Sunday, October 19, 2008

You people did it again!

The biggest robbery has taken place and these bastards continue to blame brown people for the economic Wall Street blunders.


h/t afro-netzien

Palin, Kato Kalin, Surreal Life

Sarah you had your fifteen minutes of fame. Like the folks who found themselves over their heads hosting TV shows, I'm sure Fox will offer you a show.

After a brief stint, your show will be cancelled and you will become a the answer to a Trivia question.

Do yourself, your family and more importantly your country, just go home. The McCain Pageant is over.

h/t Thomas Edsall.

Phillies, Lions, Tigers and Bears...Oh MY

After the Phillies clinched a berth to the World Series, my daughter and her buddies tried to buy, without success, T-Shirts on line. They sold out immediately.

My daughter who is always thinking and plotting, realized a Modell's was minutes from my office. My cell phone exploded early Thursday morning with a order for shirts. "I promise to get your money back, world's best Mom."

I hate to shop, especially in the mall.

Caught in a weak moment, I planned my mall mission. I'd take a late lunch, swoop in and out of the mall 15-20 minutes max. My associate amused at my plight, concurred with my strategy.

1:30pm I began my journey. Arriving at the mall five minutes later, the light parking lot gave me hope.

My bounty: 2 mediums, 1 2XL and 1 for the little guy.

The only store with customers was.........Modells. It was pandemonium. The clerks were trying to restore some order to the shirts on the tables, and process the Phanatics as quickly as practical.

Most of my fellow customers were on their cell phones confirming orders.

Those standing in line were sharing tales of where they watched the game.

Mission Accomplished, I returned to my office, one hour and twenty minutes later. My associate looked at the clock and smirked "20 minutes max, huh." "Whatever" as a turned into my office.

I called my daughter to let her know how I swan through piranhas, fought the locust and survived the hail storm but I secured her shirts.

There was a brief silence before she said "Did you kill Lions, Tigers and Bears?" cracking up at the retort.

Oh my....

Go Phillies!

W success

W was and is a failure.  He managed to trump Nixon and Hoover in the race for the worst President. 

However, he has succeeded in doing what no Democrat or Democrat apparatus has been able to do...........destroy the conservative brand of the Republican Party.

The "silent majority" originating with Nixon, further developed by Reagan are moving away from the Republicans.

Anyone not sleeping in a cave knows the litany of reasons why. As the pundits argue the last election, the "sleeping majority" is casting a shadow over the room.

They have not been polled because they are too busy working just to pay their bills. They did not buy homes they could not afford, their friends and family are diverse. They love their country, the God of their choice, lover of their choosing and the children they chose to raise.

They are worried about the air we breathe, the human and physical infrastructure, the safety of our food and toys.

They don't give a damn about whether how our President worships or even if he or she worships. They want and need a leader.

Team W ignored the "sleeping majority".  For those who weren't spurred into action by the environment, Katrina and a senseless bank breaking war, the Wall street debacle woke them from their fitful slumber.

Well done W, you managed to call to action our citizenry and destroy a machine built on the amass of power for power sake.

Powell endorsement another safe move?

Yesterday, I attended a baby shower for my cousin. Like weddings and funerals, these events bring together family and friends who, because of life, rarely gather. Our family is a mix of everything, black, white and hispanic. Occupations range from bartender, attorney, entrepreneurs and even insurance executives.

 In the middle of those God-awful silly baby shower games, (Why ladies? Why?) Powell's scheduled appearance surfaced in the conversation.

An older militant cousin was thrilled in anticipation of his endorsement of Obama. "Isn't that great?," she enthused.

"Big deal, he is trying desperately to repair his image. Powell is an American hero. His luster lost it's shine after he used his credibility when he presented closing arguments for this war, " I countered.

Swiftly, " he only presented what he was told, and he even resigned."

"Powell was the only one in the administration the public  thought put the country first. He privately challenged the intel he presented to the world." His so called resignation would had more of an effect if the timing were before his famous sales job, " I replied.

Gee, wouldn't been nice if Powell would have endorsed Obama when it really mattered?

The room grew silent.

With a smile, she patted her well groomed short afro, "you could always give me a tussle."

I gave her a hug, "A must in this family."

The shower games continued............

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Challenging the Absurdity of a Race Vote

Some folks in my country can't seem to bring themselves to vote for Obama for no other reason that the color of his skin.

Trumka's moving speech to his membership represents the change that has already occurred.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Krugman wins economic Nobel Prize

Good for him.

US Brand has lost shine

I'm am constantly mystified at the beatification of Ronald Reagan. He was a B- Actor and a D plus President. His Voodoo economics were the playbook for massive debt he left Bush I and Bubba. The firing of the air traffic controllers let all workers know they serve their management masters.

