Monday, November 10, 2008

The Fever has broken

I am currently looking at the Gulf of Mexico. The timing of my baseball team's tournament this year is perfect. I left PA Saturday morning and I am just now feeling human. Winning would be fabulous but the time with the boys and the beach time is critical. If the weather stays this great I would be thrilled.

Like many other concerned/frightened citizens, I threw myself into the task of getting Obama and the line candidates elected. The whole work thing at times seem to be an unwelcome intruder on my mission.

PA had become a critical player in this election and I could not live with myself, if I sat on the sidelines. My friends and family knew I was serious when I skipped many of my other activities such as baseball and football. 

The Phillies second season provided a wonderful diversion from the intensity of my campaign duties. To quote our shy second baseman, "We're world fucking champions."

I stopped at the local staging office the Sunday before the election and "Wow." The diversity of the volunteers was incredible. We were so well staffed the Obama campaign was able to deploy most of the members of their team to another location. I'm convinced that this team of people would have barely spoke to one another if they passed each other on the street. It was surreal. It was awesome. All were driven by the fear of Obama not getting elected.

I went to work the day before E-Day. I'm really not sure why. My office became the place where a few of my employees just paced in silence.

Noticing the silent pacing, one of associates finally inquired "You Ok?" 

Almost tersely, "Losing is not an option. Not to be melodramatic, but our democracy hangs in the balance."

"It will be fine," he gently replied.

Working the polls the next day, my anxiety only increased. My fellow poll workers were not much better The flow of voters did not slow down until 3:30. Our precinct had a 79 percent turnout. We represented the coveted Philly suburbs.

Friends from all over the region started texting me around 4. Their locations were equally pleasantly insane.

Some friends joined me and my local committee folks at a local pub to watch the returns.  It was cool watching the returns on the large screens. It was far more exciting than energy generated from the World Series.

When they announced the PA results, a loud roar went up. We were still too tense get cocky.

The Ohio returns made the crowd nervously giddy.

11:02 they finally called it for Obama. First silence. Then cheers that shook the building.

My buddy from Romania called his Dad. The tears were flowing. My daughter called to make sure it was real. Followed by a stream of friends and family who were celebrating.

I was too exhausted to feel, let alone sob.

Finally, I turned to a friend of 20 plus to see his tears just flowing. In between the tears,  he uttered "we did it."

I've seen this man cry when his mother passed.


I did not speak to my folks until the next morning. How silly of me not to call the night before.
"Of course we were awake, your younger brother and your daughter called," they scolded. We just laughed.

They too, were just trying absorb the moment.

My parents went to segregated schools in PA. They were the unknown foot soldiers in the civil rights movement. 

They were instrumental in getting black history introduced to the curriculum. 

How wonderful that we all got to witness this moment.

I did not fully understand the slow burning rage that I have been carrying for eight years. It is only Monday and I feel like a life time has passed.

I am no longer tense.  My rage is gone. The fever has broken.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Election Eve

Pennsylvania is ground zero. Like most of my friends, I have been heavily involved in the election since before the Primary. Writing will hopefully ease my anxiousness. Three of my employees who have been voluteering are stuggling to remain in their seats today. Pacing in my office is permitted.

Wherever you go, the election is the only thing people are talking about. The Phillies post season actiivites were a welcome diversion. But after the parade, most spent the weekend on GOTV efforts.

When I stopped by Region 4's office yesterday it was bustling with activity. While tired all were saying we got to get folks to the polls.

My 21 year old daughter assurred me that her peers would defintely vote. She has volunteered to work a couple of hours at the polls tomorrow, which is so cool.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

You people did it again!

The biggest robbery has taken place and these bastards continue to blame brown people for the economic Wall Street blunders.


h/t afro-netzien

Palin, Kato Kalin, Surreal Life

Sarah you had your fifteen minutes of fame. Like the folks who found themselves over their heads hosting TV shows, I'm sure Fox will offer you a show.

After a brief stint, your show will be cancelled and you will become a the answer to a Trivia question.

Do yourself, your family and more importantly your country, just go home. The McCain Pageant is over.

h/t Thomas Edsall.

Phillies, Lions, Tigers and Bears...Oh MY

After the Phillies clinched a berth to the World Series, my daughter and her buddies tried to buy, without success, T-Shirts on line. They sold out immediately.

My daughter who is always thinking and plotting, realized a Modell's was minutes from my office. My cell phone exploded early Thursday morning with a order for shirts. "I promise to get your money back, world's best Mom."

I hate to shop, especially in the mall.

Caught in a weak moment, I planned my mall mission. I'd take a late lunch, swoop in and out of the mall 15-20 minutes max. My associate amused at my plight, concurred with my strategy.

1:30pm I began my journey. Arriving at the mall five minutes later, the light parking lot gave me hope.

My bounty: 2 mediums, 1 2XL and 1 for the little guy.

The only store with customers was.........Modells. It was pandemonium. The clerks were trying to restore some order to the shirts on the tables, and process the Phanatics as quickly as practical.

Most of my fellow customers were on their cell phones confirming orders.

Those standing in line were sharing tales of where they watched the game.

Mission Accomplished, I returned to my office, one hour and twenty minutes later. My associate looked at the clock and smirked "20 minutes max, huh." "Whatever" as a turned into my office.

I called my daughter to let her know how I swan through piranhas, fought the locust and survived the hail storm but I secured her shirts.

There was a brief silence before she said "Did you kill Lions, Tigers and Bears?" cracking up at the retort.

Oh my....

Go Phillies!

W success

W was and is a failure.  He managed to trump Nixon and Hoover in the race for the worst President. 

However, he has succeeded in doing what no Democrat or Democrat apparatus has been able to do...........destroy the conservative brand of the Republican Party.

The "silent majority" originating with Nixon, further developed by Reagan are moving away from the Republicans.

Anyone not sleeping in a cave knows the litany of reasons why. As the pundits argue the last election, the "sleeping majority" is casting a shadow over the room.

They have not been polled because they are too busy working just to pay their bills. They did not buy homes they could not afford, their friends and family are diverse. They love their country, the God of their choice, lover of their choosing and the children they chose to raise.

They are worried about the air we breathe, the human and physical infrastructure, the safety of our food and toys.

They don't give a damn about whether how our President worships or even if he or she worships. They want and need a leader.

Team W ignored the "sleeping majority".  For those who weren't spurred into action by the environment, Katrina and a senseless bank breaking war, the Wall street debacle woke them from their fitful slumber.

Well done W, you managed to call to action our citizenry and destroy a machine built on the amass of power for power sake.

Powell endorsement another safe move?

Yesterday, I attended a baby shower for my cousin. Like weddings and funerals, these events bring together family and friends who, because of life, rarely gather. Our family is a mix of everything, black, white and hispanic. Occupations range from bartender, attorney, entrepreneurs and even insurance executives.

 In the middle of those God-awful silly baby shower games, (Why ladies? Why?) Powell's scheduled appearance surfaced in the conversation.

An older militant cousin was thrilled in anticipation of his endorsement of Obama. "Isn't that great?," she enthused.

"Big deal, he is trying desperately to repair his image. Powell is an American hero. His luster lost it's shine after he used his credibility when he presented closing arguments for this war, " I countered.

Swiftly, " he only presented what he was told, and he even resigned."

"Powell was the only one in the administration the public  thought put the country first. He privately challenged the intel he presented to the world." His so called resignation would had more of an effect if the timing were before his famous sales job, " I replied.

Gee, wouldn't been nice if Powell would have endorsed Obama when it really mattered?

The room grew silent.

With a smile, she patted her well groomed short afro, "you could always give me a tussle."

I gave her a hug, "A must in this family."

The shower games continued............

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Challenging the Absurdity of a Race Vote

Some folks in my country can't seem to bring themselves to vote for Obama for no other reason that the color of his skin.

Trumka's moving speech to his membership represents the change that has already occurred.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Krugman wins economic Nobel Prize

Good for him.

US Brand has lost shine

I'm am constantly mystified at the beatification of Ronald Reagan. He was a B- Actor and a D plus President. His Voodoo economics were the playbook for massive debt he left Bush I and Bubba. The firing of the air traffic controllers let all workers know they serve their management masters.

With the Iran Contra mess he was either treacherous or inept, either choice was offensive to the average citizen.

Every Republican candidate evokes his name constantly. The MSM is not much better. Our friends from across the pond are not blinded by Reagan.

