few horse and the manure they've been peddling and send them on their way.

3 am call

The red phone last night in the Clinton camp. On the line was Tim Russert. Does she answer the phone to receive the news?

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Should Clinton Quit? Vote Now

Council commits to Obama

The good news keeps coming out of North Carolina. Another Super Delegate has come out for Obama.........

Attytood: October Surprise?

Attytood warns of the drumbeat of an October surprise. What truly saddens me in his post, is how long it has been since we have won ANY sports championship. Ugh.

On the ground in Indiana

Obama may pull this off...........

Obama wins North Carolina

One down, one to go.
I hate the early numbers in Indiana. It is still too early to call. I just hung up from giving my friend an update. A former Hoosier, was not happy with the current numbers. He was concerned about the lingering racism in Indiana. Being the cynic in this relationship, I wasn't as optimistic.
Indiana is not very different from PA. 

David Brooks: Punk in the school yard

Brooks' column brings to mind the little Punk in the school yard. She is usually the little person with the biggest mouth. The target of her terror, the gentle giant. Now the gentle giant is in a lose lose situation. If he responds then he is being a bully. By ignoring her then he is wuss... What a nightmare.

My parents taught us it takes more courage to walk away from the little punk than to engage her..... Easier said than done.

Recess for the Democrats seems forever. Indiana PLEASE ring the bell.

Monday, May 05, 2008

The Convention: The End of Era

Each year the Bureau of Workers Compensation puts on a conference. Locally, this is one of better attended functions. It also serves as a reunion of sorts.

Years ago, I sat on the steering committee and as recently a two years ago, I was honored to serve as a speaker. I have chosen not to serve in any capacity. Why not give others a turn?

Today, I couldn't sit through one of the advanced sessions and was well bored. As I wondered through the exhibit hall, cheerfully greeted old colleagues, wondering: "My God, Why am I here?"
I am grateful to one associate who is kidnapping me for dinner, away from the conference.

The dance parties tonight will consist of plenty of music and too much alcohol. Leaving us to wonder: Whose career will end tonight? I don't drink.....

I guess I have just lost interest I will send two employees next year.

The Phillies are in First Place

Howard is slumping but its early in the season. He will catch fire when it counts. Utley and Burrell are on hitting the crap out of the ball. Next up revenge time against the Diamondbacks.

The Phillies are in First Place....Cool

Animal Athletes, Eight Belles, Barbaro

Maybe the time has come to rethink horse racing. If the losing Superbowl team died on the field, would this be accepted? (Only in the case of the Cowboys)

Humans can articulate their wishes, desires, pain, and joy. Another Kentucky Derby, another tragedy. 

I have more question, than answers. I'm not a member of PETA, but there is something fundamentally wrong when a horse is ridden to death.

Booman Tribune: Defining Patriotism

Let's see in these difficult economic times, a citizen will consider voting against her best economic interests because of a flag pin?

Is is patriotic to vote for invading a country for no real reason?
Is it patriotic not to provide care for those soldiers who failed to die from their injuries?
Is it patriotic to vote for No Child Left behind?
Is it patriotic to vote for NAFTA?
Is is patriotic to vote for someone who has historically failed to work well with others?

Wrap yourself in a flag and watch our educational system fail to produce graduates who can compete globally.

Wrap yourself in a flag and watch our jobs disappear.

Wrap yourself in a flag and watch prices soar because the oil industry has successfully blocked or derailed alternative fuel sources.
Wrap yourself in a fucking flag as you pray that the bridge your are crossing doesn't collapse....

I need fresh air.....

Clinton = Four more years of Bush

Robert Reich is being polite in his post. HRC sounds just like Bush. Why listen to experts when I just know I know best?

Her gas plan coupled with obliterating Iran is straight out of the Karl Rove playbook.

Now I know why he resigned from the Bush administration, to work for HRC.

God help us.

Thomas Sugure: Like or not, race is still an issue

Hat tip to Afro-netzien.....

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Russert and Wright

Blue collar stiff (wink, wink) living the American Dream, Tim Russert has spent at least 25 minutes discussing Rev. Wright. When will the Wright issue go away? Hmmm, when folks like Russert stop talking about Rev. Wright.

Wright is crazy but there is no evidence of the systematic condoned abuse of boys in his church.

I don't see any Catholic members holding political office being challenged to denounce their priests.....

The sun has emerged. I will retreat to comfort of outdoors......

Eight Belles Destroyed

Hillary encouraged folks to bet on Eight Belles, the only female in Saturday's Kentucky Derby.
Unfortunately, the horse ran an a good race and was crippled in the end. Sadly, the horse was destroyed because of the injury. A tragic end to Eight Belles.

Does anyone else see an awful metaphor?

My apologies to owners and fans of Eight Belles.


Pride goeth before the fall

Oregon Pundit does a great job responding to Thomas Friedman's latest column.

When other countries are your bankers, how strong are we?

An old mentor used to say "He who holds the gold makes the rules."

Dowd: Black like, oh Whatever...

Whenever my daughter and her peers would get frustrated with a conversation, it would be abruptly terminated with "OH, WHATEVER!"

When I hear this endless blather about sticking Obama in a clearly misguided box, I want to scream "Oh, whatever." This nonsense by Maureen Dowd falls into that category. Why is it necessary for a black man to be comfortable swigging a Bud. According to my well informed baseball team, Bud is just awful. Or, maybe he doesn't like beer. Does that make him effete?

We know what a President who the voting electorate feels comfortable "having a beer with" looks like. I'll take someone who is SMARTER THAN ME and doesn't need to swig anything to get through the day.
What do you want Madame Dowd? He is not angry enough.  He is too angry. He is not black enough. He is not white enough. He is not wrapped in a flag. Is he posturing? He is not showing the traveling media enough love. 

Her boredom with actually working on this long than expected campaign is starting to show.

My head hurts.......................

Frank Rich: Preacher Double Standard

Kudos to Rich. He sums up the reality minorities and women face in daily living. We have been and continue to held to a different standard than our white male counterparts. We have prove we are capable of performing a task whereby it is assumed the boys get the job done.

Hillary is running as a white guy. She points to her "experience." I'm still not sure what exactly that experience happens to be, other than being an unaccomplished bully. While I am not a supporter, I give her credit for running like the boys. The boys she is running like just happen to be Republican.