With the Iran Contra mess he was either treacherous or inept, either choice was offensive to the average citizen.

Every Republican candidate evokes his name constantly. The MSM is not much better. Our friends from across the pond are not blinded by Reagan.

When the US is referred to in the same context as the former Roman Empire, the beginning of the end, began with St. Ronnie.

Bush, Barker, Bonnie & Clyde

The final act of destroying our democracy is robbing the taxpayers blind in plain sight. This post is scary.

h/t Octafish

"You're not the boss of me"

Can't you just see Palin talking to officials....... I'm the Governor, I can do what I want...

God help us.

Manny My Nightmare

I was lucky enough to attend the Phillies game on Friday. It was my first playoff game. The invitation call lasted about 10 seconds. 

The seats were in the Hall of Fame Section. A sell out crowd. The electricity was amazing.
Of course the boys had to make it far too interesting. The game was a welcome diversion from work, the market and even campaign activities.

There was one loud intoxicated, Dodger fan, sportin' a Manny shirt. Why would you? 

I'm convinced a guy who does that must the need to be center of attention or is woefully inadequate in bed. Eventually, security told him to pipe down or she would not be responsible for his safety.

The game had a whacky start time of 4:30. The weather was a perfect 70 degrees. Indian summer in the Northeast. My companions and I were thrilled to be at Citizen Park watching the Phils in October. Always optimistic in April, totally basking in the reality of a fall outing.

After Moyer's dreadful game and watching tonight's game unfold..........

Friday seems like a distant memory.

Update: Victorino and Matt Stairs hit Home Runs. Stairs just crushed that pitch....ah Matt Stairs? The Phillies picked him up at the end of August.  Hooray for us...
Top of the 8th, the Phillies are up by 2....

What will tomorrow bring?

The market was insane last week. The banks were closed today, celebrating the man who found an country that wasn't lost. The markets closed today up, Lord only knows what will happen tomorrow.

All of my friends, regardless of party affiliation have come to terms with the notion of no retirement. All are still reeling from the bailout.

Would you like a little socialism with those fries?

Full Moon, William Kristol, Fire Campaign?

My goodness, uber conservative, Billy Boy Kristol has publicly certified the McCain campaign a train wreck. The fact the campaign is a mess is not news. The public fatigue by folks like Kristol simply amuses me.

Palin Channels Nixon

A bi-partisan committee has found that Palin and her husband are vindictive and abused the authority of her office.

Can you image what this dynamic duo would do with the FBI at their disposal?

Monday, October 06, 2008

Go Figure

Wow, the former CEO of Bank of America endorses Obama..........

Thoughts from the barstool: "Bush Sucks and So Does Congress"

Saturday night I attended three fundraisers, two political and one for local kid who earned a spot on a travelling baseball team. The child is the son of one of my baseball players. His event was the final leg of my journey, in Delaware County. Ground Zero for Presidential politics in PA. First generation college educated but mostly blue collar. Sestak replaced Weldon in 2006 shocking the country.

In short order, I ran into my third baseman. He is one of the few guys on my team that I chat about stuff other than sports. 

I was surprised at how quickly the conversation turned to our nation's capital. He was not feeling the bailout. It represented what is wrong with our society. 

Only the little guy is held accountable for screwing up, he began. 

Taking a swig of beer, I don't want somebody who wants to drink with with me. I have plenty of folks who will do that.....

I want a President who runs my country. My God, where the hell is Bush? He sucks and so does Congress. We didn't just get here. I've been a Republican all my life, but McCain scares the hell out of me. I wish Obama was older. I couldn't give a damn about his color or his religion but his lack of experience really bothers me. What's her name Palin? I'd do her but for her to be in charge of the country.....Does the President actually run the country????

Nobody in DC is running the country. I hate them all....

His rant over, we turned to the Phillies losing effort. I was pleasantly surprised at his passion for something other than baseball.

Bush has done what many of his predecessors failed to do, engaged the citizens.

Good News

OJ Simpson: An American Tragedy

OJ had the world by the balls. Hall of Fame football career; lucrative post football career; loving friends and family.

He dumped his loyal first wife for young blonde beauty, made a couple more kids. Because of his insane behavior, the beautiful blonde took a hike. But no, OJ read too many press clippings. He was the man and refused to be dumped.

The same percentage of Americans who think W is doing a good job represent the same percentage of clueless wonders who think some other than OJ killed Nicole and Ron.

The not guilty verdict left me stunned. What further surprised me was how the black community embraced this man. OJ walked away that community YEARS ago. 

For anyone to suggest OJ faced the same indignities as any black man in Compton or LA is just absurd.