When the US is referred to in the same context as the former Roman Empire, the beginning of the end, began with St. Ronnie.

Bush, Barker, Bonnie & Clyde

The final act of destroying our democracy is robbing the taxpayers blind in plain sight. This post is scary.

h/t Octafish

"You're not the boss of me"

Can't you just see Palin talking to officials....... I'm the Governor, I can do what I want...

God help us.

Manny My Nightmare

I was lucky enough to attend the Phillies game on Friday. It was my first playoff game. The invitation call lasted about 10 seconds. 

The seats were in the Hall of Fame Section. A sell out crowd. The electricity was amazing.
Of course the boys had to make it far too interesting. The game was a welcome diversion from work, the market and even campaign activities.

There was one loud intoxicated, Dodger fan, sportin' a Manny shirt. Why would you? 

I'm convinced a guy who does that must the need to be center of attention or is woefully inadequate in bed. Eventually, security told him to pipe down or she would not be responsible for his safety.

The game had a whacky start time of 4:30. The weather was a perfect 70 degrees. Indian summer in the Northeast. My companions and I were thrilled to be at Citizen Park watching the Phils in October. Always optimistic in April, totally basking in the reality of a fall outing.

After Moyer's dreadful game and watching tonight's game unfold..........

Friday seems like a distant memory.

Update: Victorino and Matt Stairs hit Home Runs. Stairs just crushed that pitch....ah Matt Stairs? The Phillies picked him up at the end of August.  Hooray for us...
Top of the 8th, the Phillies are up by 2....

What will tomorrow bring?

The market was insane last week. The banks were closed today, celebrating the man who found an country that wasn't lost. The markets closed today up, Lord only knows what will happen tomorrow.

All of my friends, regardless of party affiliation have come to terms with the notion of no retirement. All are still reeling from the bailout.

Would you like a little socialism with those fries?

Full Moon, William Kristol, Fire Campaign?

My goodness, uber conservative, Billy Boy Kristol has publicly certified the McCain campaign a train wreck. The fact the campaign is a mess is not news. The public fatigue by folks like Kristol simply amuses me.

Palin Channels Nixon

A bi-partisan committee has found that Palin and her husband are vindictive and abused the authority of her office.

Can you image what this dynamic duo would do with the FBI at their disposal?

Monday, October 06, 2008

Go Figure

Wow, the former CEO of Bank of America endorses Obama..........

Thoughts from the barstool: "Bush Sucks and So Does Congress"

Saturday night I attended three fundraisers, two political and one for local kid who earned a spot on a travelling baseball team. The child is the son of one of my baseball players. His event was the final leg of my journey, in Delaware County. Ground Zero for Presidential politics in PA. First generation college educated but mostly blue collar. Sestak replaced Weldon in 2006 shocking the country.

In short order, I ran into my third baseman. He is one of the few guys on my team that I chat about stuff other than sports. 

I was surprised at how quickly the conversation turned to our nation's capital. He was not feeling the bailout. It represented what is wrong with our society. 

Only the little guy is held accountable for screwing up, he began. 

Taking a swig of beer, I don't want somebody who wants to drink with with me. I have plenty of folks who will do that.....

I want a President who runs my country. My God, where the hell is Bush? He sucks and so does Congress. We didn't just get here. I've been a Republican all my life, but McCain scares the hell out of me. I wish Obama was older. I couldn't give a damn about his color or his religion but his lack of experience really bothers me. What's her name Palin? I'd do her but for her to be in charge of the country.....Does the President actually run the country????

Nobody in DC is running the country. I hate them all....

His rant over, we turned to the Phillies losing effort. I was pleasantly surprised at his passion for something other than baseball.

Bush has done what many of his predecessors failed to do, engaged the citizens.

Good News

OJ Simpson: An American Tragedy

OJ had the world by the balls. Hall of Fame football career; lucrative post football career; loving friends and family.

He dumped his loyal first wife for young blonde beauty, made a couple more kids. Because of his insane behavior, the beautiful blonde took a hike. But no, OJ read too many press clippings. He was the man and refused to be dumped.

The same percentage of Americans who think W is doing a good job represent the same percentage of clueless wonders who think some other than OJ killed Nicole and Ron.

The not guilty verdict left me stunned. What further surprised me was how the black community embraced this man. OJ walked away that community YEARS ago. 

For anyone to suggest OJ faced the same indignities as any black man in Compton or LA is just absurd.

His money, fame and a lousy DA department bought OJ a second chance the average black man would kill for.

Maybe it was guilt or the makings of a really bad Edgar Allen Poe saga, that led OJ to break into the hotel room on that fateful evening. 

You would have thought he would have quietly rode off into the sunset. Hell, when MJ was found not guilty he had enough sense to leave the freakin' country.

Not OJ, he  dropped his pants and mooned the world. Now, he will probably spend the rest of his life in prison. You can't convince me that the other verdict didn't loom in their subconscious. I have zero sympathy for this man. He simply wasn't a nice person and was too arrogant to get out of his own way.

What a dumbass.............

Kisses for Pat

I have to admit I developed a soft spot for Pat Burrell. It developed the end of last season. He finally found his swing.

He lumbers in the outfield and moves down the first base line like a freight train versus the Acela like speed of Ryan Howard.  For a big boy Howard can move.

I was calling for his head for years but no one would take him because of his huge price tag. This year, when da boys bats were cold as ice, Burrell kept us in the mix.

For the first time in his career, he deserved to be an all star.

Yeah, he has been struggling but so has poster boy Utley.

Burrell stepped up and found his groove when we needed him the most, truly the sign of a gamer.

Lots of kisses to him and Manuel.

Re-Sign him next year for a reduced salary. He has earned the right to end his career in Philly.

Broken Ribs, Broken Economy

I spent part of my day getting my hair braided. When I emerged from the salon, I flipped on the radio as the market was descending by 785 points.  Accepting the fact, I will NEVER retire, I switched to the local sports station to find out Brian Westbrook had three broken ribs.

Thank God for the Phillies because the Eagles Offensive line, Akers' reliability and Reid's play calling are in the witness protection program.

Seize their Assets

It's lovely that Waxman and Company grilled the banking executives. But I would really love to see the seizure of their assets.

With their parting packages, the bankers and their heirs will live quite comfortably while others will land on the roles of the unemployment line.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Philly Hawaiian Punch

On a pleasant note, my Phillies are winning. Myers did an incredible job of working the count setting the table for Victorino. Sean crushed the ball

Hooray for Philly......

Palin investigation continues...

Before she was on the short list for McCain, Palin told the folks Alaska, that "she welcomed the investigation" into the firing of the slob who refused to fire her brother-in-law.

Mom always said "Be careful what you ask for, you just may get it."

She sounds like Shrub's declaration of "Bring in on."

Just what we need Shrub in heels.......

Closing California

What's another billion between friends?

Did you really expect to retire?

My advice is to find a gig you really, really love because you will be doing it until you die..

McCain's Bankruptcy Stance

With so many talking points being shoved in Palin's head in three days, so stuff she is going to get wrong....

Bankruptcy protection for second, third, and fourth homeowners.........screw the poor slob who only has one...

A view from the corner office; sending workers to the unemployment line

One of my senior associates, called off work today. He is taking a " I can't believe Fat Boy" still has job mental health day. This latest rounds of cuts seem to hit him particularly hard. He of course is grateful that he is still employed but wonders like everyone else, "Who's next?

Fat Boy is a gentleman, who came to our organization as a Chief Operation Officer of three divisions. In less than a year was demoted to President of One of those divisions. He subsequently was bumped down to a Mentor Producer sucking money out of my division.

If he was not draining revenue from my division, my numbers would be stellar. But no, our CEO has put his relationship with this life force above the survival of our unit. In order, for Fat Boy to stay employed, I had to lay of three women who were ACTUALLY working.

Fat Boy is in his early sixties, according to him, he is only working to create a legacy. So he has plenty of money and he is stealing income from the ladies who need the $35k per year to pay their bills.

He of course is a card carrying Republican and sees nothing wrong with stealing a check because he is trying to find himself.

Like our sitting President, FB has had fifteen jobs and was successful in none of them. But, he gets numerous chances to succeed because he is part of the old farts club.

My hope is the ladies who I had to let go find suitable work soon. As for FB, I hope his Viagra fails him...........

Paulson is open for business

Why is Paulson still employed?

This is your definition of a win

HMMM, Palin manages not to fall out of her shoes, throw up or disrobe on national TV and this is considered a win..............

Bailing out the Best and the Brightest?

The "best and the brightest" are heavily recruited to Wall Street. These people were supposed to be smarter than the rest of us. What happened to business and personal responsibility?

Why do I think these people who showed up to DC begging for us the taxpayers to save their greedy assess are the same people who look down mere mortals who hit hard times?

I would hazard to guess these people these are registered republicans who complain about tax and spend democrats.

Well we have spend and spend republicans who refuse to accept responsibility for the risks they took in our current economic nightmare.

So much for the best and brightess....

Sunday, September 28, 2008

South Philly Witness Protection Program for Palin

Since when did South Philly serve as the Witness Protection Program for Republican Vice Presidential Candidates?

h/t Booman

Bush the MBA President

I suppose W slept through most of his classes. He proudly boasted of his poor grades. Cs do get degrees.

It is amazing how much damage one administration can do to a democracy. He has walked to the beat of his own drum. When W didn't get in the way, Pappa sent in his SWAT to quietly clean up his mess.

Unfortunately, W was too stupid, stubborn or both to listen to his Dad or any adult for that matter. Pondering simply did not occur.

I assume crisis management is one of the required courses in any MBA program. To our horror,  W and company has created one crisis after another.

McCain's campaign is one crisis after another. The selection of Palin as his runny mate speaks to McCain's judgement.

His attitude about the economy and his erratic behavior this week scares me. If he can't manage himself and his campaign, how on earth is he going to manage our country?

Clinton was impeached for lying about a blow job. Life was so simple then........

No Thanks to McCain's Suspension Bridge to Nowhere

A friend of mine always calls to chat after significant political events. Late Friday, we conducted our own week in review wrap up.

Sadly, we concluded that McCain is actually worse than Bush after we watched McCain's non-campaign. 

For the good of our country, he should terminate his campaign and let the adults salvage what's left.

I trust McCain learned one lesson this week.............

Don't mess with David Letterman

KKK invades Debate Site

I'm glad Time published this article. What is not lost on me are two glaring points, the leader of this organization chose not to provide his name and there were students who asked for additional information. 

Like it or not racism and bigotry is deep in our country's DNA. The Obama campaign has brought out the best and the worst of who we are.....

With the Klan, you know where you stand. What frightens me are those who don't acknowledge their bigotry. Speaking about those people when you don't think someone you speak of is in the room is a problem that the Republicans do not have an exclusive.

Litigatormom welcome to the team

This is an example of how important the debates are with this election. Every vote counts.

Join me in welcoming litigatormom to the the Obama team!

McCain Humiliated at his own party

If true, this explains why McCain refused to even look at Obama........

I guess if I was unprepared for a meeting that I orchestrated, I would be humiliated too. 

h/t Josh Marshall

McCain, Horseshit, Debate

h/t Brendan Calling...

I missed it but Brendan didn't

Lance Rogers Hosts Rally for Joe Lieberman

I received an robo call from Commissioner Lance Rogers. He is hosting a Rally for Joe Lieberman today at 3:00 pm. 22 West Lancaster Avenue, Ardmore, PA

Lieberman should be shown a little Philly love.....

Bailing out the Bastards

I don't know about you but this just chaps my backside........

AIG: Bullishit Balance Sheet

"It is hard for us without being flippant, to even see a scenario within any kind of realm of reason that would see us losing one dollar in any of those transactions."

-Joseph J. Cassano, 
 former AIG insurance executive
August 2007

The day after Cassano uttered that sentenced, he should have fired and the books examined.

By creating this hybrid product these criminals were able to skirt the insurance regulators. The bottom line was this was an a re-insurance product.

What does that mean? Insurance companies rarely assume all of their risk. Depending on the nature of the risk, re-insurance companies buy the coverage at a certain level. For example, after claim reaches $500,000 a re-insurance carrier starts paying. This is all seamless transaction to the paying customer.

AIG as usual was playing by their own rules. Well, the rest of us have to play industry rules and regulations. What entity was created to make a ton of money without reporting their activities. This was done to intentionally. Isn't intent a criteria for pressing charges?

The feds are looking into what brought our economy to the brink of collapse. My hope is a whistle blower will emerge to assist with the investigation.

Cassano should be rooming with the boys from Enron and WorldCom.

But we should really need to look at our societal values. Clearly, we learned nothing from the dotcom mess. McMansions, multi-properties, easy credit brought us all to this point.

Our priorities are fucked up. Our human and physical infrastructures are woefully underfunded. I make a decent buck and pay a lot of taxes. Spending our tax dollars wisely should be an issue. 

When a bridge collapses, it does not discriminated by party affiliation. When our kids are not prepared to compete in this global economy who pays? Everybody. 

Outsourcing jobs has become the norm. What drives my company is Revenue by Employee. By outsourcing entry level jobs,  the immediate result is improved margins.

Let's look at the long term implications.  A person learned or business from the ground up. By performing these funky tasks one learned the business. Remember apprenticeships or internships? Well folks, these are gone. If you don't have an expertise, staff development simply does not occur.

In the dark ages of the '80s, insurance companies hired college graduates and put them through internal schools. This included, knowing what do with all of the silverware in a restaurant. It was an investment in you and their future. 

What is critical, you were given an opportunity. Hell, a clerk with a high school diploma who worked smart would be given an chase to work his or her way up.

My God what if anything have we learned from recent events?

Lidge: Sure Load the F@#$%ing bases

For the most part, the game was not eventful, until the last inning. Just for the theatrics of it all, Lidge our money closer, loaded the bases. Ugh.

I am watching in horror, running numerous outcomes in my head, none good. "Once again, these bastards are not going to wrap this puppy up until the last game. If they don't blow that game." Lidge should be called Ledge. Now, he gets nervous. Mix up the pitches and for God sake keep them low. You are not alone, just throw a double play pitch. You don't even have to strike 'em out. Holy hell."

It is amazing how many scenarios can run through your head in between pitches.

Then it happened, a clutch play by trashing talking J-Ro.

Unlike, Gonzalez, the author of this piece, and his buddy Wax, I was a sophomore in college, the last time the Phillies the series.

I know what that looks like and I want another....

Friday, September 26, 2008

Conservatism, Voodoo Economics and the Elephant in the room

h/t smirking chip

Long but worth it....

Ed Rollins: GOP Party First

The House Republicans are putting the party before our country..................hmmmmm

Keating, McCain, & Babs

Lady Boxer swings a big hammer.....

Only in Philly

The Fighting Phils control their destiny. All they have to do this weekend is just win.

That's what scares Philly fans. Myers the wife beater was terrible the other night on the mound. He seemed to implode right before our eyes. The cameras captured the horror on Charlie Manual's face after hit number 9 in the second inning. We watched batting practice.

Should we roll over the Nationals? Ah Yah....

But ask the boys at USC about playing a team that you should roll over.

Off to Costco, to buy some Tums.

Bailout the working class?

Good luck with that one........

Evangelist Tony Alamo arrested

Let's see another self-righteous preacher arrested for sex crimes against kids.

I wish this was something new.

Oregon State Topples USC

At the beginning of the college football season, fans of the game, naturally put a a check mark in the win column for USC for this game.

Well folks, somebody forgot to tell those kids at Oregon State. The showed up, played well and WON.

Good for them.

Attytood: McCain's Madman Theory

h/t Will Bunch

The McCain known Only to Brooks

Clearly Brooks knows a man, we have not seen. How McCain has run his life speaks to his character and judgement:

Savings and Loan Scandal
                                                Supporting Bush 90 percent of the time
Palin, Palin, Palin
                                                The economy is fundamentally strong

What have we missed?

Washington Mutual: Game Over

Who's next?

Bonuses, Bush, Bailout, McCain to the rescue?

Today, I finally got off the roller-coaster ride just to catch my breath. To say the last fifteen days working as a mid-level insurance executive has been a nightmare is an understatement.

AIG has been doing their own thang forever. For anyone working in our business to say they were surprised has been sleeping in a cave somewhere. The underlying insurance companies are fine. The AIG executives, like everyone, got neck deep in the mortgage bullshit gambled and lost.

What is so not funny about what is happening in DC is the lack of accountability and responsibility that the Einsteins who ran these companies into the ground.

Personal responsibility is the bedrock of the Reagan Republican platform. Remember how Reagan demonized the welfare queen?

Pull yourself up by your bootstraps. You spend beyond your means, its your problem. If you fail to keep a job, its your problem.