His money, fame and a lousy DA department bought OJ a second chance the average black man would kill for.

Maybe it was guilt or the makings of a really bad Edgar Allen Poe saga, that led OJ to break into the hotel room on that fateful evening. 

You would have thought he would have quietly rode off into the sunset. Hell, when MJ was found not guilty he had enough sense to leave the freakin' country.

Not OJ, he  dropped his pants and mooned the world. Now, he will probably spend the rest of his life in prison. You can't convince me that the other verdict didn't loom in their subconscious. I have zero sympathy for this man. He simply wasn't a nice person and was too arrogant to get out of his own way.

What a dumbass.............

Kisses for Pat

I have to admit I developed a soft spot for Pat Burrell. It developed the end of last season. He finally found his swing.

He lumbers in the outfield and moves down the first base line like a freight train versus the Acela like speed of Ryan Howard.  For a big boy Howard can move.

I was calling for his head for years but no one would take him because of his huge price tag. This year, when da boys bats were cold as ice, Burrell kept us in the mix.

For the first time in his career, he deserved to be an all star.

Yeah, he has been struggling but so has poster boy Utley.

Burrell stepped up and found his groove when we needed him the most, truly the sign of a gamer.

Lots of kisses to him and Manuel.

Re-Sign him next year for a reduced salary. He has earned the right to end his career in Philly.

Broken Ribs, Broken Economy

I spent part of my day getting my hair braided. When I emerged from the salon, I flipped on the radio as the market was descending by 785 points.  Accepting the fact, I will NEVER retire, I switched to the local sports station to find out Brian Westbrook had three broken ribs.

Thank God for the Phillies because the Eagles Offensive line, Akers' reliability and Reid's play calling are in the witness protection program.

Seize their Assets

It's lovely that Waxman and Company grilled the banking executives. But I would really love to see the seizure of their assets.

With their parting packages, the bankers and their heirs will live quite comfortably while others will land on the roles of the unemployment line.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Philly Hawaiian Punch

On a pleasant note, my Phillies are winning. Myers did an incredible job of working the count setting the table for Victorino. Sean crushed the ball

Hooray for Philly......

Palin investigation continues...

Before she was on the short list for McCain, Palin told the folks Alaska, that "she welcomed the investigation" into the firing of the slob who refused to fire her brother-in-law.

Mom always said "Be careful what you ask for, you just may get it."

She sounds like Shrub's declaration of "Bring in on."

Just what we need Shrub in heels.......

Closing California

What's another billion between friends?

Did you really expect to retire?

My advice is to find a gig you really, really love because you will be doing it until you die..

McCain's Bankruptcy Stance

With so many talking points being shoved in Palin's head in three days, so stuff she is going to get wrong....

Bankruptcy protection for second, third, and fourth homeowners.........screw the poor slob who only has one...

A view from the corner office; sending workers to the unemployment line

One of my senior associates, called off work today. He is taking a " I can't believe Fat Boy" still has job mental health day. This latest rounds of cuts seem to hit him particularly hard. He of course is grateful that he is still employed but wonders like everyone else, "Who's next?

Fat Boy is a gentleman, who came to our organization as a Chief Operation Officer of three divisions. In less than a year was demoted to President of One of those divisions. He subsequently was bumped down to a Mentor Producer sucking money out of my division.

If he was not draining revenue from my division, my numbers would be stellar. But no, our CEO has put his relationship with this life force above the survival of our unit. In order, for Fat Boy to stay employed, I had to lay of three women who were ACTUALLY working.

Fat Boy is in his early sixties, according to him, he is only working to create a legacy. So he has plenty of money and he is stealing income from the ladies who need the $35k per year to pay their bills.

He of course is a card carrying Republican and sees nothing wrong with stealing a check because he is trying to find himself.

Like our sitting President, FB has had fifteen jobs and was successful in none of them. But, he gets numerous chances to succeed because he is part of the old farts club.

My hope is the ladies who I had to let go find suitable work soon. As for FB, I hope his Viagra fails him...........

Paulson is open for business

Why is Paulson still employed?

This is your definition of a win

HMMM, Palin manages not to fall out of her shoes, throw up or disrobe on national TV and this is considered a win..............

Bailing out the Best and the Brightest?

The "best and the brightest" are heavily recruited to Wall Street. These people were supposed to be smarter than the rest of us. What happened to business and personal responsibility?

Why do I think these people who showed up to DC begging for us the taxpayers to save their greedy assess are the same people who look down mere mortals who hit hard times?

I would hazard to guess these people these are registered republicans who complain about tax and spend democrats.

Well we have spend and spend republicans who refuse to accept responsibility for the risks they took in our current economic nightmare.

So much for the best and brightess....