Now we have a bunch of greedy bastards on Wall Street who gambled with big dollars and lost. The fired or still employed executives are pulling down multi-million salaries and bonuses. How come they are not forgoing at least a portion of their salaries to save their companies?

The Bush-McCain team has brought us to this point in history. Deregulation means no one is watching the store. The end result is has brought us the biggest economic collapse in our history. 

Have we forgotten the two wars we a waging that are costing we the taxpayer billions of dollars while Bush and Cheney's buddies are making money off of no-bid contracts?

McCain, who has not voted on a bill since April, as the economic implosion was occurring a week ago, said our economy was fundamentally sound, flew to DC to do what? A White House photo op? This is straight out of the Karl Rove playbook.

Eight years ago, the fine citizens of our nation, used "somebody I could have a beer with" as a criteria to chose a President. Four years later, Kerry was Swiftboated. 

McCain's first decision as a candidate chose Sarah Palin as his running mate. My fellow citizens have been smitten Governor Palin.  The polls are a dead heat. My God.

The FBI is conducting an investigation. You and I know someone was screwing around with the books at a level worse than Enron and Worldcom to get their bonuses.

As for Paulson, he and his posse created this mess and we are to give him a blank check and say "that's fine Big Daddy we trust you, again."  His solution was a 2.5 page document. My annual business plan and accompanying budget is longer. Trust me my budget does not include that many zeroes.

Are you kidding me?

Is personal responsibility only for the working poor and middle class?

We don't need a Maverick who didn't bother to read Paulson's extensive bailout plan to run our country. He actually appears to be less inquisitive than Bush.  What are McCain's solution to this economic crisis.

As for Palin, sigh. Putin flying over the no fly zone of Alaska equates to to foreign experience?

My head hurts.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

McCain Team Tries to Shutdown Troopergate

If the Lady was properly vetted, the McCain team would have shut this down before or simply took a pass.

Following his gut, McCain just had to have her........

Lewinsky was an intern in charge of ordering Pizza. Our nation security was not in jeopardy. 

Gloria Steinam: Palin, wrong, wrong, wrong

I've never been a single issue voter, unless the issue is HUGE. McCain & Palin are wrong on everything.

Its great to see Steinam supporting Obama.

Palin to appear voluntarily: Yeah, Right

The Alaskan legislature will be issuing subpoenas. Palin is not on the list. Why? There is the expectation she will keep her word and voluntarily cooperate.

What's that sound? Not the sound of melting glaciers, but hell freezing over.

Stormy Weather

The plan for today was for me and my daughter to register voters. Due to the horrendous weather, performing our civic duty will happen on another day.

With Sports Radio in the background, it is a welcome present to find a couple of open hours in my schedule.

Who are you Sarah Palin?

Too funny not to share....

Sarah Palin & Rick Warren Read the Constitution

"Say nothing of my religion. It is known to God and myself alone. Its evidence before the world is to be sought in my life; if it has been honest and dutiful to society the religion which has been regulated it cannot be a bad one."

-Thomas Jefferson

Right Wing Christian Zealots

"The only time anyone's admitted they were a Christian before was when they were busy telling me why they're better than me."

                 -Randy K. Milholland

Too often, we forget why people fled England. Religious freedom was there priority. All long as you don't mess with kids and leave me be, I will defend you right to celebrate how you choose.

All I want is to be afforded the same courtesy. Palin even being near the White House makes me nervous.

Rescue Me: Paulson to bail out Fannie, Freddie

Homeowners who make uninformed decisions are told "oh well". Once again corporate entities who engage in uninformed decisions are bailed out by us the taxpayers.

It sort of takes you back to the Savings & Loan debacle.

Whom was involved in that mess?

Walter Reed Hospital, Walter Reed Middle School

Just like the economy, McCain has admitted to not knowing much about the Internet. However,
one would think somebody on the McCain staff would know how to use Google Maps.

On the other hand, this is a guy who doesn't know the Pakistani borders. Yeah, I want him running my country. 

How can you support the troops if you have clue where they are?

The McCain camp, the gift that keeps giving.

Letter from Alaskan Resident

Read the whole letter

A resident of Wasilla

McCain should hire a food tester.....

Ray Didinger: Da Best Sportswriter on the Planet

A friend of mine knows that I am a huge sports fan. The sports and entertainment practice of her law firm sponsored a NFL kick-off event at her firm Thursday. The featured speakers were Glen Macnow and Ray Didinger.  She had no earthly idea who they were but knew I would love it.

Not surprising, the event was packed with testosterone. Out of about 200 attendees, I could count the ladies on one hand.  Pat Cirroccihi, a local newscaster, my friend, the rest, associates who had to be there.

There was a buffet of local football fare: hoagies, cheesesteaks, soft pretzels, hot dogs, and beer. 

I have been a huge fan of Didinger forever. He is by far the best sportswriter on the planet. When he appears on the local radio and TV shows he serves as insightful sane one with a wicked sense of humor.

My mission was to show my appreciation for his work without having him call security. One of the attendees that I was chatting with introduced me to Glen MacNow.  How he is on the radio is how he is in person. Funny, warm and engaging.  Being a radio personality, I had no clue what to expect looks wise. Attractive, average height, balding, with deep dimples.

I told him I was a fan of his but a bigger fan of Didinger. He roared with laughter. He thought it was cool, that I was a fan of sports writers.  "How would you like to meet 'the man'?" he offered. Like a dork, I just flashed a big old smile. Again, he laughed and said "I'll take that as a yes."

Didinger was surrounded by attorneys holding court. Macnow interrupted the gathering. "Excuse gentlemen, but lady is a fan of Ray's and wants to meet him." 

As Didinger emerged, with a cross expression of surprise and amusement, Didinger extended his hand and said "Really?"

Trying to maintain some level of cool, I told him my mission tonight was to fawn over him shamelessly. With a hearty laugh, he said," by all means fawn away. It's rare for a lady to enjoy my work." The three us of talked Philly sports until they " did their thing." The two of them have a show on Saturdays where they shoot the shit about sports, which was how they conducted their talk.

It was awesome. My friend was thrilled I was thrilled. "It's funny, I just assumed they were football players", she said. I sighed and shook by head. We both laughed. "

My kid brother is fan of Macnow and Didinger. Because I couldn't help myself, I had to tell him of my encounter. He was appropriately happy for me and jealous.

Friday, September 05, 2008

The Wilson Sisters: Cease and Desist

I guess asking permission from the artists BEFORE using a song is simply too much trouble...

I'm glad the Wilson sisters spoke out.

More details on the investigation

The aid involved in this mess, has been suspended with pay. How convenient?

Thursday, September 04, 2008

I got your Community Organizers Right Here

h/t Brendan calling

Tom Raum: AP Writer

Mr. Raum has stars or something in his eyes or he was not one of the millions who ACTUALLY watched the Obama speech.

His audition to work for the McCain White House is painfully obvious.

If he was employed by Fox news, I would give him a free pass. But he is getting a check from the Associated Press which is supposed to be objective.


Community Organizer Job Description

Obama like most community organizers seized actual responsibilities that were ignored by business and government. I wonder if the people he helped thought that he didn't have any responsibility.

Newsflash: The Republicans still hate people who do not look like them. How freakin' patriotic.

Fired Trooper speaks out

Why do I think there will be a quiet wrongful termination payout?

"Political Bullshit about Narratives"; Peggy Noonan

Memo to Peggy Noonan and Mike Murphy

You just never know when a mic is on

Love and Kisses Rev. Jesse Jackson

Troopergate continues

h/t tpmuchraker

The trooper union has sued!

More to come...

RIP Russ challenges the MSM to do their jobs

h/t Rip Russ

The MSM carried water for the Bush administration during the lead up to this fiasco in Iraq. If they had did their jobs maybe my grandbaby and his children would not be stuck paying the bills for this mess.

The McCain team is coming out of the shoots pushing back the media. A strategy clearly taken from the Rove playbook.

My only hope is there are enough citizens who will not buy this nonsense again and vote with their pocketbooks.

I have and will continue to register new voters in SE Pennsylvania. More often than not, I am registering Democrats. There is a need to open a Democratic office in the Oxford, West Grove area. I grew up in that area and you had to register Republican but quietly vote Democrat.

The change is here and maybe the MSM will catch up to it.

Lady Palin, Self-Made Woman, please

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Biden Sighting

My guess is the Beauty Queen won't be caught dead on a commercial flight..........

h/t mithras

Palin proclaims "Take your husband to work day"

Ok, I just made up the proclamation. The more I read about McCain's pick the more alarmed I am becoming.

First of all, what executive of any sex has their spouse sitting in on work-related meetings? 
Is that really appropriate? Worse, I would think, it would undermine the executive's credibility, particularly a woman.

So what on earth was Governor Palin thinking? What expertise does he bring to the table?

When the citizens of Alaska wanted to see e-mails surrounding Troopergate, Palin claimed "executive privilege." Even though her husband was copied on the e-mails.

Boy doesn't this smack of Dick Cheney?

Yesterday it was funny. Today, not so much.

h/t Andrew Halcro

40 million

With the summer coming to a close,  40 million people chose to watch Obama's historic speech.

Wow. 40 million.

His message of hope supported with a solid business plan on how to fix the mess created by Bush and Congress even had the Republicans cheering.

Judgement was the cornerstone of Obama's speech. Obama's first major decision was Joe Biden

McCain's was Sarah Palin.


Well, there you have it.

Gross Political Misconduct

Only in America

I've  never heard of this song or Brooks & Dunn. But I bet there are folks who have and appreciate the ten gallon hat-tip.

People continue to underestimate the strategic brilliance of Team Obama.

Palin throws Bailey under the bus

I'm sure there is a wrongful termination case looming on the horizon.

Michael Jackson, Sad tragic figure

I grew up watching the Jackson 5, in particular Michael. Any TV appearance generated buzz with my friends. We did not have the luxury of You Tube, so you had to park yourself in front of the one color TV to see them.

I'm not sure at what point the wheels came off. His childhood was snatched from him by his father's thirst for success. We enjoyed and celebrated the family from the steel town of Gary, Indiana. But hanging out with small boys when you are not longer a small boy is simply socially unacceptable. Where were they parents?  I digress.

My two classes of psychology do not make me an expert but there is something mentally wrong with MJ.

We should be saluting his musical contribution to the world. My grandson wiggles his backside to MJ's music.

But I'm sure, instead of wishing him a happy 50th, I'm am not alone, wondering if his kids are safe.


McCain's VP captures what's wrong with Affirmative Action

Booman points out eight Republican women who are more qualified to be VP. These ladies probably have a clue what is happening in Iraq and an general idea of the VP job duties.

The challenge of affirmative action has been the old white guys who oversee the implementation of the concept. Instead of actually looking for a candidate who is qualified, they pick the first candidate they stumble across.

You see, looking for a qualified candidate would require effort on their part. Furthermore, the qualified candidate may actually succeed.

Picking someone who is just fits part of the profile, sets the candidate up for failure. Thereby giving the old coots ammunition to say " See, she couldn't handle it and it the concept doesn't work."

My head hurts.

The Honorable Stephanie Tubbs Jones

The Honorable Tubbs Jones was a huge HRC supporter. I didn't always agree with her but I respected her joyous spirit.  If she fought for her constituents like she did for HRC, there will be a huge set of heels to fill.

Her death has been overshadowed by the weeks historic events. Cleveland and America has lost a warrior.

Rest in peace, my sister.

Gillick is not worried about Phillies Bullpen

The Phillies offense has finally heated up and the bullpen can't seem to seal the deal.

Gillick may not be concerned about the bullpen but the rest of PHILADELPHIA is.....


"Moose Mama" Palin laughs at Senator Green being called bitch

It's bad enough the radio host cals Senator Lyda Green a Bitch with zero push back from VP candidate Palin, she welcomes him with open arms.

Media driven misogyny and Moose Mama thinks its funny. She could be the first woman President.

The hits keep coming and it's only Saturday.

Ok Pumas, how does McCain look now?

HR, Please send Palin a job description

h/t yourguide

Cafferty at his best: The Palin Chronicles

I suppose the Eskimos will be storming the CNN headquarters after this one.

"I didn't want to interrupt your moment"

At the announcement of the McCain pick, my cell phone lit up like a Christmas tree. One friend, an former Republican and early Obama supporter could not contain himself. Being a former Republican there have been and continue to find ourselves on opposite sides of many issues.

We both embrace our heritage, he is Jewish, but do not use it as a weapon, kindred spirits.

It is not unusual for him to call after a political "moment." I told him, I was surprised not hear from him after the Obama acceptance speech. 

"I just knew this would be tearful important experience for you, and I wanted to give you your time." 

Both of us got choked up and weirded out, so we just laughed at ourselves and talked about lighter stuff.

We are living in historic times and I am blessed to have friends and family to share it with.

Gail Collins: Palin, McCain's Baked Alaska

As suspected, Collins has a wonder analysis of how the Republicans simply offend the average voters sensibilities.

Anything is possible in American politics. If the planets line up and this dynamic duo gets elected. If McCain has an unplanned demise. Just because Mama McCain is still kicking doesn't mean her son will be blessed with longevity. Palin becomes the first female POTUS would be sadly amusing.

Adding to the theater, if this woman is running a household of five kids and a baby, she in no shrinking violet. How unfortunate for women's rights to be turned back at the hands of a woman.

HRC' s hair must be on fire. 

Friday, August 29, 2008

Hillary stop your whining: Sarah Palin

OMG the gift that keeps giving. Yep, that should attract the angry first wives club....

What David Brooks is really saying

h/t brendan calling

Too funny..................

Troopergate: Palin

Isn't there a vetting process for VPs?

I would think being the subject of an investigation for a wrongful termination involving a family meeting would be a problem.

God he is stupid.

Somebody take McCain's car keys he is a danger to himself.

Sarah Smile: McCain's Hail Mary

55% of the married women voted for Bush the Failure. I will hazard to guess, he gave them a sense of security.

I would further venture, they are part of the 82% of the population that has opined Bush the Failure's administration was a disaster, worst in history, I really could go one.

Here is a woman who would when McCain implodes or dies with select a very conservative Supreme Court. I could be wrong, but I doubt.

I would no more vote for her than I would vote for a Clarence Thomas type....

If they think women will fall in line because she is a woman, once again the old white guys have insulted the intelligence of voting public.

More evidence of McCain's lack of judgement.

Game on.

Pat Buchanan: Obama's New Man Crush

Wow, even Buchanan gushed....

"I didn't want to witness history alone"

Last night I joined my fellow citizens in the ballroom of a local caterer to watch history unfold. The event was being shown on a movie screen streaming live from the laptop.

Like most communities, there were two entrenched camps. The usual activitists, early Obama and HRC supporters were present. There was at least 100 people in attendance on a cool summer night. I was pleasantly surprised.

One older white lady with tears in her eyes utttered to no one in particular, "I didn't want to witness history alone."

I stood along the wall and just absorbed the crowd and waited patiently for the main event to begin. The excitement and the moment were pallitable.

I am not one for public tears unless there is a dead body involved. Being raised in a male dominated culture it was simply not cool. However, as the light dimmed and they panned the volume of people in Mile High Stadium I was generally moved to tears. I was surprised at my reaction.

I was raised to believe that with hard work anything was possible. BUT, being the President of the United States of America was not in the relm of possibilities. He is one election victory away from being the leader of the free world. My daughter, nieces or nephews can aspire to be President.

Barak Obama ran an successful primary and he won the most votes. Iowa shocked the world, shocked me and probably shocked Obama by handing him a victory. I really did not think white America would vote for a black man. How glad I am to have been so wrong. The Founding Fathers wrote an awesome business plan on how to govern a country but a few valuable resources were left behind.

My generation has stood on the shoulders of our predecessors who bled for our rights that we take for granted. Their sacrifices made this moment in history possible.

On numerous occasions my neighbors were on their feet cheering throughout the speech. I suppose none of us wanted to witness history alone.

What a country!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Welcome Home Surprise

When our schedules permit, a dear friend and I generally get together for food.

Being sympathetic to my hell week, he got my pulse for our evening plans. Our community is a ghost town in the summer, especially in August.

Getting a table at one of our favorite restaurants was a snap. 

Our city based in-line skater pals were willing to come ALL the way out to the suburbs to join us for dinner, was I up for it?

Getting a nap was critical to functioning.

I confess when we head into the city, I make him drive. Mileage wise it is only about 20 miles, but just a pain in the ass. You never know what you will encounter. Travel to the suburbs is on a summer Friday night is generally a little  more user-friendly.

The meal and the company was a wonderful welcome home.

Mark Bowden: Words Matter

To be dismissive of a man or woman's ability to give a good speech is just silly. Many of Obama's greatest speeches, he composed. Like that other man from Illinois.

Bowden presents a good argument that Obama is more than an empty suit. He did graduate from Harvard which required him completing the course studies.

This seems to be forgotten. 

Those who say they don't know anything about Obama at this point in the process is not paying attention.

USA Men's Basketball, Golden Behavior

The last time my sleep was interrupted was during the primaries.  The Olympics disrupted my sleep this summer.

Watching the basketball team fight for their Gold medal was worth it. The LeBron James led team was a welcome change from previous teams.

This team committed to the Olympics three years ago. They embraced the responsibility and honor associated with their selection.

They supported the other USA team members. They got it. Being on the Olympic team was privilege not a right or worse an inconvenience to their spoiled lifestyles.

To ignore China's government sponsored athletic mills which smacks of child abuse would be irresponsible. They are a political and economic powerhouse. 

I digress.

The Redeem team put their citizenship first. They played well without showing  up their opponents.

The payoff was a well-deserved Gold Medal.

Well Done Gentlemen.

Frank Rich: Obama Biden, Change we need

The choice of Joe Biden as VP will allay the fear of the Frank Rich types. Obama does not have the luxury of coming off as "angry black man." Sorry folks. Too many white folks get nervous around colored folks who have the audacity of anger.

The Obama camp has show the ability to dispatch surrogates to fight back. Biden is perfect for this role.

As the summer draws to a close,  the final leg of this forever Presidential campaign has begun. We need a leader who is curious enough to embrace technology.

Why do I think McCain has never even turned on a computer, let alone a blackberry?

Young people really need to turn out in record numbers. While you may love your Grandpa desperately, do you want him managing your life let alone the country.

Like no other time, the future of our democracy is at stake.

Dowd: A Noun, A Verb and Vietnam

What happened to McCain during his captivity was awful. No one will challenge that particular sacrifice. 

Dowd's essay accurately outlines how the McCain's camp may be over playing the POW card.

While it is generous that Dowd's Mom gives McCain a free pass for cheating on wife number one after his captivity. I wonder how McCain behaved before he was imprisoned.

By McCain's own admission, he did whatever he wanted to do.

The MSM media seems to forget how the Bush campaign inferred how this very captivity may have affected McCain's judgement.

Guiliani campaigned on the 9-11 tragedy and we know how well that worked.

Continuing to play the POW card may not serve the senior McCain well.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

AP the New Faux News?

h/t MyDD

Contact Kathleen Carroll (Fournier's boss) @ or (212) 621-1500. We don't need another news source being a microphone for the McCain campaign.

Be polite.....

Rush Limbaugh modern day Benedict Arnold

My only issue with Trakker's essay is that he insulted Benedict Arnold......

The Heartache in the Heartland

With the growth of my employer, my duties have taken me to places in my country that I never expected to visit.

This week, I affectionately referred to as hell week. Six states in four days.

My second stop took me to St. Louis. The purpose was a site visit with one of my more challenging clients. 

Rather than fly, which was option available to her, she drove for four hours for our meeting. By her own admission, she has control issues. Being a recovering control freak, I am a little sympathetic to her plight. Believe me, life cures you of that crap.

After taking care of the core purpose of our visit we had dinner at a local Bar-B-Q joint. 

I'm not sure why, but she shared her story with me. She was born in a tiny City in Kansas which now has a population 0f 4690. I did not leave out any zeroes.

At age six she moved into a Children's Home in St. Louis. Why? Due to her father's alcohol driven abuse, her mother left her and her brother. Her father did unspeakable things to them. She spoke out and she was banished to the Children's Home and her family shunned her.

Sadly, this was and is typical behavior in the City that she grew up in. Her brother is in jail for the same reason. Failure to condemn this behavior, you are truly doomed to repeat it.

Another common practice is for men in their 50s to marry teenagers. Parents routinely, sign off and celebrate the nuptials. We are talking 14 and 15  year olds folks.

She was the first in her family to finish high school. Graduating with an Associates degree further separated her from her community. She did not encounter her first black person until she went to college. She assured me, the only black people these folks see are on TV. Voting for a woman was worse than voting for a black man.

There are no jobs, welfare and drug distribution are the norm. The goals of the menfolk are to obtain:

                                                                 * pickup truck
                                                                 * coon dog
                                                                 * rifle
                                                                 * woman

in that order.

She knows when it is payday. Why? The men pull up in their pickups and the women sign their checks over to them.  Her refusal to play by these rules have left her without a man.

Through her religion, she is not longer blaming herself for her parents behavior. She is working on the whole forgiveness thing. Ugh.

Self-esteem? Her therapist and music have helped her on her journey.

She currently works as a Risk Manager for an organization with 90 sites. She lives in a home nestled on 18 acres filled with peaches, cherries and blackberries. When she retires, she plans on becoming a missionary. She wants to do good before she leaves this planet.

If her story is the norm, why doesn't the media cover these stories? Armed with no education or social skills, how the hell can these people compete in a global economy? How is this any different than the urban crisis? Drugs, alcohol, violence are all mental health issues.

This my Country for Heaven's sake. We need to invest in our citizens.

I am appalled and saddened.

At the risk of repeating myself, we are in the middle of a class war. Those being exploited are blinded by their prejudices to join forces with their urban citizens against the true culprits. Let's start with Shrub and finish with McCain.

My client's pain sits on the surface. I truly hope she finds peace.


Senator Joe Biden: The Smart Old White Guy

I fell asleep with my TV on last night. I wasn't sure whether I was dreaming or wishful thinking when I awoke to the news of Obama's VP choice.

I was thrilled.

Senator Joe Biden is truly one of the good guys who made it. At times, I have wanted to choke him. But his words are evidence of his generation.

Has he blundered? Ah who among us hasn't? 


Armed with new information concerning the lack of WMDs, he wisely acknowledged his mistake and came out against the war.  He has been offering sound resolution to end this fiasco for years. 

He is a working class Joe, who managed to raise his boys while performing his job. He doesn't have to throw back shots to celebrate to be one of the boys.

He can offer a difference of opinion without being acrimonious. Will he punch back? Absolutely. Will he reach out to across the aisle to get something done? You betcha.

Like or not, there is an element of our population, struggle with a black man in a position of authority. Adding a woman to the ticket would simply too much for these citizens.

Obama needed the smart old white guy. Biden is a wise strategic choice. Unlike, the criminals in currently, holding high office, Biden will not set up a separate branch of government. 

He was dead on in his speech today. We don't need a heroic soldier, we need a leader.

As for the angry first wives club in our country, who somehow refuse to acknowledge Hillary's poorly run campaign.They really need to get over themselves. Hillary blew it and her sex had NOTHING to do with it. 

I want the soul of my country back. The election of this team is a critical first step.

Mendt: is there a Jackass Penal Code

Larry Mendte shamed award winning local newsman plead guilty in federal court for hacking into his co worker's e-mail. This guilty plea was followed by a press conference. Being a public figure I suppose it was appropriate for the theater.

What wasn't appropriate was his need to essentially blame the victim. Late night dinners are inappropriate? It is a common practice for me to travel with my happily married male coworkers all over this country. Grabbing dinner after traveling to, preparing for and spending time with our clients is a common practice. (For the record ladies, their hot). However, to imply a sexual relationship would derail our successful working relationships. As the VP of my division, it would undermine my credibility.

Our relationships are more like siblings. Yours truly,  being the older sister.

Working with members of the opposite sex for our generation is so common it is not a big deal.

For Mendte to travel down the  "it fell apart after I dumped her" part negated his apologies to everyone, particularly Ms. Lane.

Didn't he notice that judge was a WOMAN? Or was she smitten by him too?

Her attorney's response was swift. The video tape of that performance will be used in the civil proceedings for the victim and the divorce from wife number two.

The counseling is not working, because the only place Mendte is going to work is in this city is the theater in a one-man Greek tragedy of his life.

This was a front page story but it should ran in the obituary section because his newscaster career  is dead.

Maybe he can be a news reader on Fox Kansas.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Freud, Leiberman; Prick

No comment

Integrating Sports and Presidential Candidates

Sadly, those who are hurting the worst by the policies of the Bush administration and will suffer under the weight of the McCain's ever changing policies will either sit at home or cast a vote for McCain. Many live in regions where the economy is a disaster. So exactly what tax increases do they fear? Please.

Family values. Wife number two who doesn't even acknowledge her half-sister. Spare me.

Why? For the same reasons, minorities have been held down for years the color of their skin. 

At least in the Carolinas, central PA, the heartland of America do not couch it in nuances, their bigotry is heartfelt and sincere. For others it is no doubt deeper then they even know...Oh the Clintons come to mind.

I love my country but is far from perfect and our racist past, present and now is staring us in the face. Good. Acknowledging the issue is the first step of healing.

Our country is a mess. The world around us is very unsettled, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan and Georgia. The same old, same old is not good enough. 

David Baldwin's piece is wonderful as usual.....
BTW I love the sports analogy

Bush, DNA, loser

I wonder if there is a test for habitual losers.....


Oh Holy Night: McCain's epiphany

h/t Andrew Sullivan

Woodward's new book

Does is really take 496 pages to spell out the failures of this administration?

On the other hand, it probably isn't enough....

Swan Day Spa Review

I guess "G" didn't pay extra......

Fighter Fighters let abandon homes burn

Maybe I've been in the insurance business too long, BUT!

The St.Louis Airport was supposed to tear down these abandon homes, by everyone's admission it has been a slow process. Now an arsonist burns down the remaining homes.

The fire chief against everything he is trained to do, orders his team to let them burn??????

Smells funny to me.....

Teens Steal Cattle: Only in Vienna

You will never see this headline in the Philly papers........

Elizabeth Edwards final indignity

John Edwards cheating on a terminally ill wife is just shitty. Period.

I was glad to see that she spared herself the traditional stand by my man walk of shame. 

Unfortunately, for her she is on the cover of People Magazine. Groan. Is this a display of compassion?

However, she has chosen to forgive her the man that she exchanged vows with twice. To that end, it's their marriage. Since she has opted to not only forgive him and remain in the marriage, that should be the end of it.

Because of the media firestorm, she has removed herself from the public eye. 

Mrs. Edwards has her own political voice which has been silenced by her husband and the media.

May you find peace Elizabeth........

Kids, Prisons, Bad for us

Kids do stupid stuff, loiter, cut school, get into fights in school. In most instances, a call to a parent, an in-school suspension, COUNSELING are usually workable solutions.

Too often in urban settings, kids are shuffled off to the criminal justice system FIRST. Worse, the schools they enter on a daily basis are filled with armed guards.

How about putting that money into cleaning up the schools, providing books and guidance counselors? These kids are conditioned to being in prison. Is this anyway to learn?

Most suburbanites take these things for granted, it is a luxury in urban and RURAL schools.

Where is the money flowing in these communities? The criminal justice system.

Mental illness has a terrible stigma attached to it. If someone  is depressed or has experience some type of abuse, they are told to get over it. The collateral damage is horrendous and it spills over to multiple generations...It surfaces in acting out. Where? School.

Are the parents covering up their pain with drugs, alcohol or sexual addictions?  The kids become codependent and deal with their pain through their own drama. A vicious cycle.

Who hasn't lost a friend to suicide? Or witness a friend or family member's inability to keep a job because of untreated ADHD? They can't get treatment because they have no access to care.

Let's start with accepting mental illness as a societal problem because it is....

Vacation from the crap

Since I was walking around with a constant fire in my belly, taking a break from politics was critical to my mental and physical well being.

The weather has been fabulous in the Philly metro region. This year I spent quite a bit of time at the pool. It is amazing how kids try to kill each other with their parents watching. The life guards are not paid enough.

I hung out with my nephews, Eagles training camp and the Philadelphia Art Museum. New friends by extension, a friend's posse of in-line skaters. Let's be clear, I meet them for food, two wheels is enough for me. 

When I am in town, I generally ride at least 15 miles per day before I venture into work.

Of course my baseball team, we were knocked out in the semi-finals in a rather ugly loss to our nemesis, groan. The tournament in Florida should serve as a forum for redemption.

Love the Olympics. Michael Phelps.....8 gold medals, hooray for him, hooray for us.

I really didn't mind Bush hanging out in China. When he was over there, he was leaving my country alone.

I am pecking away, in my tiny room in St. Louis waiting on a client, the official end my summer.
Drury Inns seem to be popular in this neck of the woods. It's clean, not good for the claustrophobic.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Quick Action to Save Irresponsible Corporations

h/t Brendan Calling

Last week, I spent two days of my that I will never get back, in Leadership Meetings. Because of my position, I was selected seven months ago to participate. It is at these sessions, the brain trust of our company rolls out corporate drivel for us to feed to our staff, washed down with appropriate amount of Kool-aid. 

The latest drivel was the pending payroll changes. It was initially rolled out a on a mandatory conference call a week before our Leadership Session. Unlike many employers, when your employment starts, a week of pay is not held.  We get paid on the 15th & 30th. The new system
would be bi-weekly.

The perky Stepford Human Resource representatives informed us this change would occur Sept 1 of this year. Why is this happening? Some bullshit about state regulations prohibiting our current pay structure. 

The questions were fast and furious:

Why now? 
What percentage of the population are affected by these "state regs"? 
What planet are you living on? 
Who can afford having a week's pay held?

The response: Crickets

You could tell they were generally surprised by the push back. A peasant uprising. What wasn't stated was a reminder, that there was a budgetary short fall of $6 million dollars that was disclosed at our January meeting. You connect the dots.

Fast forward to last week's meeting. The unintended primary agenda item was the payroll change.

Participates who rarely speak up led the discussion. Finally, our Senior Vice President turned to me and said, "You've been quiet, your thoughts?"  Struggling to keep the profanity out of my response.

"The decision makers are millionaires, this is an inconvenience for them, for my people, this presents a hardship. This smacks of class warfare. It has been a week and I can't put a positive spin on this one. While I'm not even close to being a millionaire. But, I am blessed to make enough to be inconvenienced."

Our SVP is number four on the org chart. After trying unsuccessfully to tell us how honorable our CEO and President are, to angry glares, she took a break.

After the break, she informed us, she scheduled a conference call that afternoon with these wonderful men to address our concerns.

The next morning, we learned, that the payroll change has been put on hold "for now".

Just like Congress stepped up to help irresponsible corporations on the backs of the taxpayers, my execs were trying to clean up their budgetary shortfall on the backs of their employees.

Frank Rich: McCain is the Cranky Mr. Wilson

Oh how I remember, the cute Dennis the Menace, would flash a smile and drive Mr. Wilson insane. Frank Rich has drawn a perfect comparison.

Regardless of what Dennis did to his grumpy neighbor, by the end of the episode you still loved the cute Dennis and hated the mean spirited Mr. Wilson.

Of Course, Hillary is a perfect Margaret.

Credit Card Companies worse than Insurance Companies

My ex-husband established his career in the collections/recovery world. Before he started his consulting business, he was an executive at Citigroup. 

Needless to say, he learned the inner workings of credit issuing companies. They love simply make up their own rules, which are buried in the unread fine print. The can change due dates, interest rates, fees whenever they want to without notification. This my friends, are where they make their money. 

They hate the folks who pay their bills on time, this why they gerry-rigged the system.

Talk about a fourth arm of government.

We live and die by our credit scores. "What's your sign?" has been replaced by 'What's your score?" 
Money management/values should be discussed in any serious relationship. People are more willing to reveal their sexual escapades before disclosing their attitude toward money.

The next scam of the week are the free credit reports, if you sign up with a company that monitors your scores for $30 per month. Most people don't know, that each reporting agency will give you a copy of your report for free once a year.

You can survive and even thrive without a credit card.  Yes, you can rent a car.

Contact the Federal Reserve by August 4th.
consumer information
Proposed Rules for Credit Cards and Overdraft Services

The Non-Impeachment Hearings

One off my closest friends sent me this article.  He was annoyed AGAIN the MSM has failed to cover this issue. This administration, congress and the MSM have exhausted those who are paying attention.

Is it over yet?

Friday, July 25, 2008

Mendte Man Obsessed

I was travelling to my own personal corporate hell on Tuesday when I caught a glimpse of this story. After two days of mind numbing meetings, I was able to dive into this story.

Larry Mendte is simply crazy. The target of his drama was his very attractive publicity seeking co-anchor. Ms. Lane had her own very public meltdown and is not working in her chosen field. I witness the backstabbing insanity the comes from the corporate climb but Mendte takes it to a new level of whacked.

I'm sure Mendte will or at least should seek mental help. So what, if his more popular co-worker was making more money. When your salary begins with a 7 and is six figures, get over yourself.

Snooping in this woman's e-mail is unbelievable. His wife probably thought he was in a chat room.

The arrogant egomaniac will lose everything. When you think you are the smartest person in the room, you most likely are dumbest.

Mainline Brothel: Who knew?

I've driven by the Swan Day Spa a thousand times. Berwyn is so tiny, you are through this town before you know it. Two maybe three lights.

It is terrible how these women were treated. Since it is the Mainline, Dateline will just love this story.

I'm sure there will be collateral damage when they release the names of those who paid for the Spa services.

My suggestion, confess now and beg for forgiveness before your name shows up in the Mainline Times.

Stay tuned...

Novak Hit and Run Victim Speaks

h/t Fatekisminy


The interview would be funny if he wasn't hurt.

A dislocated shoulder is not a minor injury to me.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Robert Novak: Hit and Run

Ok you hit a person, who rolls up on your hood and you drive away....

Where I come from that is a hit-and-run.

I trust Liljenquist will sue the insensitive bastard.....

Angry One plus Kissinger equals Endless War

"A foiled and frustrated McCain — trying to get covered when the entire media world has gone fishin’ for Obama stories — took the Hillary tack of mocking the press for having a “love affair,” as his campaign said, with the senator. McCain is hopping mad that the surge that he backed, and Obama resisted, has now set the stage for the Bush puppet Maliki to agree with Obama’s exit strategy. But Obama has a better batting average with his judgment on how we shouldn’t have gotten into Iraq, we should have gone after Osama and we should talk to Iran and other foes, if only to better assess their psychology. Then we might have deduced that Saddam had the “Beware of Dog” sign up without the dog.
It doesn’t work for McCain — and his foreign policy guru Henry Kissinger — to keep insisting that timetables will lead to defeat.

The Angry One can try to paint The One as having bad judgment. But who is being advised by Kissinger, the man who helped keep us in Vietnam and get us into Iraq?"

-Maureen Dowd

Monday, July 21, 2008

A Bellefonte Welcome: Go Home Nigger!

It has been years since I have been called a Nigger. Ringing in my ears, that world still stuns me.
No, I nor member of my family or circle of friends use it behind closed doors.

Last weekend, I visited my younger brother and his family in BelleFonte, PA. It is about ten miles west of civilation, or Penn State's Main Campus. The only employers are the prison, school and retail outlets.

Thrift stores are in every other block. It takes 10 minutes to travel through this town which I wish my brother would have done.

Why did he move to a place where he and his kids quadrupled the black population? A woman.

When did I get my welcome? As Me and my brother's first wife was unloading my RAV4.

A pick up truck rolled by us with a guy hanging out the window.

We looked at each other. "Did you here that?" she asked. Before I could respond, she shouted a response at our greeters.......


"Woman, have you lost your mind?" I replied. "But you probably pay more in taxes then they make in a year," she said with a devilish smile.

"We are woefully outnumbered up here, just ignore them".........

When my nephew graduates high school in June, my prayer is my brother and his family leaves that dreadful place.

This is the section of our country that I doubt will vote for Obama. This is the crap black folk have to still put up with NOW.

So if you are black, avoid Victorian Bellefonte, you are not welcome.

Meritocracy; Black Like Me

The only differenc in our stories was the location....

Change has come

The old rail line in my neck of the woods has been converted to a bike path. Two months ago, the users were cyclists, walkers, joggers; and skaters, primarily for excercise.

Now it is being used for transportation. More of the users are clearly dressed for work.

Others are carrying shopping bags.

People are driving slower on the major arteries.

Corporately, my office has less buzz. 20% of my crew is working from home at least three days per week.

Others opted for a four day work week and I pick one employee up at the train, on my way to and from work.

I warned the staff they would have to work together as a team to pick up each other's slack on some matters.

The great news, we are more efficient and client service has not skipped a beat.

Unfortunately, we as society do NOTHING unless it is forced upon us. The "Me" generation needed everything now.

Buying a house was an investment, not a home. Maybe, we got our wake-up call and will make better choices and will leave resources for our grandbabies.

Mama Mia!

Good now you are humming that f@#$ing tune.......

Fed Up; Terry Shaffer went to the Feds

"When I decided to come forward, I understood the consequences but I told my [college-aged] son, 'sometimes what is right disagrees with what is best for you,' " Shaffer said.
LaGrotta lost his re-election bid in 2006, due mostly to the infamous 2005 pay grab, after 18 years in the Legislature.

Shaffer left LaGrotta's office near the end of 2006 and by deciding to testify essentially killed any chance of getting another political job.
He's since gotten foreclosure papers on his Beaver County house because he couldn't keep up mortgage payments.

He admits it was easier to talk once outside the system and says a reason more people don't come forward is that insiders "keep this stuff quiet by paying good salaries and benefits" to those who know that speaking out invites joblessness.

(Ironically, the day he was called to testify he got e-mail from LaGrotta's office saying a job interview was arranged for him in U.S. Sen. Bob Casey's Pittsburgh office. He contacted Casey's office, told them LaGrotta was under investigation, and never heard back.)

But Shaffer has "absolutely no regrets" about coming forward and sees the unfolding investigation as "a unique opportunity" for reform.
"If people don't step up now and work for change, they don't deserve good government," Shaffer said. "


Baron Pikes Tasered to Death

"I suspect Officer Nugent would have acted differently toward a white man under his control, but we'll never know, especially since Officer Nugent isn't talking to the press, and depending on what the Grand Jury decides, may never be called to account for his actions in tasering Mr. Pikes 9 fucking times in 14 goddamn minutes while Pikes groveled at his feet begging for mercy.
Jesus wept, it says in the Bible. I don't know if Jesus wept again after Baron Pikes died, but I'll bet his family did. I'll bet they cried for days on end. On the other hand, I'll bet that Officer Nugent did not cry after he killed Mr. Pikes by tasering him 9 fucking times in 14 goddamn minutes. Not part of his job description, after all. "

-Steven D (Booman Tribune)

How as a parent do you prepare your child from this type of treatment from someone who is supposed to uphold the law?

This is the messy racism facing colored folk daily....

Nevada GOP Convention Cancelled

I guess boredom or lack of interest has come upon the Republicans in Nevada....

One voice matters

The Dems are putting together a platform with in put from CITIZENS.

Check it out.....

h/t Doc Jess

Sophia Nelson: Black and Invisible

Ms. Nelson's essay sums up the blight of most my sisters.

We sit back with amusement when white suburban women struggle with their choices of whether to pursue a career or stay at home with their children.

All of the women in my life worked out side of the home or hustled a laundry or baking gig to generate extra money.

We are rarely invited to play golf with the boys. How many deals get cut on the course? When I am finally invited, I am their worst nightmare. "My God does she suck?" or worse "What if she out drives me?"

I recently had to explain to my CEO whom I am a direct report, that a sales rep wasn't my proxy. Furthermore, if he had any question to ask me directly. I have been managing this 10 million dollar division for 5 years....

I could go on....

Thank you Ms. Nelson

Friday, July 18, 2008

More Charges Bears Sterns Case? Good

What these people of done to their fellow citizens for no other reason than greed is criminal.

I hope Patrick Sinclair proceeds with all deliberate speed....

Finally: Investigation of Ohio Election

"At a press conference this morning in Columbus, Ohio, Cliff Arnebeck, lead attorney for the plaintiffs in the case of King Lincoln Bronzeville v. Blackwell, announced that he is filing a motion to "lift the stay in the case [and] proceed with targeted discovery in order to help protect the integrity of the 2008 election."

"We anticipate Mr. Rove will be identified as having engaged in a corrupt, ongoing pattern of corrupt activities specifically affecting the situation here in Ohio."
Arnebeck will also "be providing copies of document hold notices to the U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal Reform and the U.S. Justice Department for Karl Rove emails from the White House."

This case has the potential to put some of the most powerful people in the country in jail, according to Arnebeck, as he was joined by a well-respected, life-long Republican computer security expert who charged that the red flags seen during Ohio's 2004 Presidential Election would have been cause for "a fraud investigation in a bank, but it doesn't when it comes to our vote."
"This entire system is being programmed in secret by programmers who have no oversight by anybody," the expert charged, as Arnebeck detailed allegations of complicity by a number of powerful GOP operatives and companies who had unique access both to the election results as reported in 2004, as well as to U.S. House and Senate computer networks even today."


Just the thought of Rove being snared just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside........